Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jamb100 cum 3rd ASEAN Jamboree

Jamb100 cum 3rd ASEAN Jamboree
5th to 9th December 2010
Sarimbun Scout Camp

The Jamb100 is the finale to a year-long celebration to commemorate the 100th anniversary of scouting in Singapore.

It was a truly historic event, attended by ,3000 scouts of all ages, with 1,000 of these scouts coming from the ASEAN region and other countries in Asia, several European countries, as well as Australia.

More than 80 Pelican cubs and their family members attended the first day of the Jamboree, which included the Opening Ceremony, graced by our Chief Scout, President S R Nathan. After days of rain, the weather turned bright and sunny, and it was a glorious day. We have neverseen so many scouts from so many countries together - there was a myriad of colours, and we were fascinated by the variety of scout uniforms worn by the participants. Everyone was so firendly, and soon Pelican cubs were making friends and exchanging badges and scarves!

While waiting for Chief Scout to arrive, our cubs went round the carnival stalsl to collect stampss on their visitor passes to earn a souvenir Jamb badge. They also visited the campsite, and were amazed by the sheer colourfulness of the tents, flags and other decorations!

Soon the Chief Scout arrived, and was led on stage. There was a rousing welcome, accompanied by the sound of the Boson pipe being blown. Everyone saluted to the Singapore flag being raised, along with our National Anthem. The President of the Singapore Scout Association, Mr Noel Hon then gave a welcome speech, followed by another one from the Chief Commissioner, Mr Tan Cheng Kiong. Then Mr Hon presented the Gold Centenary Award to President Nathan for outstanding service rendered to the scout movement. President Nathan then presented the Gold Centenary Award to 5 other recipients. Finally Chief Scout declared Jamb100 officially opened, followed by the sound of drums! After a short tour of the camp site, President then took his leave.

Our Akela was one of the reciipient of the Gold Centenary Award.

Our cubs and family members were then free to raom around the campsite, and to enjoy the activities at the stalls. For all cubs, it was their first experience being in a Jamboree, and it was a truly unforgettable experience, and the image of scouting as an international movement, without borders, was deeply implanted in their minds.

It was a great way to end the celebration of the first 100 years of scouting in Singapore, and we were all proud to be a part of history.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun Camp Overall Reflections

Fun Camp Overall Reflections

By Scribe Brenda Wang

The Fun camp was indeed fun, as its name suggests. During the 4 days and 3 nights, not only did we learn independence, we also had lots of enjoyable moments with our friends.

One of the main highlights of the camp was the low and high elements. These challenges are tasks we do not normally attempt or think we can overcome. They stretched our confidence level and challenged us to undertake seemingly “impossible” tasks. It’s okay if you fall during the high elements, indeed some did. However the act of trying is already half the battle won in building one’s self-confidence.

During my attempt on one of the high element, I was asked to freeze at the other end of the balancing beam as another scout was climbing up the central pole that I was about to descend by. The boy was scared and was climbing his way up slowly. I could not pull him up, because if I were to let go of the pole, I would fall. Instead, I encouraged him not to worry and to take his time. While doing so, I was actually also quite scared in staying up at the pole for so long. However the scary thoughts soon drifted away while I focused on rendering encouragements to the boy making his slow ascend. Finally the boy managed to climb up, making his way through the high element confidently. This episode demonstrates the importance of encouragement and support from our peers in overcoming difficulties.

There were also the low elements which was much less scarier than the high elements, but nevertheless, tested us on many other skills. The first low element was the Mohawk Walk. There were two poles, attached to each other by a thick rope. The objective was to bring everyone across the rope without touching the floor and without support from other people. The next person has to be of the opposite gender.

It looked so easy. Everyone started to try it all at once. Alas! When the second person stepped onto the rope, the string wobbled, and both fell. Thus, we decided to plan and strategize-something very crucial that we need to do in order to succeed. Soon after, we executed our plan and after a few refinements, we finally succeeded. We all felt a great sense of achievement.

The next low element was called spider web. In this activity, the objective was to get everyone across to the other side of the net. Once a certain hole was used, it could not be used again. After the briefing on the rules of the challenge, we started our planning process. Our strategy was: The stronger boys would use the bottom few nets to go across to the other side. A few bottom nets will also be left unused for the last few people to go through. Some strong boys would stay behind on the other side to carry the lighter ones over. We set ourselves a goal, and in the end, we succeeded. It is very important to set ourselves a goal. Why? By setting goals, the team has a common direction to work towards. We also motivate ourselves and others to work harder towards the goal together. Otherwise, we would just be pieces of wood floating aimlessly on the surface of the water, no goal, no aim, no direction.

Last but not least, we had Whale Watching. In this game, we had to sit or stand on a giant see-saw, and balance it. We all started to try out the new gadget, trying to make it balance, while some team members were tired and just sat on the giant see-saw playing finger games. No matter how we tried to encourage them to pay attention, they would not listen, until our instructor came to tell them to help us.

