Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

25th April 2009

Akela called the meeting to order. Snr. Sixer Yiwen and Asst. Snr Sixer Bryan Wang were still practising the Batucada Brazilian Dance, together with some 16 other Cub Scouts, and would be joining the meeting shortly after.

Some Cub Scouts could not stand still while at attention. Some were fidgeting, while others had an itch somewhere that needed urgent attention! Akela was quite annoyed that these Cub Scouts were not disciplined enough to remain still. Carine Lim did the Flag Break. Good job, Carine. All went well.

Rei informed Akela that despite having booked the AVA room for our use this morning, another group had also booked the room and were using it. This was not a good start! It would only be available from 1100 hrs.

Nevertheless, Baloo started the 2nd installment of the "UP" programme by discussing the principles of flight, how an aeroplane could fly and the modes of propulsion. Some Cub Scouts were quite knowledgeable and offered some great answers during the discussion. Baloo also demonstrated the Bernoulli's principle by holding 2 pieces of paper about 4 inches apart, and blowing down between the sheets of paper. As the air flowing between the sheets of paper travelled faster, it produced a region of low pressure, causing the air pressure from the surrounding to push the paper together. This is how the wings of an aeroplane produce lift. The aerofoil shape causes air over the wings to travel faster than the air beneath the wings as the aeroplane travelled through the air. This causes a low pressure over the wings and high pressure beneath the wings, producing lift and takes the aeroplane up in the air.

Baloo also taught the Cub Scouts a song about kite-flying. It goes like this:

"Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest heights
Let's go fly a kite, and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear
Oh! Let's go fly a kite"

Akela got the Cub Scouts to write a story using the words 'rocket', 'asteroids', 'Packman' and 'Cub Scouts'. He also read a story containing those words. When he mentioned 'rocket', the Cub Scouts would yell 'blast off', 'asteroids' and the cub Scouts would yell 'look out'. 'Packman' would be 'battle stations' and 'Cub Scouts' would be 'yippee'.

Snr Sixer Yiwen wrote the following:

"Is it safe?" asked Packman (battle stations). His Cub Scouts (yippee) friends sighed and nodded. The Cub Scouts (yippee) climbed into the rocket (blast off) and Packman (battle stations) reluctantly followed. The rocket (blast off) blasted off as the Cub Scouts (yippee) and Packman (battle stations) gripped their seats tightly. But within seconds, they were floating in space, inside their rocket (blast off). Packman (battle stations) groaned, "I'm hungry!" He took out a bag of chips and opened it before the Cub Scouts (yippee) could stop him. 'No!" the Cub Scouts (yippee) screamed. The potato chips were floating around in the rocket (blast off). Packman (battle stations) and the Cub Scouts (yippee) slowly ate the potato chips floating around. One of the Cub Scouts (yippee) screamed, "asteroid!" (look out) An asteroid was headed right for their rocket! (blast off) "We're all going to die!" cried Packman (battle stations) Packman (battle stations) floated towards the controls and banged on the buttons. The Cub Scouts (yippee) stayed calm and pressed the button that said 'land.' They landed on the moon and heaved a sigh of relief. The Cub Scouts (yippee) cheered with joy.

Sixer Brandon Yeap had the following story to share:

"Get your suits ready! We are boarding the rocket (blast off) soon," Packman (battle stations) said to his fellow Cub Scouts (yippee).
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!" the Cub Scouts (yippee) excitedly shouted.

As they went past the atmosphere, Packman (battle stations) realised on the radar that there was as many as a hundred asteroids (look out) above the atmosphere in their way. As soon as they were in space, there was a barrier of asteroids (look out) trying to fend them off, unfortunately for them. The Cub Scouts (yippee) used their Spartan Laser. They cut through the rocks with ease and they managed to pass through. With the asteroids (look out) cut through, they shouted, "we are going to Mars!"

Well, what a story! Well done!

The Cub Scouts were given instruction on how to make a paper aeroplane of an F-117 Stealth Fighter. The final steps were rather difficult, and many Cub Scouts needed help from Akela, Raksha and Baloo.

