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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


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Monday, June 1, 2009

First Aid Proficiency Bagde

30th May 2009

This blog was written by Akela

This Saturday was devoted entirely to the 8 cubs pursuing the Akela Award, to help them complete all the requirements, except for the final test – the interview at HQ. Generally the outstanding requirement was the First Aider badge.

The 8 candidates are:

Foo Yi Wen

Ann Maria Lee

Carine Lee

Bryan Wang

Shaun Teo

Brandon Yeap

Marcus Tong

Samuel Chin

The toughest part of the First Aider badge is CPR (or cardiopulmonary resuscitation or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). The candidates are required to have a knowledge of CPR and demonstrate it by use of a mannequin. Getting the mannequin proved to be a big challenge, but Grey Wolf was extremely resourceful, and managed to borrow one for our use. However as we could only have the mannequin for 3 hours, we had to start the training and testing immediately after the group met. Grey Wolf and Akela demonstrated the CPR method, and the cubs took turns to practice. The girls initially balked at having to blow air into the mannequin’s mouth, but all turned out well. It was hard work, firstly to remember the steps, and secondly to do the blowing and the compressions, but it was well worth it, as this is a valuable lifesaving skill. The cubs, being what they are, managed to create some fun and laughter in between the serious efforts they put in.

The cubs also packed a first aid kit, showed how to control bleeding by direct pressure, dressed minor cuts, among many other things they had to do in order to pass the test. Dr Foo Fatt Kah, a scout parent, was present to test the candidates. To everyone’s relief and joy, all passed! And everyone present is now the proud holder of the First Aider Badge.

Akela then briefed the candidates on the requirements of the personal scout log, emphasising that the HQ Assessor would be looking for reflections of their scouting experience rather than mere narration of the scout activities attended by the cubs. The candidates promised to put in their best, and will submit the logs to Akela before the end of the June holidays.

It was time well-spent by the 8 cubs, and here’s wishing them the best in their pursuit of the Akela Award.