Soon we realized our weak spot: Whenever the giant see-saw balanced, we would get very “gan cheong” and would fidget around, thus causing the giant see-saw to be unbalanced. In the end, it was our instructors who came to the rescue. We were instructed to sit down, and move our body forward or backward accordingly if needed. In the end, we succeeded, and managed to make the giant see-saw balanced for 4 minutes and 1 second! I learnt that when we face difficulties, we should keep calm and think of solutions. If we do not succeed, do not feel discouraged. Instead, think of what went wrong. How could we improve? Then work on them and achieve your goal. It may be hard, but we must not give up.

We also had a night walk, which included a short solo walk. In this solo walk, we had to walk a short distance by ourselves. There would be instructors along the way to make sure that we were okay. Some were very scared, and cried even before the walk began. We should not laugh or tease them. Everyone has something they are afraid of. Even the bravest person you have encountered has something that he or she is afraid of. Maybe he or she just does not show it. No one is perfect.

Confidence, Encouragement, Support, Strategizing, Setting goals, Staying calm, No one is perfect, Responsibility, Teamwork, Cooperation, Communication are just some of the takeaways from this camp. Not only is this camp fun, it is also a great learning experience for all of us!

Fun Camp Day 4

Fun Camp Day 4

12 Nov 2010

The day started with the usual breakfast of cereal and bread. This would be our last meal at this camp and we were all grabbing the last of food we would taste at this camp. All of us were reluctant to leave camp as we all had a fun time with our instructors and friends. Since this was our last day, we did not have inspection. Hooray!

After breakfast, we proceeded to get ready for the highlight of the last day at camp- water bomb! We all loved to get wet, especially on a hot day like this.

We wore our shoes, and were briefed on the objective of the game: To see which team has the driest flag. We were then given 10 minutes to strategize and make our water bombs.

The 10 minutes swept past quickly and the game started in no time. The boys kept on ‘saboing’ our team, but we reacted quickly and threw our bombs at them. The bombs had run out very quickly and the game ended very quickly. When we assembled back in our respective sixes, we waved our flag proudly and were shocked to realize that our team had won the water bomb. We were all feeling proud of ourselves for being able to achieve such an achievement.

We were then sent back to our bunks to change and remove our bed sheets. Then we assembled back in the hall for our final meet before we said goodbye.

In the hall, our journals were returned and the 1st and 2nd teams were announced. We were shocked to know that our team had won 2nd prize. Our hard work had finally paid off! We congratulated our team mates excitedly.

Next, the videos taken by the instructors during the 4 days and 3 nights were shown. We all laughed when we saw the videos of people dancing during the games or when they were forfeited.

Finally it was time to go back home. We waved our instructors goodbye as the buses moved out of the campsite, happy memories etched in our mind forever.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Camp Day 3

Fun Camp Day 3
11 Nov 2010
By Scribe Brenda Wang

The day started with the blowing of whistles to get lined up in horseshoe--our usual ritual to start the day’s scout activities. Horseshoe was much better this time compared to the last, as many people wore their full scout uniform this time.

After horseshoe, we made our way to the dining hall for our long awaited breakfast. We had our usual cereal with milk and bread with jam. Yum!
Once our whole wave had finished breakfast, we walked to our UGA, also known as Usual Gathering Area in front of our water cooler, to be briefed on our first activity- H20 Challenge!

We were all hoping to get wet soon- the sun was scorching and we had to brave the heat to continue our challenge. The first challenge included a: water tumbler, a cup, a basin, a ping pong ball, a blindfold and of course, water. In this activity, we had to pair up, hold a cup in between our partner’s hands and walk to the basin with the ping pong ball and pour water in it. The team whose ping pong ball overflows first is the winner. Such challenges are easier said than done. When we first started walking and reached the ending point, we squatted down to pour the water into the basin. The instructors then tricked us, telling us that we were at the wrong basin, so on and so forth. Our team members’ shouts we drained in the sea of voices. Finally, our team succeeded, emerging second. Yeah!
The second challenge consisted of a tumbler filled with water again, some plastic bags, an alpha pad and a bucket on the other side. The rules of the game were simple: fill the bags with water. Then get a person to the other side, stand on the alpha mat with the bucket on top of his/her head. The aim was to throw the bags into the bucket. It was indeed a challenge to throw the bags into the bucket.

We were first given 10 minutes to tie as many bags with water and discuss our strategy. When the race began, we all started to throw bags into the bucket. It seemed so easy but yet few bags were in the bucket. Teamwork, I felt, was lacked.

After some rest in the shade, some tasty biscuits, and the p6 team competing with another team to form a river, we proceeded to the third challenge. There were a few alpha mats on the floor. A tumbler filled with water and cups were on one side, and an empty bucket was found on the other side. The aim was to go across the alpha mats in alphabetical order. We must be connected at all times, a cup filled with water in each hand, and at any time, there must be two feet on the mat.

We all thought that the mats were arranged in alphabetical order- little did we know that some letters were zigzagged all the way. This tested us on quick-thinking and cooperation.

