Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scout Meeting 27th March 2010

This blog was written by Akela

Saturday, 27th March 2010

After a brief term break, which hosted Job Week, the cubs are back in school, and back to scouting activities. After a week of hard work, and experiences in doing jobs for money, the cubs were eager and excited to share stories. Akela asked the cubs to write about their Job Week experiences. The cubs had both pleasant and unpleasant encounters, their joys and disappointment, but all expressed that they had learned quite a bit about people, and how hard it is to earn money. Some have even resolved to ask less money from their parents and to help in housework.

While writing their stories, the leaders collected Job Week money from the cubs. It was hard work, and there a few cases of shortages, which were later resolved. Although the cubs were keen to know who the highest earner was, it was too early to tell as not all had submitted their earnings.

Before dismissal, consent forms were issued to the 21 cubs who had been selected for the District Sixers Training Cam p to be held the following long weekend, while consent forms were were distributed to the rest to attend the district Campfire to be held in conjunction with the Sixers Training camp.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Week 2010

This blog was posted by Akela

Pre-Job Week Briefing 13th March 2010

After 2 weeks of preparations, Job Week has finally arrived! The cubs met today at 7.30 am for a final briefing before they descend on the public to ask for jobs. Akela started by going through the Do's and Don'ts of Job Week, emphasising the need for politeness at all times. Some of the cubs were asked to come forward to show how they would ask for jobs. Mitchell did a particularly funny demonstration of how this should be done, to the laughter of all. As in the past, the Sixers put up 2 role-plays - one a positive one, and the other one, negative. The negative act got a rupturous reaction from the cubs as the Sixers exaggerated all the undesirable behaviours, like demanding for a job, bullying the job giver and acting in a most abominable manner.

It was heartening to see so many parents in the Kids Zone, ready to send their kids to the starting locations once the briefing ended. All the cubs looked as though they couldn't wait to start Job Week, and at 8.15 am, they were all dismissed, everyone excited to land their first job.

Targets for the cubs are:

New cubs $40
P4 cubs $50
P5 cubs $60
P6 cubs $70
Sixers $100

Special Awards (Leather woggle):
Bronze $150
Silver $200
Gold $600

There will be an award for the Top 3 Earners, and a special award for Top Earner (New Scout).

Latest News : As of Sunday (14th March 2010), 10 cubs had asked for additional Job Week cards, that is, they have done 40 jobs!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scout Meeting and Job Week Briefing 6th march 2010

10 minutes after 9 am and we still have more than 15 who were late. While the pack were already formed up in a horse shoe, these Cubs stood outside the horse show for the Colour Party.

Late comers standing outside the horseshoe

Looking on while the pack formed up in a horseshoe

Taking the salute outside the horseshoe
Cubs took a while settling in Indian File. Their dressing also left much to be desired, and Baloo had the Senior Sixer put them through Right Dressing, or "Ke kanan Lurus" exercises. After several times, Cubs settld down to the routine. Still more work to be done!
Uniform was another issue. Scarves were not properly rolled and worn. Some Cubs had to redo their scarves. The senior Cubs lent a helping hand.
Akela awarded badges before everyone proceeded to the AVA room for the Job Week briefing. While Akela was coaching the Cubs on how to ask for jobs, and the proper way to conduct themselves, some Cubs were busy talking!

Wonder what these 2 were doing?

Akela giving pointers to Cubs

Akela set the target for new Cubs at $40, with the target increasing with the more senior Cubs. To earn a special leather woggle, Cubs had to earn at least $150 for a bronze engraving, $200 for a silver engraving and $600 for a rare gold engraving.

Another volunteer who couldn't keep quiet
Cubs then paired themselves up for the coming Job Week. Some even had 3 in a group, while a handul elected to work alone. This would have to be approved by Akela.

Rayson with his masterpiece

A comic book character?

Rayson shows why he was awarded the Artist Badge

An example of a model pioneering for the Silver Arrow

Akela showing the best Scout Log

The best Scout Log went to Kangaroo and Wallaby, second place was Bilby while Platypus and Echidna shared joint third.

The pack regrouped at the Kidz Zone for the Sunset Party.

Monday, March 1, 2010

100 Years Anniversary Dinner

Saturday, 27th February 2010

The Singapore Scout Association celebrated its 100 years of Scouting in Singapore with a grand dinner celebration of 108 tables at the Suntec City Convention Centre Ballroom.

