Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kim's Write up of Fox Group Campfire

[Happy sounds of laughter and talking amongst friends were the first sounds I heard as I opened the car door. After all, it was the first week where all the new Assistant Sixers, Sixers and Senior Sixers took charge of the Six/Unit.  We were all heading to Greenridge Secondary School for a campfire to celebrate the Fox's 45th Anniversary.  Too bad the P5s could not attend the campfire as they had gone for the NE show.


Soon, Akela arrived, and everyone quickly assembled into their respective sixes.  The cubs had submitted the consent forms for the Fox's 45th Anniversary earlier into the scout letterbox.  As acting Senior Sixer, it was my duty to help arrange the consent form into the respective Sixes.   It was a little difficult to do the sorting as the forms were jumbled up and some did not write their six.  But I managed to finish sorting it with the help of some AS and cubs.  Many thanks to those who helped!! J


Next, Akela took attendance of the cubs attending the campfire.  As usual, there were always a few cubs that did not submit or had lost their forms.  Akela had to call their parents to inform them of the 'missing' forms.  Then he warned the cubs that this was their final chance.  I hope that they have learnt from their mistakes.


Finally, it has arrived.  It's the moment I have been waiting for with anticipation.  Receiving my Gold Arrow Badge!!! Yay!! I considered it a great achievement for me and I will continue to work hard for my pursuit of the Akela Award.


Before we boarded the bus, we had a toilet break and were allowed to refill our water bottles.


We were all raring to go as we boarded the bus eagerly.  Questions filled our young minds: "Will we learn new songs? What games have been planned for us?"


After we arrived, we were given a lollipop to eat. During the campfire, we sang many scout songs like: Father Abraham, the banana song, etc.  I especially enjoyed the banana song I performed with the scouts from the other schools.  We also enjoyed many fun games.


All to soon, we had to close the campfire and before we knew it, we were all back in Henry Park Primary School. After all, as the saying goes, "Times flies when you are having fun".


Overall, I was really proud of myself.  I did well as a Sixer and had kept my six in control.  But most importantly, we all had fun.  I went back home looking forward to the next campfire and many more to come.  I am sure it will be as fun and great as the one I attended today.


Written by: Kimberly Song

Edited by: Rayson Song]


Monday, July 26, 2010

Scout Meeting 24th July 2010

[This blog was written by our scribe, Senior Sixer Brenda Wang]

The 24th of July marked the day where the new batch of sixers took over their respective sixes. The day started off with the usual horseshoe. Being a new senior sixer myself, I hoped that I would say the right commands during the horseshoe. I hoped that the whole day would be smooth sailing.

We first lined up in Indian file where the sixers were given their new scout logs. Each six has to decorate the log as creatively as possible. Once settled, we proceeded to move to the AVA room to submit the Donation Draw proceeds/ tickets. While wating for their turn, the sixes moved to their six's corner to take their Bronze Arrow. As I walked around, I encouraged some cubs who were playing among themselves, while the Sixer was talking, to try to join their six and listen to their Sixers. They should not be doing their own things.

After collecting the Donation Draw Booklets, Akela commented that all of us sold very few booklets this year. He wanted those who sold one or two booklets to sell more booklets.

Ms Tan then took over by briefing us on the Water Badge. We were taught Singapore's water resources, how important water was and ways to conserve water. The Public Utilities Board slogan, 'Water for all: Conserve, Value, Enjoy' was very important as it tells us that we should conserve water, value the water, and enjoy water with activities such as sailing and kayaking. We also watched videos of the cute cartoon Water Wally on how to save water.

The day ended with the usual horseshoe and Sixers Council. I was glad that all of us had stepped up to our new roles and tried to manage our six to the best of our abilities. During Sixers' council, Akela reminded that during the meeting, we, as sixers, cannot get too carried away with our friends and talk to each other. Instead, we should set a good example to our cubs. Other than that, he praised that everything else was alright. I was glad that everything went smooth sailing.

Apart from the new role, I also learnt a lot about water conservation, Singapore's water sources, the importance of water and much more. I will make sure that I apply what I have learnt from Water Wally and conserve water at home, in school and at public places.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketches of Fox Group Campfire

Sketches of Fox Group Campfire doe by Kimberly Song

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fox Campfire 17th July 2010

This blog was written by Akela

Fox Group Campfire, 17th July 2010

We were honoured to be invited to the Fox Group's 45th Anniversary Campfire at the Greenridge Secondary School. As the P6s have stepped down, and the P5s were attending the NE Show, we only had 50 cubs attending this event.

The Campfire proved to be a very different experience for the cubs from the usual campfires that they had attended. The theme was 'Chapter 45 - Zorro', and we were taken through the story of Zorro, a superhero who helped a young scout through a journey to 'Enemy Land'. Campfire songs and dances were given a new twist, as they were weaved into the captivating storyline. 'Father Abraham' was sung and performed to a rap beat, while 'Scouting Light' was given a pop song action treatment.