Soon it was time for lunch! We were all very hungry and were sweating profusely under the hot sun. The air conditioner in the dining hall served as a great reward to all of us, and the food was so scrumptious to be described by words. The food included spicy noodles, fish in sweet and sour sauce, broccoli with mushrooms and chicken. We gobbled down our food contentedly and many of us went for second rounds.

Next, we had the Mobile Adventure Programme, which consisted of two games. The first game had a rope which formed a circle. Inside the circle were different numbers. We had to go into the circle, one at a time, and tap the numbers in order. If we stretched our hand into the circle when someone else is inside, we would be penalized.

We were given a few minutes to strategize. Then, arranging ourselves in order, we entered the room, confident. In the end, we had 4 penalties. We emerged as winner for round one! However, we were not happy enough. We thought of a new plan to make sure we would not get penalized.

The second round was much more challenging compared to the first. Numbers were missing, and our eyes had to search for our respective numbers, quickly. We took note of our hands and heads, making sure that they did not reach into the circle. We improved to 3 penalties. However, the other team was one second faster.

We were not ready to lose out. We prepared a new plan, vowing to emerge as winner this time. In the last round, it was even more challenging than we thought it would be. The rope formed only a semi-circle, and we thought that it still was a boundary. There were also a few numbers overturned. We had to redo when we missed out a number, until we finished. We succeeded and achieved our goal. We were all very happy.

The second game of the Mobile Adventure Programme was carried out outdoors. There were balls of different colours- yellow, green and purple. The aim was to grab our respective coloured balls blindfolded and we had to communicate using only sounds. If our feet or hands touched the yellow coloured balls, we had to restart.

After thinking for a short while, Sue-Jane and I decided to use our whistle to communicate.

The first few rounds went smoothly, and there were a few close calls. In the end, it was a draw! I learnt that in order to succeed, we must have teamwork, cooperation and strategize.

Next, after wolfing down some biscuits, it was time for our telematch! There were 3 different sections. In Section A, we had to take 5 marbles and transport them across to the other side using 3 alpha mats. The 5 marbles would then have to be transported to Section B’s cup. In Section B, we would have to balance a marble on a spoon and transport them to Section C’s cup. In Section C, we would have to balance a balloon in between ourselves and transport the marbles to the ending point. Each marble is worth 5 water bombs, which would be used for the next day’s water challenge.

My team did Section A of the telematch. There were 5 of us, and it was very hard to move about as we had to squeeze into only 2 alpha mats. In the end, however, we all felt that we did well.

After a quick debrief, we made a dash to the dining hall for……dinner! Dinner was pineapple rice, chicken with capsicum and onions, fish, and tofu. For dessert, we have white fungus with sugar cane. Wow! We were all so hungry after a tiring day of games and fun.

Right after dinner, we proceeded to practice our skits for tonight’s campfire.

Not long after, we placed our mess tins back into our bags and headed to the parade square for campfire! The campfire was declared open by Akela, followed by a series of songs and cheers, as well as skits.

It was a memorable night, and we had certainly enjoyed ourselves on our last night. We had a well-deserved sleep. We look forward to tomorrow’s water bomb!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun Camp Day 3: Dinner

Fun Camp Day 3: TeleMatch

Fun Camp: Quotable Quotes

The good thing about today is that a lot of people encouraged others to do well. (Wayne Chin)

On the long anxious wait to do the solo night walk, it's like waiting for a Chinese exam to start. (Jonathan Koong)

I think we should keep quiet and listen if someone is talking. (Gerald Cheong)

On climbing the high elements, I was afraid of heights, but then I decided to overcome my fear and try. (Eugene Lim)

I learned about teamwork and shouting, scolding or panicking will not solve the problem. (Aw Yong Miao Xin)

When they came back, they smelled like the town sewers. (Kimberly Song)

Fun Camp Day 3: Games

Fun Camp Day 3 Lunch

Fun Camp Day 2

Fun Camp Day 2

10 Nov 2010
By Scribe Kimberly Song

We scouts woke up bright in the morning just to finish up the remaining missing information for our journals. Some woke up and got ready. After all this last minute checks, we changed and did horseshoe. My ears perked up when I overheard Akela telling Brenda that we will have breakfast right after horseshoe. We all made a mad dash towards the Legacy Hall for…food!

Once we were done eating that delicious breakfast of cereal and milk, it was raining. Since we could not do the high and low elements for now, so we did inspection! The horror! However, lady’s luck was smiling on the girls for the passed the inspection. We fooled around in the dorm. What fun! I hope that this may happen again in the next camp! (Next year!)

When the rain subsided, we were able to do the elements! But, we’re led to the Hall instead. We play the some games. For example: Dragon’s tail and sailor’s command after all this games, we did the elements! High elements: Balancing beam, Multi-Vine, Burma bridge, Jacob’s ladder and the Postman walk. My group did the Balancing beam and Jacob’s ladder. How did we feel when we tried these out? EXTREMELY excited!

After that high element activity, we had lunch! We had eggs-sausage, chicken and noodle. And for dessert we had: Fruits- Papaya, dragon fruit and watermelon. We drank Orange juice. Once we were done with the eating and clearing up, we proceed on to the low elements. Low elements: Mohawk walk, Spider web and the whale watch. It would have been fun if only we did not have to do it with the primary 6 boys. But they help and cooperated with us a lot! All the games were fun but during the whale watch, we got leg cramps for sitting too long. Ouch! Our longest record to balance the plank is: 4 minutes and 1 second.

