Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scout Meeting, 29th August 2009

The following blog was written by Akela

Scout Meeting, 29th August 2009.

After the tiring but fun hike last week on Pulau Ubin, the Cubs were happy to be back in school for a 'normal' Scout meeting.

After the usual flag break, Akela told all Cubs that wanted them to get the Bronze Arrow badge as soon as possible, as there were just too few holders of this badge. For 2nd and 3rd year Cubs, he told them that they should have earned this badge by now. He then went through the requirements of the badge, and encouraged the Cubs to start working on them.

Bagheera then took over and taught the Cubs basic first aid - starting with the 3 Golden Rules, and why first aid is important. He then taught the Cubs how to tie an armsling and a head bandage, all using the Cubs' scarf. The Cubs had fun practising on one another, and showing off their handiwork. Some bandages were more a fashion statement than the function for which they were intended to serve!

Akela then returned the scout logs. He was very pleased with the quality of the logs, and he commented that the Cubs had been very creative, and put in a great deal of effort in doing up the logs, so much so that he awarded first place (30 points) to 3 Sixes - Wallaby, Kookaburra and Possum. He reserved his best praises for Emu, which he awarded 50 points. Emu's log was done by Jeremy Tan, who wrote a wonderful account of the hike, full of insights and personal feelings. Well done Jeremy! Akela encouraged all Cubs to follow the standard set by Jeremy.

Next was games time, which is the favourite part of every meeting. Akela filled up several balloons and let them loose over the heads of the Cubs who were seated in Indian file. The Cubs were to hit the balloons and keep them in the air as long as possible without bursting them. To add a bit of weight to the balloon, Akela had added some water, and when a balloon burst, water would splash on the one who burst the balloon. After he had released the first balloon, Akela told the Cubs that he had filled all the balloons up with leaky dirty toilet water - that had everyone squealing, and squirming away to avoid being splashed with the tainted water! Some didn't believe Akela and went ahead to hit the balloon, others avoided it like the plague. After 6 burst balloons, Akela asked the Cubs to form 4 groups in a square to play 'dog & bone' - the bone being balloons placed in the centre to be burst by Cubs who would be called out by number. Everyone had a chance to dash out to burst the balloons with any part of their body, when their number was called. Bagheera and Grey Wolf had a busy time replenishing the burst balloons. The Cubs were really competitive, and chased the balloons all over in their attempts to burst the balloons - one point for each burst balloon. Team 4 proved to be the best at bursting balloons with the highest number of points. It was exhausting but really fun!

The meeting then ended with the usual Sunset Party, followed by Sixers' Council for the Sixers. No meeting for the next 2 weeks due to the school holiday break, but on 5th September, there would be a briefing for parents of Cubs interested to take part in the year end trip.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hike on Pulau Ubin - by Jeremy Tan

Hike At Pulau Ubin 22 August 2009
What an experience!!!! We actually hiked back in time to "old" Singapore and experienced first hand what Singapore was like in the 60's….Bumboats, Kampongs, Chickens running about, Mangrove Swamps, Shrines, Big Leaves, rare Plants and Insects… all these and more during our hike at Pulau Ubin on 22 Aug 2009. What great sights and sounds!!!

The day started bright and early at 0715 hrs when we met in school. After some administrative matters, it was soon Party Time…i.e. drinking water party. We drank water as the Adult Leaders want to ensure we won't suffer dehydration and faint during the hike because if we do, the Adult Leaders will have a hard task of pigging us on their back to base… Luckily only two of us fell "sick" during the hike and were able to "limp" back to base to the cheers and relief for the Adult Leaders.

A modern and clean ferry point dotted with the old noisy diesel Bumboats greeted us at Changi Ferry Terminal. What a contrasting sight! The old and the new bustling in harmony. Many of us had not sat on a bumboat and although the ride was bumpy (hence the name bumboats), the discomfort was negated by the excitement of splashing waves, salt breeze pressing against our faces and the sight of Pulau Ubin within reach as the bumboats sped for the island.