It was time for the battle of the paper planes. The one that could fly the furtherst would win points for the Six. Some glided well, while others crashed and burn, much like the Hoopsters last week! Others would turn in mid-air and land near the starting line!

While the contest was going on, some Cub Scouts who did not remain seated were asked to sit on the side and not participate in the contest.

After 9 attempts, Wombat 2 emerged the champion with 8 points, followed by Bilby, Echidna and Emu with 7 points. In third place was Koala, Platypus and Possum with 6 points each.

We proceeded to the AVA room where Akela briefed on the assignments to be done to qualify for the "UP badge.

Marcus Tong and Brandon Yeap passed the Gold Arrow Progress Badge, while Jonathan Pang passed the Silver Arrow Progress Badge. Congratulations to these boys.

Best Scout Log for last week went to Bilby. Keep up the great work boys.

We assembled at the Kidz zone once again for the Sunset Party.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

18 April 2009

The meeting started with the formation of the horse-shoe. Senior Sixer, Foo Yi Wen, and Asst. Senior Sixer, Bryan Wang, were unable to lead the flag raising ceremony as they were involved in the Batucada dance rehearsal. It then fell upon Akela to lead the ceremony.

The flag break went without a hitch. Well done, Marcus (Tong), who stepped up to do the colour party.

Today's meeting promised to be an exciting one. Akela explained that Disney Pixar had approached the Singapore Scout Association to commemorate the opening of the film "UP' with a special programme, after which Cub Scouts could earn a special "UP" badge. The film is about a man who wanted to explore the world by attaching thousands of balloons to his house, which then floated on his adventure. A Cub Scout, Russell, who happened to be at his front porch, was inadvertently carried away with the house, and joined the man in his adventure.

Marcus Tong, Sherman Khoo, Koh Wei Wen, Nicholas Heng and Jonathan Pang conducted a game with 30 Cubs as part of their test, while the other Cubs proceeded to the AVA room for a briefing about the programme.

Marcus briefed the Cubs about the game - dog and bone. They lined the teams of 15 each and numbered them. When Sherman called out a number, the Cub would rush and pick up a bean bag in the middle. If touched by the opposing Cub, he will have to drop the bean bag and allow the other Cub to snatch it away. The Cub who successfully gets the bean bag back to his line wins a point.

The briefing was reasonably conducted. However, questions could have been taken to clarify the rules of the game. Numbering the Cubs could also have been more positive. While the game was on, the 5 facilitators should have spread out to better observe the game and pick out any unfair play, and ensure the safety of the participants. Overall, it was successfully conducted. Well done, boys!

Activities proposed by SSA included balloon sculpture and flying hoopsters.

The Cubs did not waste time in the balloon sculpture, twisting the long balloons into dogs, under the watchful eye of Akela, Raksha, Baloo, Bagheera, Grey Wolf and Rei. Well, some did look like dogs, while others required a very vivid imagination to 'see' the dog! Murielle did a really cute poodle. Good job, Murielle. But she was shy when we tried to take a photo of her with her creation. There were also the occasional sharp pops when the balloons burst. No worries, plenty of balloons to go around. Some Cubs had colour preferences! Oh well, it is a free country after all.

The flying hoopsters involved sticking a straw with cylindrical strips of paper to help it 'fly'. A competition followed to see whose hoopster could fly the furtherst. The Six with the most points after several attempts would win points for the week.

Some hoopsters could glide quite far, while others could only crash and 'burn'. Koh Wee Tee's hoopster glided the furtherst. Wonder what his secret was?

The programe will continue next week, and the Cubs will submit a log to qualify for the special badge. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to receiving the badge. ' Jia Yau'

Bilby eventually emerged the winner with 15 points, 9 ahead of the nearest Six, while Wombat 2 had the best Scout Log for the week. Congratulations to the winners. Keep up the good work!

We assembled at the Kidz Zone once again for the sunset party.

Looking forward to next week when we conclude the "UP" programme.