To make a long story short, we ended the day with a night walk. It was creepy and scared at first but, when we realised that the solo night walk distance was very short and quite close to those who made it, we felt relived. I hope to never again have a night walk cause most girls were in a rush and could not bath finish in time! We were late!!

Ahh… finally, sleep. What we did today maybe tiring, but it was meaningful! I hope we will all learn something. We survived Day 2!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Camp Videos

Fun Camp Day 2: Low Elements

Fun Camp Day 2: Happy Birthday Chil!

Fun Camp Day 1: Roller Coaster

Fun Camp Day 1: Our Dormitories

Fun Camp Day 1

Fun Camp Day 1
09  Nov 2010
By Scribe Marcus Choo

Fun Camp, here I come! Though sad that I would not see my family for three and half days, I was looking forward to the activities on the first day! I was especially looking forward to the Geo-caching activity, a chance to try out a new device!

Firstly was a briefing, we were briefed on some camp rules and introduced to the trainees. I was amazed at the number of trainers, and they come from all over the world, from Indonesia, UK, US and more!

To my surprise, our first activity was Roller Coaster making. At first, I thought ti was using LEGO bricks to make a mini roller coaster, never did I know that we had to use straws, newspaper and balloon sticks to let a tennis ball coll down safely. This really was testing our creativity!

After planning for 10 minutes, we were all set and ready to build the roller-coaster. Taping the newspaper to the balloon was a little messy, but could stable the ball, and the tape wasn't that sticky (we used quite a lot) and some of the team members didn't co-operate, but in the end we did it. Alas! The drop was too high, and the hill too low. 10 minutes left to the end! We pushed the hill up and drop down. Double disaster! Now the ball did not get to the end.

Although at the end no one's ball got to the end 3 times, we learnt that we must take pride in our work, and do a good piece of work in every activity.

Geo caching! Finally the most awaited activity. I was chosen to hold the GPS, and after a short brief for the people with GPS and compass, we set off to Sembawang Park, singing enthusiastically. We started running around, scurrying all over the place searching for the answers.

Challenge 1: 3D Tic- Tae- Toe.  How to play that? Well, its about throwing balls into a 3X3 grid of cups in a line. Easier said that done. We had to try many times just to get 1 ball in. Either the ball fell out or the ball and cup fell out. In the end, we managed to complete it. A new set of challenge to complete (with the GPS)! This time was a bit more chaotic. We were running all around sometimes getting further from the target, and sometimes not seeing the target.

Challenge 2: Moonball. We had to pat a ball 20 times and everybody must touch the ball at least once. The ball kept dropping. In the end, we still made it with 22 pats. Since it was raining, we had to wear our ponchos and I decided to wrap the GPS in poncho bags before setting off on the next set of questions. Miraculously, we made it with the time left!

Challenge 3: Decibel Challenge. We were supposed to scream until 130dB. In the end, Jun Le screamed alone into the microphone and reached 130.3dB. AMAZING!

10 more minutes for the last 5 questions! Luckily, with running here and there, we made it!

Going to see our bunks! To my surprise it was very nice! It even had air-conditioning. There was a mattress, blanket and pillow as well.

After dinner, we watched The Jungle Book movie. It was very nice! At the end, we picked a part to act out for campfire.

Supper! Biscuits were served. I took many of the delicious raisin biscuits. After the final debrief, it was time for sleep.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's activities!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Camp Day 1:Preparing for Campfire

More videos will be uploaded tomorrow!

Fun Camp 2010


Sunday, October 10, 2010



2nd October 2010
By Scribe Jeremy Tan

64 cubs braved the sizzling heat of the Saturday afternoon sun to adventure and hiked 5 km along the Woodcutter’s Trail, arguably the toughest trails in Singapore. It is known for its notoriously multiple trails that spiral around in the forested area.

Seldom trekked, this trail lies in the vicinity of Singapore’s Water Catchment Area. Located near Lower Peirce Reservoir, we entered the Trail from Upper Thomson Road and ended our hike at Zhenghua Park in the Bukit Panjang district.

We encountered undulating terrain requiring steep climbs at times and faced withsteep descents the next moment.The Trail is home to bees, wasps, snakes and monkeys. There were streams to cross. At some parts of the Trail, the footpath was muddy and sticky like mangrove swamps. Such were the challenges we experienced at the Woodcutter’s Trail .

Fortunately, we did not encounter bees, wasps or snakes but some of us caught sight of a few monkeys which looked puzzled as they wondered what a bunch of “monkeys” were doing down below.

We met at the Koi Pond at 3.00 pm but it was obvious many Cubs had not read the notice board on the time change from 3:30 pm to 3.00 pm. They were seen streaming in after 3.00 pm and a handful even trickled in after 3:30 pm. Unlike previous occasions when Akela would get angry, this time he was cool. I think this was because he was pleased that all had remembered their consent form.