The cubs were treated to a lollipop each, and they enjoyed the story and participated in the songs and games, sucking on their lollipops.

After heavy rains earlier in the day, the heaven was kind to us, allowing us to enjoy a breezy time. Our new Sixer Kimberly went up to take part in the Banana Song singing session on stage, and won herself a banana.

All too soon the evening came to an end, and the cubs snacked on the ample titbits provided by us as well as the Fox Scout Group. It was really an enjoyable and entertaining evening, and we now see a link between Zorro and scouting!

Monday, July 12, 2010

(our regular help at our Cub Scout events)
12th. JULY 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reflections of Kimberly, a newly appointed Sixer

[Here's a blog written by Kimberly Song, (edited by Rayson Song) on the occasion she was appoined a Sixer. She's only in P4, and we don't usually appointSixers at such a young age.]

I could not contain my excitement! I had been waiting in anticipation for this very day. The day where the P6s step down and we, "juniors", become seniors (Sixers). But I just could not get that one question out of my mind. "Will I become a Sixer?"

We started with our usual horseshoe and then lined up in Indian file. I could not wait for the handover ceremony and kept fidgeting about.

Akela called all Akela Award candidates to gather as he gave them their final briefing while the song leaders from the STC led the songs we learnt there including, "It's a long way to Tiperarry" and "Pack up your troubles in a old kit bag". After that, we practiced foot drills, which was really tiring. To make matters worse, the Akela Award candidates walked about in front of us to make us feel bad. Sigh….

After what seemed like aneternity, the foot drill was over. It was finally time for the handover ceremony. I was very nervous. Butterflies were flying in my stomach.

When it was my Six's turn, my name was not announced for the Assistant Sixer position. I was disappointed at that moment. I thought I did not work hard enough. Little would I knew, a surprise was in store for me.

When my name was announced, my heart skipped a beat. I was a Sixer!! I, becoming a Sixer at such a young age (10) meant that Aleka recognized that I had qualities to lead my Six. It was a feeling that could not be described by words.

Then, all the new Sixers stood in a straight line behind their Six. While lining up, I congratulated the other new Sixers on becoming seniors. They in turn congratulated me. They told me I was lucky to become one of the youngest Sixer. To which I replied: "It wasn't luck but the fruits of my labour." But, I still want to thank my friends Selene, Yuvaleena, Lynette, Georgia and Ashley for encouraging me all the way. Best Wishes to you girls to becoming a Sixer next year!

Finally, we did sunset party and all except the Sixers (new and old) headed home. All the Sixers had to stay back for Sixers' Council and we enjoyed the wonderful treats Akela prepared after that.

I am very happy to become a Sixer. Though there are many tough challenges awaiting me in my scouting journey, I'll strive to overcome them and give my best to my Scout Unit.

I'll always remember what S-I-X-E-R means and the ex-scouts too for being great role models for us.

S - Skill

I - Initiative/Instructions

X - eXample

E - Encourage

R - Responsibility

Henry Park Pelican Scouts Rocks!!!

Handover Ceremony 10 July 2010

[This blog was written by our scribe, Jeremy Tan]