Pulau Ubin literally means "Granite Island" in Malay, which explains the many abandoned granite quarries there. The word Ubin is said to be a Javanese term for "squared stone". To the Malays, the island is also known as Pulau Batu Ubin, or "Granite Stone Island". The rocks on the island were used to make floor tiles in the past and were called Jubin, which was then shortened to Ubin. The island is known as "chioh sua" in Hokkien, which means "stone hill".

Legend has it that Pulau Ubin was formed when three animals from Singapore (a frog, a pig and an elephant) challenged each other to a race to reach the shores of Johor. The animals that failed would turn to stone. All three came across many difficulties and were unable to reach the shores of Johor. Therefore, the elephant and pig together turned into Pulau Ubin whilst the frog became Pulau Sekudu or Frog Island. Interesting folk tales!!!!!

The hike to Pulau Ubin coincided with the 3rd day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Our parents told us stories of hungry ghosts in the form of humans roaming freely in the streets in search for food and entertainment. They warned us to be careful and to stay away from these "humans" otherwise they will eat us up. One will know the "humans" when one sees them "walking on air", (walking without their feet touching the ground). One will also get goose pimples when one is near them.

One folklore had it that a shrine at Pulau Ubin is said to house the remains of a German girl who perished during World War I. When the war was declared, the British came to take over the girl's father plantation and she fell off the cliff while running away. Till today, the villagers at Pulau Ubin swear this German girl "hikes" around the island in search of her parents. We quickly walked past the Wayang Stage enroute to the Meeting Point We shivered and our feet trembled each time we passed temples and shrines along our hike route. Occasionally we nervously looked behind to see if we had additional persons in our group.

Pulau Ubin is in essence, the last 'kampong' (village) in Singapore. A hike through Ubin takes you back to Singapore in the 1960's with the simpler pleasures of life. The slow lane starts as soon as you join the queue for the bumboat at Changi. As you arrive, all cares are left behind.

We were divided into 5 groups and the hike route was divided into a Green and a Purple route. The former led to Pekan Quarry on the west and the latter to the North. Each route passed through two checkpoints and activities such as passing the hula hops, dogs and bones, sang songs, captain's ball were conducted at the checkpoints.

Along the route, we caught glimpses of "kampongs" , mangrove swamps, chickens running around, temples shrines and leaves that were bigger than us. The sounds of insects, animals and birds add colour and dynamism to our care free hike. Along the way, some of us saw "ghosts" at an empty house, others had their legs pulled by "ghosts" as a few cubs had their feet stuck in the swampy mud while others felt pushed and fell in the muddy ground! It was dirty jokes played on us by "ghosts". We knew that the "ghosts" also had a part to play when the bridge along the purple route was flooded with seawater so that those taking the purple route back to base had to U turn and hiked along the green route.

The highlight of the hike was lunch at Log point where the two routes converged. We had portable stoves and solid fuel to cook our Maggie Mee and sausages. Many of us were at a lost as to how to cook our Maggie Mee and how to open the can of sausages. We were lucky to have our "Maids" (Eagle Scouts) accompanied us. They were very helpful in seeing to our meals which were very "sedap" (finger licking good) and in appreciation some of us shared our sausages with them.

The hot weather and the cloudless sky made the hike backed to base seemed never ending. We persevered and were richly rewarded with cold ice creams when we arrived at base. It was a 6km hike in all, tiring but enriching in experience in many ways. Some of felt hungry after the long hike backed to base and requested for a seafood treat at one of the many restaurants that lined the entrance to Pulau Ubin. However just like our energy which ran low, we ran out low and out of luck as our request for seafood was denied. We headed for mainland Singapore at 1530 hrs and arrived at School around 1630 hrs and were dismissed at 1700 hrs.