Safety was paramount. There were about 8 adults to ensure our safety and hiked with us. Akela had to ensure Cubs carried sufficient water and we paraded our water bottles. One or two Cubs had only 1 small water bottle and this was not sufficient. It was quickly resolved with purchases of bottled water from the
canteen. We also paraded our packed food which we brought along to eat (not to feed the monkeys) at the end of the hike.

We set off in 2 buses which brought us to the start point at Upper Thomson Road and arrived there at around 4:30 pm. During the bus journey, many of us were deep in thoughts, reflecting on the challenges of the Trail Akela had earlier briefed us. Many of us were anxious and wondered why our parents had consented and “volunteered” us for the hike. As it was too late to make a “U turn”, we vowed to bash through the Trail and complete the hike ALIVE.

Armed with our enthusiasm, we entered the Trail and started our hike at about 4:45pm. We hiked in single file in our Sixes. Each Six took turn to lead the pack. Cubs were to stay within in their Sixes and not lag behind. Unlike other trails, we noted the Woodcutter’s Trail appeared “untouched”. There was hardly anyone soul (except us and 2 bikers). It was a dirt track that had many surprises. Once inside the Trail, the shade provided by the thick foliage of the forest “cooled” us and was a much welcomed relief from the heat.

Another surprise was the Great Silence of the forest before us. We stopped, stared and listened. We strained our ears and listened to the variety of sounds amplified by the silence of the forest. We heard the rustle of leaves and the cracking of swaying branches when a gentle breeze blew. There were unique sounds
of insects and “other residents” of the forest. Momentarily we were spell bounded by Nature.

As “old habits die hard”, we soon reverted to a noisy bunch of Cubs and continued hiking. We had to cross 3 streams. Fortunately they were shallow streams and we had the aid of planks, tied pieces of logs and overturned flower pots to help us get across. The challenge was to cross the streams and not lose our balance,  fall and get ourselves wet. Fortunately all of us had a fine sense of balance (many Cubs wore NEW BALANCE shoes) and crossed the streams without much difficulty.

One brave Cub decided not to use the flower pot tops to cross and strolled across it. The foothpath was narrow. Another challenge before us was the occasional muddy, sticky and swamp like tracks. Stepping on them spelt disaster. Besides getting dirty, one risks having one’s feet stuck in the mud. One by one, the Cubs stepped onto the higher embankment of the footpath to overcome the mud pools.

Unfortunately one Cub lost his balance (was not wearing NEW BAALANCE) and had his foot stuck. This was the same Cub who strolled across the stream. As we hiked further into the Trail, some of us were tired and were less alert. A few Cubs fell because they tripped over roots of trees that camouflaged themselves well across the ground. . Except for their bruised ego, they were fine. They picked themselves up and continued with the hike, a little embarrassed though. As much as Cubs liked to stay in the Sixes, there were
laggers, and not all Cubs were able to maintain discipline to keep up with their Sixes. Fortunately we had Adult Leaders to ensure no Cubs were left behind.

There were around 5 water breaks and laggers used the water breaks to catch up with their Sixes besides rewarding themselves with their hard earned rest. Soon it was dusk and it was getting dark. It was a relief for many of us when we realised we had reached the exit of our trail. We walked a short distance to Zhenghua Park, a familiar sight for some of us who hiked 10km during the Bukit Timah District Sixers Camp held earlier this year. It was about 7:15 pm and we
had hiked for about 2 1/2 hrs. The picnic at Zhenghua Park where we eat our packed food was a welcome break.

We had our break for 15 mins when we were told to pen our thoughts and observations of the day’s trail. Barely 5 mins into it, much to our delight , we were told to pack up as the buses had arrived to transport us back to school. We were joyous as our sweaty bodies enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned buses. It was a short journey from Bukit Panjang back to School.

This was a hike many of us will not forget as we began in daylight, hiked till dusk, had an evening Picnic and at nightfall arrived safely at School. We were proud of ourselves and our accomplishment.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Scout Meeting 25th September 2010

As the saying goes, curiousity kills the cat but I could not help but wonder what activities we were going to do on this typical Saturday.  I was certain Akela had something up his sleeve for when I arrived at the kidzone, I saw a huge plastic bag filled with colourful balloons.  Immediately, I racked my brains, wondering what Akela wanted us to do with the balloons.  However, my mind was totally blank.
When I arrived at the kidzone, the usual sounds of cheerful shrieks of laughter filled the air while the 2 senior sixers (Brenda did not come not until around 10 am) work on the flag rising preparations.  I headed straight for wombat 1's area.  I placed my bag down and waited till the sounds of the horseshoe whistle rang throughout the entire kidzone, "Horseshoe!" the 2 senior sixers shouted, with a spring in my step, I hurried over for horseshoe.

After horseshoe, we lined up in Indian file and settled down.  Akela announced that Grey Wolf will be teaching us how to tie the 3 knots – the Reef Knot, Clove Hitch and last but not least, Sheet Bend.  As there will be a 4 round game on tying these 3 knots, we were told to learn and practice them. After the few minutes of learning and practicing, we began the competition!