The meeting on 10 Jul 2010 was in many ways like a mini National Day Parade, minus the fireworks and 21 rounds canon salute. It was an eventful, spectacular and very memorable occasion. We had colour party, flag unfolding, oath taking, bow our heads and observed a minute of silence, inspection of the "Cubs- of- Honour" by Akela, singing of songs, cubs' "precision" foot drill (only the cubs were capable of), awards presentation, handing and taking over ceremony with supportive parents adding to the colour and pomp to the occasion. Loud cheers, claps and noises were the order of the day.
Before the whistle at 9:00 am to signal the start of flag breaking, the cubs who took part in the recently concluded Sixers' Training Camp (STC) held at Terror Sea Scouts Camp, were heard sharing their terrified experiences. Inspection,10-km walk, uphill climbing on soapy wet slippery ground sheets, sleeping under tents in the drizzling night and 6 a.m exercises were the "horror" buzz words. Now I know why the campsite is called "Terror " camp.
After flag breaking, it was the presentation of progress and proficiency badges by Akela to the deserving recipients, amidst loud cheers and applauses. It was sure a proud moment as recipients marched to receive their badges from Akela.
[The following badges were given out:
Gold Arrow: Lim Xiu Jie, Moses Tan, Travis Lim, Timothy Ng, Nicholas Lim, Hameem
Bronze Arrow: Cheow Sue-Jane
Camper: All who attended the Sixers Training Camp
Life Saver: Travis Lim, Brenda Wang, Moses Tan, Hameem, Alex Cheong, Sean Lee, Rayson Song, Lim Xiu Jie
Linguist: Evan Lee, Nicholas Lee, Chan Shawn Kit
Entertainer: Ryley Yeo, Andrew Yeo, Marshall Chong, Eugene Lim, Zack Soh, Jonathan Koong, Jonathan Lam, Ryan Lee, Auyeung Ming Min
Musician: Travis Lim
Collector: Evan Lee, Moses Tan, Lim Xiu Jie
Special Job Week Achievers Woggle
Bronze Woggle for those who earned at least $150
Silver Woggle for those who earned at least $200
Gold Woggle for hose who earned at least $600. They were: Surya, Niven, Jonathan Koong and Lim Xiu Jie
A Special Black Leather Gold Woggle for the top earner, Timothy Ng
Well done Cubs! All of you make us proud!]
As in National Day Parades, we next had "motivators" to teach and lead the cubs in song singing while Akela was busy at one corner of the Kids Zone attending to aspiring cubs for the Akela Award. These motivators had lots of practices at STC and were very good in leading and motivating parents and participants at STC in singing "Cotton Fields", "Pack up your troubles" "Mosquito" (to name a few), at campfire night. However it was very challenging for the majority of the cubs who were not at STC to keep up, but the motivators persevered. With each practice, the cubs quickly picked up the lyrics and were able to harmonize. All enjoyed the singing session and were highly charged, not knowing what was to come next.
It was then foot drill time. Senior Sixer Samuel Chin, Assistant Senior Sixer Julian Tan and their merry Sixers like "regimental sargeant majors" in the army, commanded the cubs to "kiri pusing", "kanan pusing", "belakang pusing", "sedia", "senang diri" and "kekana lurus". Many of the cubs were footloose and could not keep up with the commands, at times appeared confused. A few cubs were embarrassed when they executed commands in the opposite way, drawing chuckles from the rest . At the end of the half hour footdrill, the cub next to me murmured that he was already "kepala pusing" (head groggy).
Akela than presented the bronze, silver and gold woggles to recipients who worked hard during Job Week and earned themselves the woggles . More badges were presented by Akela to aspiring cubs for the Akela Award.
It was then time for the highlight of the morning. Akela announced the appointment of the new Senior Sixer (SS), Assistant Senior Sixer (ASS), Sixers (S) and Assistant Sixers (SS). Clinching the top appointment was Brenda Wang (SS) and assisting her will be Timothy Liu and Cheow Sue- Jane (ASSs). Certificate of appointments and Leadership badges were presented to the newly appointed SS, ASS, S and AS.
The handingand taking over ceremony followed next. It was both a joyous and sad occasion. We bade the outgoing SS, ASS and S goodbye and good luck as they retire to prepare for their PSLE examination. We were happy to welcome the new appointees and look forward towards them for their leadership and lead us.
Following HPPS tradition, the newly appointed Sixers lifted and carried the outgoing Sixers in fireman's lift style and walked a distance over 30 metres. Like my dad's favourite song "He ain't heavy , he's my brother" , the new Sixers symbolically demonstrated that no challenges (including carrying the bigger and heavier out going Sixers) were too big to overcome in the "long and winding road" that lay ahead of them. Many parents whipped out their cameras and video-cameras to capture this touching moment to reflect with their children in years to come.
As I witness the morning events unfold, I reflected how joining HPPS influenced my thinking and shaped my behaviour. I joined HPPS in 2009 as a recruit cub, shy, quiet, reserved and have a dislike for and afraid of unfamiliar surroundings. From taking part in HPPS activities plus the guidance from the Adult Leaders and the interaction with fellow cubs, I preserved and became a more confident cub. Fast forward to 10 Jul 2010, I am now an Assistant Sixer. Like many of the cubs, Scouting has benefited me. I am determined to continue as a Volunteer and aspire to be an Adult Leader after my Henry Park school days. I will share my experiences with young cubs and scouts.
It is with a tinge of sadness when I think that in 2 years time, it will be my turn to bid HPPS farewell.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reflections of STC

[This blog was written by our scribe, Marcus Choo]

I had mixed feelings as I packed for the Sixer Training Camp ("STC"). It was a mix of one part anxiety and two parts anticipation. As this is my second year attending STC, my anxiety comes from knowing that the training camp involves a lot of hard work on our part (not to mention the much dreaded INSPECTION!!!) and the anticipation comes from knowing that after working hard, we also play very hard! FUN! On top of that, I also know I will take away a lot of new knowledge and invaluable experiences from the camp.