To grace this milestone was Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, himself a Scout.
Timothy Liu did not waste time in getting SM Goh's autograph

Newly appointed Chief Commissioner Mr Tan Cheng Kiong welcomed our VIP, SM Goh, and guests to this grand event, marking the beginning of a year long celebration marking 100 years of Scouting in Singapore.

In his speech, SM Goh noted that Scouting was introduced in Singapore in 1908, but was officially inaugurated in 1910. He recounted his days as a Scout, and his adventure during his hiking test. SM Goh also acknowledged how Scouting, with its motto "Be Prepared" was the equivalent of the Armed Forces "Operationally Ready" and the guiding principle of our Government, to be prepared for any circumstances. It was also no surprise that all 2 former Prime Ministers and the current Prime Minister were Scouts.

The youngest group present

Scouts, old and young, were treated to a sumptious dinner. Henry Park Pelican Cubs was the youngest group, while an 83 year old was the oldest Scout present. As the saying goes, "once a Scout, always a Scout."

Dedonbrium Singapore Scout

The Dedonbrium Singapore Scout, a hybrid orchid, was unveiled by SM Goh. The belnd of the old khaki colour with the present light olive green Scout uniform produced the unique green of the Dedonbrium Singapore Scout sprays.

SM Goh and a group of ex-RI Scouts entertained guests with renditions of 3 long-forgotten songs from their Scouting days.

Follow the link below to see excerpts of SM Goh's speech.

Follow the link to view photos of the dinner.

Scout Meeting and Investiture Ceremony 27th February 2010

The meeting began with the pack forming the horseshoe, and Colour Party. After reaffirming the Scout Promise and a minute of reflection, the pack formed up in Indian File.

Senior Sixer Samuel Chin put the Cubs through basic foot drill and dressing. There is still much work in this area!

Cubs standing at ease

After some house keeping items, Akela gave out Arrow Badges and Proficiency Badges that Cubs had earned earlier but had not received their badges. There were many badges to give out!

Bronze Arrow: Travis, Shawn Kit
Silver Arrow: Kwan Jong Xiang, Rayson Song, Jared Kwang,

Darrell Chua

Athlete (Bronze): Kimberly Song, Hameem, Keith Ho, Mohanraj,
Georgia Yew, Kieranraj
Athlete (Silver): Jong Xiang, Rayson Song, Yuveleena, Haikal,
Kieranraj, Winston Chua
Athlete (Gold): Justin Thong, Mirza
Swimer (Bronze): Jeremy Tan
Swimmer(Silver):Marcus Choo
Swimmer (Gold): Travis
Musician: Timothy Ng
Writer: Jeremy Tan
Linguist: Alex Cheong, Daryl Chin
Entertainer: Leonard Lau, Lim Xiu Xie,Foo Yung Qi
Local Historian: Marcus Choo

Raksha and Haathi was also busy issuing Campfire and Trail badges to those who had not received them earlier.

Raksha and Haathi issuing Campfire and Trail Badges

Akela proceeded to brief the Cubs on the upcoming Job Week, where Cubs and Scouts spend 1 week during the March school holidays doing odd jobs to earn money. The exercise is to raise money for the Singapore Scout Association to fund its activities, and to instill in our young youths the value of hard work.

Cubs listening to Akela on Job Week

Akela briefing the Cubs

Akela also offered targets to the Cubs, with $40 as the minimum target, rising for each level. He shared that the average earning for each Cub last year was more than $160, and hoped that Pelican Cubs will be able to raise the bar once again this year. Our earnings has been consistently better than the previous year.

It was time for games. The pack was divided into 2 groups to better manage the games. Akela managed one group while Baloo managed the other. Cubs played the "Bombing" game with action. They ranged from kicking, slicing, throwing and even flushing!

Soon, it was time for the main event, the Investiture Ceremony. It is a simple yet solemn ceremony where recruits are inducted into the brotherhood of Scouts.

With the school Principal and their parents looking on, and led by their Sixer and Asst. Sixer, recruits marched up to Akela. With one hand on the Scout Flag, held by Senior Sixer Samuel Chin and Asst. Sixer Julian Tan, recruits reaffirmed their wish to become a Cub Scout, and declared their readiness to join Pelican Cubs.

Akela then put the unit scarf on the recruits, thus confirming their induction into the brotherhood of Scouts.

Recruits practising for the Investiture Ceremony

A recruit getting bored

Raksha and Haathi with the unit scarfs for the recruits

Akela putting on the unit scarf on reruits

Saluting the whole pack, newly inducted Cubs with their new unit scarfs

Looking around while at Sedia!

Meeting ended at 12 noon, followed by a briefing to parents on the upcoming Job Week.