The Adult Leaders and the Eagle Scouts had done a good job in organizing the hike and We Thank You. "You Never Walk Alone" was demonstrated strongly during the hike. They ensured our safety, conducted headcount frequently, ensured we drank water regularly (and we watered the plants frequently too as there were not so many toilets), and help us with our meals. They encouraged us (when we were tired and lagged behind) and hiked with us till we reached our destination. "3 cheers and What a Joy…".

By Cub Jeremy Tan Tien Tze

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Hike At Pulau Ubin

This blog was written by Chil (Choo Seong)

Cubs met at school at 715am where Akela briefed the pack and divided the Cubs into their groups for the hike. There were 5 groups.

We had help from Eagles Scouts from NUS High, New Town and Bt Merah Sec. They had helped plan the entire hike, complete with admin instructions, including a map of the various checkpoints that the hike would take the pack through.

After the initial headcount check, we set off for Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Upon arrival at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, another headcount was conducted and to our horror, we counted an additional head!!! We were worried as today is
the second day of the Chinese Seventh month and certainly do not wish to carry the extra "baggage". Turns out, Justin Thong had arrived late and was put on board one of the buses at last minute.

The pack quickly reformed into the 5 groups designated for the hike and embarked on the bumboat journey towards Pulau Ubin. It was the first bumboat ride for many of the Cubs and they were evidently excited during the bumpy ride to the island. It was a beautiful day and we could see the townships of Paisr Ris and Pungoll on the horizon.

Upon arrival on the island, the entire pack quickly made the 5 min hike to the basketball court next to the HSBC Volunteer Centre. The basektball court would serve as the starting and end point for the hike.

One of the notable feature that we passed was the Wayang threatre in the town centre, which many think is the last of its kind in Singapore.

Pulau Ubin had been transformed from its former rustic self to quite a tourist attraction. Restaurants and bicycle shops can be found around the jetty and we spotted many tourists amongst the people there.

Back at the basketball court, young leaders from Eagles Scouts and adult volunteer leaders were also appointed to the 5 groups.

The hike consists of 4 checkpoints and 1 Log Point (which is also the lunch point). The hike is divided into the Green and Blue routes respectively. Groups
assigned the Green Route would start the hike by heading west towards Pekan Quarry while the the groups assigned the Purple Route would start by heading
north along Jalan Ubin. All groups passed thru 2 checkpoints along the way and acitvities were conducted at every checkpoint. For the return hike, the groups
swapped routes. Some of the activities conducted at the checkpoints include passing the hula hops and dog and bone.

The young leaders were given instructions to ensure that safety was to be observed at all times, ensuring that the Cubs were in good hands. Headcount checks were made once a while, especially during rest stops along the way. All lagers are monitored and not let anyone wander off. It was a very hot day and the Cubs took numerous water stops. Good thing that it did not rain during today's hike, so the ponchos brought along were not used.

The target was to arrive at the Log point (also lunch point) by 12noon and most groups arrived on time.

Justin Thong complained of stomach pains, and was given some ointment to soothe the pain.

Some notable changes had arrived on Ubin island. Firstly, there were definitely more people, especially tourists on the island. The number of bicycle shops
next to the jetty had at least tripled. There are also many mini-vans plying on the roads, catering to people who wanted to hitch a ride to Chek Jawa. We even passed by a solar panel setup behind one of the kampong house along the way!!!

At the log point, Cub scouts proceeded to cook their lunch of maggi mee and sausages using the mess tins that they had brought along. Portable stoves and two pieces of solid fuel were issued to each Cub. The older, more experienced Cubs had no problems starting the fire. The newer ones were assisted by the Eagles Scouts.

The group started to make the way back to the basketball court at around 2pm. The group coming back on the Purple route had to make a detour and back track to take the Green route as the route through a bund was covered by seawater due to high tide. Jiong Hao, in Group 5, has his shoe stuck in the mud as he tried to get actoss a mudy stretch. After some effort, he managed to retrieve his mud-covered shoe. Nonetheless all of us made it back to the basketball court safely. As a reward for completing the hike, all Cubs scouts were treated to freezing cold ice-cream!!!

