Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Founder's Day 2010

22 February is a very special day for Scouts. We are commemorating Founder’s Day on this day.

22 FEBRUARY 2010


1. This year marks a very special year in our history. The Singapore Scout Association has reached a significant milestone in becoming a hundred years old. A number of interesting events have been lined up this year to celebrate our grand birthday. I encourage every scout to take part actively in these events. The Rally and the Jamboree were planned for participation for all scouts.

2. Traditions and customs have an important place in an organisation with a rich heritage like ours. Many former scouts enjoy looking back at the glorious good old days when they had a lot of fun. What they had experienced and learned in scouting moulded them to be the persons they are today. As we mark the occasion of our Founder Baden Powell’s birthday, let us remember that he was a great man who introduced a revolutionary approach to developing young boys more than a hundred years ago. Let us hold dear to the critical elements of scouting that have seen us through the decades and allowed us to remain relevant to the needs of the youths and build upon these fundamentals. At the same time, we will need to innovate and push the boundaries in coming out with a good spread of new and exciting programmes to keep pace with the desires of the present generation of youths.

3. Our vision is to make the Singapore Scout Association a winning organisation of significance, attracting more young people to make a positive and sustained impact on society. To do this, we are embarking on strategies to improve our adult leader training, build new partnerships, providing more resources to the scout units and individual scouts as well as to identify key signature projects in order to enhance our capacity to better contribute to the community.

4. I invite every scout to join us as we continue on this journey of adventure.

5. Happy Founder’s Day.

Founder's Day @ HPPS

This blog was posted by Haathi

Senior Sixer Samuel Chin is getting ready to read the speech. Sixer Lim Xiu Jie is there to give Samuel moral support. =)

"This year marks a very special year in our history. The Singapore Scout Association has reached a significant milestone in becoming a hundred years old... ... "

"Happy Founder’s Day."

Samuel Chin and Lim Xiu Jie

Group photo with the Brownies

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scout Meeting 20th Feb 2010

This blog was posted by Jeremy Tan, a Pelican Cub.

Henry Park Pelican Scouts

Meeting on 20th Feb 2010

The meeting on 20th Feb 2010 was the first after Chinese New Year on the 14th Feb 2010. Many of us were still in the Chinese New Year mood. Some of us attended the Saturday meeting full of enthusiasm, while others took a bit longer to "warm up their engines". Luckily all remembered to dress in full scout uniform and no cub came dressed in their new year clothes.Exchanged of greetings of "Gong Xi Fa Cai" were heard amongst cubs.

Chinese New Year is rich in traditions and customs, HPPS has its traditions and customs too. The focused activities on Saturday morning were dedicated to the new cubs that joined us this year. The new cubs were "initiated" and "inducted". They were assigned to one of the 10 Groups and the senior cubs introduced themselves to the new cubs. Following tradition, the new cubs were taught the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.

For EMU, new cubs Benedict, Ryley and Ethan were welcomed and each cub member of EMU introduced himself to them. Some playful cubs advised the new cubs to pay attention as they would be tested at the end of the day on how well they remembered names, the Scout Law and Scout Promise. Whilst Benedict, Ryley and Ethan wore worried faces upon hearing about the test, the rest of us, the seasoned cubs knew that it was a prank and were grinning from ear to ear.

Then it was time for games. Groups competed against each other. Members of the Group each had to write a word on the Scout Law and Scout Promise.EMU did well to be placed 2nd for the Scout Law but lost to other Groups for the Scout Promise. It did not matter that we lost but what mattered most was that we had fun in learning. The 3 new cubs did well in the "tests".

On reflection, the Saturday morning meeting brought back fond memories. Like the new cubs, I was fearful when I joined HPPS a year ago. Fast forward a year later, the fear turned to cheers as I discovered the warmth and sincerity of the adult leaders and senior cubs. They taught me leadership quality and made me a better and more confident cub. I now have the opportunity to carry on the tradition and rich heritage of HPPS and look forward to impart to the new cubs what I learnt and gained from HPPS.

Cub Jeremy Tan Tien Tze

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hike at MacRitchie Tree Top Walk 6th February 2010

Saturday, 6th February 2010

Some 100 Cubs, including 33 recruits gathered at the koi pond at 7 am for the start of an exciting outing, a Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Park.

Amidst excited chatter, Akela went through the list of all who had submitted the consent form. Cubs without a consent form could not participate as it was mandatory to submit a consent form. There were a handful who had failed to drop their consent form by the due date. Akela made an exception and accepted their completed forms, but gave a stern warning that forms were to be submitted by the due date in future!

Akela checking the consent forms

Sixers collecting snacks of sausage bun and banana muffin for their Six

Cubs were told to keep their snack packs in their backpacks
3 buses brought the pack to the Venus Car Park at MacRitchie Park. Cubs disembarked and assembled nearby for a head count and a final instruction from Akela before setting off.

Assembling at Venus Car Park, MacRitchie Park

It was a challenge to get everone's attention as they were eager to get on with the hike, not realising what lay ahead!

Sharing a private chatter while Akela was giving final instructions!

Akela briefed the VALs, teachers-in-charge and parent volunteer on their assigned groups. Grey Wolf, Chil, Kaa, and Mr. Yum were assigned to oversee 2 Sixes while Haathi and Mdm. Kerina took charge of the girls. They were assisted by our 2 able ex-Pelicans, Abram and Hao Wei. We also had a new parent volunteer, Mr. Alfred Ng, who was given one Six to oversee.

A sign to welcome the unsuspecting

Each Six took turns to lead the pack, with following groups separated by about 5 minutes behind.

The lead Six moving behind the pack

Akela carrying a recruit's water container. Cubs were to carry water bottles in their backpacks!

Akela, with the water container!

Which way to go????

Monkeys ahead!

Cubs were expected to observe and listen to the sounds of the jungle. In our case, jungle residents could hear them 5 miles away. Cubs were more interested in chatting away rather than observing.

A beautiful spider web up in the trees

Almost there

Recruits waiting to experience the Tree Top Walk

Welcoming committee at the Tree Top Walk.

Bagheera and Grey Wolf with the recruits

Monkey Alert!

Bagheera on the Tree Top Walk

A great view of the reservoir from the Tree Top Walk

On the board walk

Bagheera and Cubs on the board walk

Looking for pond skaters on the stream below

Oops! need to re-tie shoe laces, but needed help
The hike to the Ranger Station was about 2.6 km, and to the Tree Top Walk was another 1.1 km, making a total of about 3.7 km one way. With the return leg, Cubs had hiked more that 7.4 km.
It was obvious that many recruits were ill-prepared for the distance. Some were lagging behind, while some were panting away. But for their first hike, covering almost 8 km was a great achievement for all of them. Well done!

The girls taking abreak after the hike
Now we know who the water container belongs to!!
Cubs boarded the buses for the ride back to school, where they were dismissed into the waiting arms of their parents at 12 noon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Swimming Carnival

The Annual Swimming Carnival is held on 5 Feb. There are alot of cubs volunteered to help at the swimming carnival. As the organisers requested for only 15 cubs, not all are chosen.

18 cubs volunteered their service for the Annual Swimming Carnival. They have done a good job in assisting the teachers during the carnival. Despite of the the blazing sun, everyone put in their best effort. Teamwork was displayed. Well done cubs!