Round 1 - tie the Reef Knot.  Those, who are correct, earned 5 points whereas those who tied it wrongly caused the six to lose 2 points.  Round 2 - tie the Reef Knot above your head.  This time, those who get it right gets 5 points but those who didn't do it correctly received 0 points.  Round 3 - tie the Clove Hitch.  For this round, those who tied correctly received 10 points.  Those who tied it wrongly also received 0 points like the previous round.  Last round - tie the Clove Hitch and the first to reach to Grey Wolf who was standing a few steps behind the whole unit wins. We heaved a sign of relived when Akela told us he had decided not to have the Sheet Bend for the final round. The results were Wallaby in 3rd place with a total of 18 points, XXX (Aleka, can fill in for me, I forgot who got 2nd) in 2nd place with a total of 19 points.  And in 1st place Echidna with a total of 20 points.  Well done, Echidna!

When Akela told us to change into half-u, I could not contain the excitement on my face.  More games yay!!  The game's instructions were: 2 Six would pretend to be Pelicans. There were 4 nests and a basket of pelican eggs (Bean bags) on the other side of the kid zone. The rest of the scouts would be blindfolded and swing their arms left and right, pretending to be the 'hunters'.  If either anyone gets caught by the 'hunters', you're out of the game! My Six, wombat 1 and wombat 2 screamed like 3-year-old kids whenever the 'hunters' were close to touching us.  When our time was up, we only managed to get a few eggs (bean bags) over.  But all that matter was that we had fun.

Our final game was burst the balloon!  However, the balloons were filled with water so we had to be careful or we would be drenched. We all turned into frenzy and ran in all different directions, stepping on the water balloons when it landed at our feet.  Sad to say some of us didn't even manage to step on one of the balloon and some missed the balloon by a few inches before others burst it.  After what felt like hours of playing, the game had to come to an end.  Some of us were reluctant to stop the game but we also wanted to go home.  In the end, we ended scouts in a sea of happy but tired faces.  Sixers were told to stay back for Sixers' council while the rest of the cubs were dismissed.

I hope that next year, we will be able to play all these 3 games again!

Don't forget that there would be a Woodcutter's hike next Saturday, 1st October, so please remember to submit your consent forms on time!  I can't wait for next week......kekeke!! 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Scout Meeting 18th September 2010

Written by Scribe Marcus Choo
At this meeting, some cubs did not wear the full scout uniform. Some did not bring their caps, and one wore white school socks! Hmmm…are we becoming a little slack? Time to pull up our socks a little.

Today, to start off the meeting, Akela tested us on how well we obeyed commands. We were told some sailors commands, and the accompanying actions of the commands. Some of the commands were "Scrub the deck" and "Climb the rigging". It was really fun to do the actions and I tried my best not to be slow to prevent myself from being thrown out of the game. Scrub the deck was the most used command……
Next was the main activity of the day: acting a short skit. Each group was supposed to act out on the how the pelican showed the value of Generosity. Each group was also given 4 examples on some behaviors of a pelican that show Generosity. The value we chose was how the pelican protects their young in all harsh weathers. It was fun acting out the skit with my team, though the content of the skids turned out somewhat identical, except for one group, which acted a totally different thing.
Games time! Today's game was about kicking each other's shoes to the other side. We were told to take off our left shoe and throw it in the center. Then, between teams A and B, we competed to see how many shoes were on each other's side, and the lesser, the better. Sadly, Team B kept losing.  A few shoes were 'lost' and we ended up finishing the game quite late!

All too soon, it was time for flag break.  It'll be another two scout meetings before we break for final exams and I'm not exactly looking forward to that!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scout Meeting 4th Sept 2010

By Scribe Jeremy Tan

Scout Meeting on 4 Sept 2010

The highlight of the Scout meeting on 4th September 2010 had two extreme activities conducted for HPPS cubs. We were asked to be Maori Warriors and had a face off with our opponents, staring hard at their faces and into their eyes to instill fear and intimidate the opponents into submission. Some of us wanted to perform the "Haka" (Maori Warrior war cry and dance) but restrained ourselves. After the fierce stand off, tension was eased and HPPS cubs were quickly domesticated and did home economics, doing oven baking.

Akela was not pleased with the fidgeting of many Cubs during the Colour Party. As this was showing disrespect for the solemn Colour Party, Akela decided to "punish" constructively the whole HPPS Cubs by conducting a staring competition. Sixes were paired and Cubs had to face an opponent and stared hard at his opponent. Cubs were to "freeze" and not move even an eyelid or twitch. Cubs who were caught fidgeting were ruled out of the competition by sitting down. To make the competition more interesting, Baloo was on hand to make funny faces and said funny things to distract the Cubs to make them lose their focus and concentration. Although the Cubs tried, one by one Cubs and Sixers ruled themselves out of the competition. However Platypus managed not to move and emerged the winners. Well done Platypus! The lesson Akela wanted us to learn is to stay focus and concentrate on achieving our goals. We need to practise to be good at it.