We made the journey back towards mainland Singapore at around 3:30pm and the cubs were dismissed at around 5pm back in school

We are very sure that the Cub Scouts had enjoyed the hike in P Ubin today. It was a very warm day. In all, we walked about 6 kms, but all the kids made it wihout any problems, except for 2 who had stomach problem, but they were OK shortly after.

About 80 cubs had signed up for the hike, and yet only 68 turned up. We appeal to parents to let us know in advance in future if the cub is uable to turn up

for event after parental consent have been given. This is mainly to save on costs on snacks bought and arrangement for buses. Apart from waste, it is only

courtesy to inform Akela.
Another issue we face is the late submission of consent form. This causes us additional administrative work. More importantly, we are always inculcating

responsibility on the part of the cubs, that they will remember to do something that we ask them to do, to meet deadline and to be punctual when doing

things. Late submission will undermine our efforts and your child will be worse for it. Some parents have very kindly written to explain reasons for the

delay, which we appreciate very much.


Teo Choo Siong 张子祥

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Leaders 15 Aug 2009

This post was written by Ms Tan Rui Yin

At 9 am, Akela called the meeting to order. The meeting started with the formation of the horse-shoe. Samuel Chin led the flag-raising ceremony. This was his first time leading the ceremony and all went well. Sean Lee did the flag break. Good job, Samuel and Sean.

Next, it was time to award Proficiency Badges to the Cubs who had earned them.


Athlete Gold
Marcus Choo, Kelvin Tsui, Putri

Dylan Goh

Animal Lover
Sean Lee

Swimmer (Gold)
Chan Shawn Kit

Julian Tan

After awarding the badges, it was time to announce the new leaders of the pack, ie Senior Sixer, Assistant Senior Sixer, Sixers amd Assistant Sixers. All of them had attended a gruelling 3 days 2 nights Sixers Training Camp over the National Day weekend at Sembawang Terror Sea Scout Camp. Despite the rigorous training, no one gave up. Well done, Cubs!

As the PSLE was just around the corner, P6s Cubs could not attend today's Handover Ceremony. Everyone was eager to find out the new Senior Sixer, Asst. Sn Sixer, Sixers and Asst. Sixers.


Senior Sixer : Samuel Chin

Asst. Snr. Sixer : Julian Tan

Sixer (Bilby) : Sean Lee
Asst. Sixer : Darrel Chua

Sixer (Echidna) : Chan Shawn Kit
Asst. Sixer : Darryl Chin, Travis Lim

Sixer (Emu) : Wilfred Cheng
Asst. Sixer : Timothy Liu

Sixer (Kangaroo) : Alex Cheong
Asst. Sixer : Timothy Yew, Kelvin Tsui

Sixer (Kookaburra) : Timothy Ng
Asst. Sixer : Leong Yun Zhang, Teng Xuan Ming

Sixer (Koala) : Leonard Lau
Asst. Sixer : Cheang Jia Wei, Aloysius Phang

Sixer (Platypus) : Lim Xiu Jie
Asst. Sixer : Dylan Goh, Hoo Jinh Wann

Sixer (Possum) : Muhd Hameen
Asst. Sixer : Lucius Loke, Jared Kwang

Sixer (Wallaby) : Moses Tan
Asst. Sixer : Kwan Jong Xiang, Marcus Choo

Sixer (Wombat 1) : Mireille Lee
Asst. Sixer : Brenda Wang

Sixer (Wombat 2) : Putri
Asst. Sixer : Yi Chong Wen, Cheow Sue-Jane

Congratulations to all newly appointed leaders. Hope you will lead your Six well, and always remember S-I-X-E-R!

As the Six had changed in composition, the Cubs retreated to their own corners to get to know their new members and to play some simple games.

Akela and Grey Wolf demonstrated how to tie a REEF KNOT and CLOVE HITCH. The Cubs then regrouped in their own corners, with the newly appointed Sixers and Asst. Sixers guiding their members on the REEF KNOT and CLOVE HITCH. The new leaders had learnt this at the Sixers Training Camp. Most did a great job SHARING their experience and knowledge.

Brenda taking a break from teaching the Cubs

First, you pull the string.......

It was time to test the Cubs' knowledge of knotting. Akela briefed the Cubs on the knot-tying game.

Cubs had to take turns tying a Clove Hitch and be verified by Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Grey Wolf or Jin Hao (ex-Pelican). The first Six to complete the task wins.

The next game involved tying a Reef Knot.

1st Round Clove Hitch
1st Wallaby (30 pts)
2nd Possum (20 pts)
3rd Wombat (10 pts)

2nd Round Clove Hitch

1st Wallaby (30 pts)
2nd Wombat (20 pts)
3rd Koala (10 pts)

Reef Knot

1st Wombat (30 pts)
2nd Platpus (20 pts)
3rd Bilby (10 pts)

Wombat appears to be quite proficient in knots. Well done, girls! Must be all the knitting practise!

Wilfred and Alex racing against each other

Before Sunset Paty, Akela distributed consent forms for next week's exciting activity - a day hike on Pulau Ubin. Cubs are to report at 8 am and return by 5 pm. They were also reminded that a reply was required, by 18th August, even if they were not going on this activity. Cubs who were absent could get consent forms from Ms Tan at the General Ofice, Pigeon Hole 1.

Akela also reminded the Cubs on the essential things to bring along, especially 2 ltrs of water, as there was no potable drinking water on the hike trail.

The meeting ended with the Sunset Party, followed by Sixers' Council. Akela reviewed the roles and responsibility of a Sixer, and re-enforced the S-I-X-E-R values.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sixers' Training Camp - Brenda's Thoughts

This post was submitted by Brenda Wang, our newly appointed Asst. Sixer (Wombat)

Sixers Training Camp
  Every year, Henry Park Pelican Scouts will hold a camp for selected primary fours to fives. They are trained in the 3 day 2 night camp to be a leader.
  In camp, scouts will learn life-saving skills, for example, CPR and first aid. Or the qualities of a leader, like being initiative or responsible for your belongings and actions. It is also a good time for cubs to learn to become independent. Many trainees tend to be choosy in the food given. But they will have to finish it this time. Leaders must set a good example!
  Games played will most likely have a moral too. There was a game where each six had to get across "acid" poured on the floor. In the middle was a rope. You had to get across with a "special chemical" and must land in one of the tires which act as safety nets. If not, you would be "dead" . This game was probably the most enjoyable of all. The CTSS scouts in charge of the game said vaguely that Mas Selamat escaped through the toilet bowl.
  Later, during the "bombing" game,we were supposed to name the group with a country and sound or action matching it. A group named itself Singapore, with the sound "bang bang". A group member explained that Mas Selamat was a criminal and he must have a gun. Another group member decided to call it "flush flush" because Mas Selamat escaped through the toilet bowl. Everybody found it amusing and laughed their heads off.
  Even though there was inspection. The worst thing of all, everyone had a great time learning so many new things, right?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


10 August 2009
Day 3 STC

Duty Senior Sixer : Wilfred
Asst. Senior Sixer : Julian Tan

Sixers : Alex Cheong (elephant)
Kwan Jionng Xiang (giraffe)
Chan Shawn Kit (hippo)

As early as 0630 hrs, Cubs had gathered at the dining hall, despite instructions that breakfast would be at 0700 hrs. They must be hungry! Some had not finished packing and were sent back to their tents to pack up.

As the sky threathened to open up with early morning showers, everyone scrambled to strike the tents. In the process, items were still found lying around in the tents. Notably, Marcus had quite a few belongings strewn in his tent! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Breakfast was baked beans, hard boiled eggs and sandwitch. Dylan Goh and Kelvin Tsui had difficulties finishing their breakfast. Kelvin had taken too much while Dylan seemed rather choosy with his food.