Before the 4th Sept meeting, HPPS Notice Board reminded Cubs to bring wet tissues as the planned activity was clay modeling of Scout Pelican fridge magnets. The thought of getting myself dirty playing with clay (thus wet tissues) and the complicated steps involved (so I thought) sent shivers to my spine. However I was wrong. It was not only fun but clean, interesting and simple. Many cubs became proficient at making clay models after that.

After the staring incident, Aklea told us that we had to go to the canteen to make clay pelicans. The "home economics" (oven baking) lesson was conducted by Mrs Cynthia Yong, Mrs Lynn Cheow, Aunty June, Aunty Christine and Charmaine. The Sixes were divided and assigned to each instructor.

We were each given a small quantity of white, orange, green and yellow clay strips, each colour strip wrapped in cellophane paper. All the strips and accessories were pre-packed in small plastic bags. The material of the clay was FIMO SOFT (Oven-Hardening Polymer Clay).
As the clay strips were hard, we had to soften it. This involved rolling the clay between our palms (using heat from our palms) into a snake shape. Thereafter we rolled the snake in a circular motion to compress the snake back into a ball. We had to repeat these steps several times.

Next we were taught how to model the pelican.

1. The Body (white strips). We gently smoothened the surface by rubbing from the centre to the edge. We flattened the beak area to make room for the beak.

2. The BeaK (orange strips). Before we did anything, we wiped our hands with wet tissue. We then softened the orange clay. After softening, we broke it into two pieces. Then we rolled each piece into a ball and then into a cylinder. We then curved each cylinder into a half moon and paste them together and stick them on to the pelican's body.

3. The Feet (yellow strips). After softening, we shaped two pieces of clay like a human nose and pasted it onto the bottom of the pelican to form its feet.

4. The Cap (green strips). After softening, we squeezed the edge of the ball to make the shape of the cap. Then, we used three pieces of yellow clay strips to put on the top.

5. We then had to bake the modelled pelican for 15 min at 120 degrees Celsius, using the mirco-oven. There were 3 micro-oven available for use.

6. We then used the glue gun to put in place the eyes.

We were also taught to customise our pelican parts in anyway we want. After everyone finished baking their clay models, we cleaned up the canteen. Then we went back to the Kid Zone and Baloo chose the top ten pelicans and gave a prize to the Cubs whose pelican were chosen.

We say a big thank you to the 4 parent volunteer and Che Che Charmaine for sponsoring the material, their time, their skills and their micro-wave ovens and enlightening us on oven baking clay modelling.

Earlier at the meeting, Akela gave a Silver Arrow Badge to Evan Lee. The top 3 scout logs were selected and the Sixs were named. Well done all.

We formed the horse shoe for flag breaking and this time, Cubs did not fidget so much as they did during the Colour Party. We remembered the "punishment".

I am very proud of my ability as I did not expect to be able to make a fridge pelican. My pelican now sticks firmly on my fridge. Perhaps we can use magnets and stick the pelican on our uniform. I learn that "Can Do" attitude helps to increase the chance of turning impossibilities to possibilities.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scout Meeting 28th Aug 2010

Written by Scribe Leader Brenda Wang.

Scout Meeting, 28th August 2010

As I entered the Kid zone, I wondered what will be the highlight of this week's scout meeting. Neither the emails sent to parents nor the scout notice board provided information on this week's scout meeting. The preparation for the coming continual assessment 2 had tired me out, but nevertheless, the long queue in front of Akela with their test booklets in their hands was getting longer and longer. Everyone was trying to get their badges done before the scout meeting started. Meanwhile, we, the sixers encountered some problems with the flag. Just as we succeeded, someone accidentally pulled the wrong string, causing the flag to break. Sigh! We managed to "untangle" ourselves from this mess with some help from Akela.
After horseshoe, we got into the usual Indian file. Akela proceeded to give out the numerous badges. I was glad that many people had started to take their arrow badges compared to a few years back where there were only 3 or 4 people with the Gold Arrows. Now, there are more than4. Many cubs have also started to take their proficiency badges.
Next, we were instructed to break into our respective sixes corner to tell our cubs about the different arrow badges. I made my rounds to "inspect" each six to see what they were doing. Those cubs that were usually playing among themselves were now more attentive and listened to their sixers. After exactly 10 minutes, we gathered back in Indian file to continue on with the meeting.

It was now Bagheera's turn to take over by telling us the three golden rules when we see someone injured: First , don't panic; second , call for an adult's help or the ambulance; and last but not least, do not risk your life. Indeed, we are still young children and why risk our own lives to save someone? We also learnt what to do when someone's shirt gets on fire. I was very surprised to find out that it is wrong for someone to take off his shirt when his shirt gets on fire as his skin may come off too!

We also learnt the usual arm bandage. As soon as Bagheera had given his instructions to try it out in pairs, everyone zoomed off into their own corner in the Kid Zone to try it out on their friends. This just shows that we are all excited to do the hands-on activity!

After Bagheera had approved of our bandages, we proceeded on to the first aid game. The representative of each six had to go to the other side of the kid zone and wait for each member of the six to go to him or her to tie the bandage. The adult leaders, Sue-Jane and I inspected each of their bandages and approved if they had tied their bandage properly. Many cubs tied the reef knot on the back of the cub's neck which would strangle him if pulled too tight. Some also forgot to roll and tuck in the extra part of the bandage under the arm, so they had to redo.

The champions finally emerged and after a good water break, there came the time most of us were waiting for- the race relay. It consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was rather simple: we had to run to the cone which was on the other end of the kid zone, run around the cone, then run back and tap the next person. This process continued on until all the nine people in the six had completed.
Round 2 was all the same, but a little more challenging. We had to run backwards, instead of forward. Much to our surprise, the winners of the first round were exactly the same as the second round while the second and third place winners were swapped. What a coincidence!

I expected the third round to be the "duck walk relay", but it turned out to be something that I had never done before: slow motion run. We had to run in slow motion, make any kind of sounds that we want, and the slowest six wins. The sixer of each six tried out first, and since their slow motion run was really in such slow motion, Akela decided to let the whole six go at once due to time constrains. Once the instruction to go was given, the cubs made sounds of "Ooh" and "Aah" as well as 'Nooooo!" as they ran in slow motion. Some even pretended to fall so that they could be the slowest. What a sight!

All too soon, Akela called for horseshoe and the meeting ended with sixer's council. I look forward to next week's meeting on the clay–making of the pelican. During this scout meeting, I had learnt about the 3 golden rules and the precautions to take during a fire. Most of all, I enjoyed the race relay and I hope that there will be more of such relay games in the future!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visit to NEWater Centre 21st Aug 2010

This blog was written by Kimberly Song

21st August 2010, the day we are going for our NEWater centre visit! Everything happened as usual except for a thing or two. When I arrived in school many cheerful faces greeted me. Some of the cubs were eager to complete their badges and they had already formed a straight line infront of Akela, waiting patiently for their turn to do their badge tests. Congratulations to those who had earned more badges!! Yay!!

I helped 2 of the senior sixers, Brenda and Sue-Jane, to arrange the NEWater forms by sixes. When we were done, it was time to settle down. After being given a brief on what would happen at the NEWater centre, the 3 senior sixers counted the number of cubs. Akela was pretty shocked at the number of cubs present; less than half of the scout unit was here! Oops!! 7:30am, more latecomers arrived! It was pretty bad, not only were they late, some didn't bring their haversack and water booklet. To add fuel to fire, some weren't even in full scout uniform! Akela was furious and he was as red as a beetroot. He gave those cubs a earful. Scary…….I really hope our cubs would pull up their socks and give their best from now on!!
After everything was settled, we boarded the bus and left school. Yay, excited!! (^^,)
When we arrived, we gasped in amazement. Surrounding the NEWater centre was crystal clear clean water, water and more water! We were sent straight into a room with 3 televisions. All of them were showing the same cartoon show on Water Wally at the same time. Our 'tour guide' came and introduced himself. He is called Uncle Ronnie.
We were given a short brief on what NEWater centre is all about and then we were moved in to a smaller room. Uncle Ronnie showed us a short 6 minutes clip on NEWater. Then, he brought us to another section of the NEWater centre and showed us another mini short clip on the functions of the NEWater centre and where all the other centres are located. Now we know that there is more than one centre, there is one located in Bedok, one in Marina Bay, etc..

Next station was… the arcade! Everyone fidgeted around and could not wait for our 10-minute 'sugar fix'. As soon as uncle Ronnie gave us the signal, we dashed towards the arcade at full speed. We were all running from one game to another as if we were crazy bees hopping from one flower to another collecting nectar. We were sad that we had to stop. 10 minutes was way too short! I hoped that we will get a time extension! But too bad, no such luck. Sigh…… (-.-)

Next stop was a small room with 3 large screens. Again, another short clip was shown but this time it was only 3 minutes long. The show was so interesting!
After the show, we went into a room with water in the floor!! It was fun! Uncle Ronnie informed us that the water under the glass floor would be cleaned up and recycled into portable water. Without notice, Uncle Ronnie clicked on a button and multiple colored lights flashed from the floor. It was really beautiful!! I liked the colourful lights.
Uncle Ronnie also showed us how the NEWater centre cleans the used water, the equipment they use, how they disposed of our 'poo' and recycle the smelly water into clean water. Kekeke, I was a bit grossed out thinking about it. 'Poo' = Drinking Water.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and head back to school. You know what they say, time flies fast when your having fun! It was an educational and interesting visit. I hope there will be more of such trips where we learn and have fun at the same time.

Before, we left, NEWater centre gave each of us a present; 6 water-saving thimbles. It was for us to bring home to our parents for them to install it into our taps to reduce the flow of water. So each time we turn on the tap less water would flow out therefore saving water. We have learnt how to save water and now we have to go back and share with our parents the water-saving knowledge we have received.
Upon arrival in school, we were given a short brief on the following week's activities. Thereafter, we were dismissed early.
I am looking forward to next Saturday………….hope it comes soonest!!
By: Kimberly Song, Wombat 1