After breakfast, Cubs busied themselves cleaning the tents before packing the tents up. Grey Wolf, Ms Iris Ng and Griffin Scouts were on hand to ensure the tents were clean.

First aid followed. Cubs were taught how to treat a sprained ankle and what to do if their clothes caught fire - STOP, DROP, ROLL.

As part of training, Sixers had to conduct a game - dog and bone - for the pack. With Louis and Griffin Scouts overseeing, the Cubs had fun chasing each other.

It was time to award certificates to the trainees. Best Six was awarded to Elephant Six, while Best Log went to Sean Lee. Best Trainee was awarded to Timothy Liu for showing leadership qualities, care and concern for others, and a team player. Certificates of Appreciation were also awarded to Griffin Scouts and Jin Hao for their invaluable help.

Before boarding the bus, there was a quick opportunity for a group photo before the rain started. Phew! What great timing!

Future leaders of Pelican Cub Scouts
We survived Terror Sea Scout Camp!

Arriving back at school at 1200 hrs as promised, the Cubs were dismissed after unloading the camp equipment, and a reminder that new appointments will be made next week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


9 August 2009

Day 2 STC

Duty Senior Sixer : Samuel Chin
Asst. Senior Sixer : Julian Tan
Sixers : Leonard Lau (elephant)
Sean Lee (giraffe)
Mireille Lee (hippo)
After a much needed rest, it was another day of training, stress and fun!

Some Cubs woke up early, in the wee hours of dawn.......yawn!!! By 0615 hrs, they were ready for morning PT. Griffin Scouts were on hand, despite their sleepy eyes, to take them on their morning workout. The air was fresh and crisp, with the welcoming singing of birds waking to a new day.
Breakfast at 0700 hrs was hash brown, ham and cheese sandwich, washed down with milo. Personal logs were submitted to Akela for review.

Flag break ceremony followed, with all Cubs in full uniform.

Their worst nightmare began.......INSPECTION!!!! The very thought of it would bring even the bravest to their knees, let alone shouting the dreaded word!!! The Cubs had to lay out all their clothing neatly on a groundsheet, with everyone following a set layout.

Pasar Malam?

Whose bag is that???

Hmmm, what do I do next???

Got discount or not? Cheaper leh!

Before.........disaster scene

And after! The standard we are looking for!

After several layouts and redo, things startd taking shape. The layout was to resemble a person lying down, with the sleeping bags at the top, followed by the shirts, pants socks and finally the shoes. All other ancillary items were to be neatly arranged on the right side, with a clear space between each person. Just when we thought they understood, we found a set of eating utensils on a pair of slippers!!!!

And just when we thought they understood!!!

Our Executive Chef, assisted by the Sous Chef (Adrian) and Pastry Chef (Yiep Soon)

While our Executive Chef and her team (Rui Yin, Cheng Nee, Adrian, Shijian and Yanqin) busied themselves preparing for lunch, the Cubs learnt first aid. Griffin Scouts taught the Cubs the use of a triangular bandage, while Ms Iris Ng, teacher-in-charge of the Griffin Scouts, taught them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR using two CPR mannequins. She was very patient and clear with her instructions and demonstration.

One-and-two-and-three-and-four....wait, wait, what number was I at?????

Cubs looking on while Ms Iris Ng demonstrates CPR

The latest look in Cub headwear???

Where's my scarf????

Outdoor cooking got everyone excited with the prospect of lighting a fire - a first for most - and cooking their own lunch. After collecting dry twigs and wood for the fire, they started to build a 'teepee' of twigs to start the fire. Griffin Scouts and the adult leaders, including Ms Iris Ng eventually helped in getting their roaring fire going.

Huff and puff till the flames shoot up

Ready with the ingredients

Look! Flames at last!

Yong Chow fried rice, anyone?

Bubble, bubble, toil and tumble, here's our witch's brew
After a delicious lunch of fried rice (cooked by the adults) and soup (cooked by the Cubs), it was time for Self Reliance Initiative Challenge, or SRIC. 3 bases were set up.

At Base 1, Cubs had to transfer golf balls using a set of boxed tracks. This activity required alot of coordination and steady hands. Golf balls were scattered all over the ground.

Even Tiger Woods would have trouble bagging a hole-in-one

What happens if we pull it tight?

Steady, steady, wa lao! Missed the ball again
Let me show you how to do it.........

Base 2 was the giant slippers walk, where Cubs had to stand on 2 long wooden 'slippers' and move in tandem. This required leadership, cooperation as well as listening to instructions to be successful. More often than not, we have more Indian Chiefs than Braves! Listening skills were obviously lacking!

Left, right, left, right.........why are we not moving?
It's left, then right. Not left, left, left lah

Maybe it moves by pulling on the ropes
Base 3 was the nitro obstacle, where Tze Hao from Griffin Scouts (ex-Pelican), created an interesting story of Mas Selamat having escaped, and required the Cubs to transport a pail of nitro across a poisoned river. Creativity, imagination, leadership and teamwork would ensure success.

Hang man's noose?

A good strategy will ensure success

Look! Flying shoe!

Your neck first

Weee, let's play on the swing!!!!

We're sacrificing you for the good of the team

There were invaluable lessons learnt from the SRIC games. Cubs realised that teamwork, cooperation, planning and following instructions were essential elements in a successful plan.
Franklin Chen (ex-Pelican), who had come to spend a day with the Cubs, was stung by a bee on his toe. Akela and Baloo attended to him and performed a 'field surgery' to remove the sting. With a band aid over the swell, he was as good as new.
Baloo engaged the Cubs in some singing practice in preparation for the evening's campfire. The Cubs were also to prepare either a skit or a cheer to be presented during the campfire. Despite the short notice, Cubs have never failed to step up to the plate and deliver, and this batch was no different.
This year, it was decided that the parents would be the Guest-of-Honour. this was a tribute to them for trusting and believing in the Pelican Scout Leaders with their children. Mrs Lim (Xiu Jie's mother) represented all parents present in declaring the campfire open................
It got into full swing with 3 campfire leaders (Griffin Scouts and ex-Pelicans Tze Hao, Joshua and Abram) leading the Cubs in song. Baloo was always on hand to lend a helping hand and guidance.

Campfire's burning, campfire's burning

Dancing in the street

Wah! Gelek gelek, man

Crowd growing into a frenzy

Tili tili tong tong tong....ow..ow....

Revenge is sweet

Elephants dancing on a spider's web
At 8.22 pm, Akela led the gathering in reaffirming the Pledge, together with millions of Singaporeans. Baloo suggested that those non-Singaporeans could also join in and recite "we, the residents of Singapore....". It was an awe-inspiring moment indeed to see and hear everyone proudly reciting the Pledge.

A proud moment when everyone reaffirmed the Pledge with millions of Singaporeans at 8.22 pm

Parents participating in a game

The campfire came to a close with Mrs Lim declaring the campfire closed, and everyone broke out in Auld Lang Syne. Everyone then proceeded for some refreshments.

Refreshments after the campfire

Cubs mingled with their parents until it was time for the night's activity, water game. They bade farewell to their parents, who then left. Louis and the Griffin Scouts then led the Cubs in the night's activity. Each Cub had to use one sock to soak up water and transfer to another pail. Well, at least that was the plan. As it turned out, everyone became drenched like drowned rats, with Griffin Scouts splashing pails of water onto them.

After Cubs had their bath and washed up, it was time for reflection and sharing. This is an important segment where Cubs share their difficulties and concerns with one another. They dreaded INSPECTION, but enjoyed the outdoor cooking, first aid and the SRIC.

After Sixers' Council, it was lights out. Everyone was tired and there was no need to enforce lights out. Lights went out very quickly for most.........zzzzz....zzzz....zzzz