So on the 3rd of July, I set off bright and early with 34 other cubs for the Terror Sea Scout Camp, our home for the next 3 days. We were assigned to 3 groups, Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe. I was assigned to Hippo. Over the next few days, we would be given opportunities to lead our groups and hopefully prove ourselves worthy of being appointed Sixers upon successful completion of the STC. The first thing we did upon checking in to the camp site was to pitch our A-tents, which were quite easily accomplished with some expert help from the Eagle Scouts.

The day then followed by many activities and lessons – Baloo led us through a discussion on the qualities expected of a Sixer (Skill, Initiative/Instruction, leading by eXample, Encourage and Responsibility); Bagheera taught us how to tie some knots and lashes, after which we pit our skills against each other in a knots and lashing game.

Learning how to fold the Scout Flag as well as how to go about the flag break ceremony was also very enlightening for me. I finally know what goes on "behind the scenes" during flag break. Folding a flag may look easy but is in fact quite complicated! Now I can better appreciate the flag break duty of a Sixer. After that, we also learnt how to build a mini teepee to make a fire.

Although the weather for the day had been mostly overcast, Akela decided that we should go ahead for our 10km hike to the Sembawang Hot Springs and back. The L-O-O-ONG hike made me very tired but I kept myself going by staying focused on the end goal – the glorious hot spring where we can relax and soak our aching feet in!

On the second day, I woke up rather groggy as I didn't sleep very well, having spent 2 hours of the previous night talking to Sean, a service scout. I had all of 4 hours of sleep and that didn't help in the BIG event of the morning – INSPECTION! I had trouble with inspection at last year's STC and I was determined not to commit the same mistakes again. I reminded myself that we have to work as a team and help each other so that our group will pass inspection together. We were very messy on our first attempt to arrange our belongings according to the requirements but in the end, our group was the first to pass the eagle eye of Bagheera, who was the Chief Inspector. Well done! We survived INSPECTION!

We had 2 classes on the second day – First Aid and foot drills. For the first aid class, we learnt how to carry an injured person. We learnt 3 ways to carry an injured person and also the appropriate situation to use each method – Fireman's Lift, Piggy Back and Crawl. I realized that with the right technique, carrying a person is much easier than I thought! I never knew I could lift a person that easily and securely with the Fireman's Lift!

Foot drill was a reinforcement of what we have learnt during our regular scout meetings, with a bit of marching added in. The Eagle Scouts led us in foot drills and I think they must have been rather frustrated with us – we were so uncoordinated! We definitely need more practice here!

After that was the super fun "redesigned' Self-Reliance Initiative Challenge. The first challenge for our group was The Blind Square. All the group members were blindfolded and the Sixer gave us instructions to make a tangled rope into a square. After the initial "struggle" – we were like a blind octopus with all its tentacles tangled up – we manage to complete this task. The second challenge was to let the whole group and some "supplies" (a ball) cross a "river" (some tires hanging from a rope). There were some power-ups: a boat and 3 revives. This was a difficult challenge and only 2 members of our group got across. The last challenge was about walking together with our feet "tied" to 2 long wooden planks. These challenges taught us how to trust our team members, give/follow verbal instructions as well as to work as a team in order to accomplish our tasks – important life skills that we should put to good use.

Following that, we had the much anticipated outdoor cooking session. We cooked instant noodles for our dinner – my favourite! We also get to practice what we learnt on Day 1 on lighting a fire. I enjoy outdoor cooking – the whole process of preparing and lighting the fire seem to make our food taste more delectable! The adult leaders might disagree with me on this because the chicken-in-a-tin they cooked turned out totally black!

Soon, it was time for Campfire! Our parents and family members were invited to the Campfire. It was good to see my mum and dad but it made me miss home too! My mum always says that I'm a "comfort soldier" and that Scout Camps are therefore very good for me! I would agree with her when I get home to my comfortable bed!

During the campfire, Baloo and some fellow cubs led us in campfire songs. I think that some of the cubs are very talented song leaders! It was hilarious to see my parents struggling to keep up with the action songs when the tempo went faster and faster! Each group also performed a skit. My group did a skit/song on "Mosquitoes" to the tune of a National Day song "Home". It was really fun! We also had a few games – use your mouth to pick up marshmallows from a tray of flour and "limbo rock". The parents were very "sporting" to join in the crazy fun and got their faces smeared white with flour! The service scouts also performed a dance item for us – very entertaining!

After the campfire and after we bid our parents goodbye, we had a final game for the day – Water Games! We were supposed to climb up a slippery water slope. None of us succeeded in reaching the top but we actually had more fun sliding down the slope and getting wet!

I slept like a log after the very long day.

On the third and final day of camp, after striking tent, we were tasked to clear the campsite of rubbish. While each assigned group went about clearing the rubbish, the rest of us broke into song to encourage them and entertain ourselves! How's that for camaraderie! After that, we had a last lesson of the camp – leading a game. I realized that being Game master is another task that looks easier than done – you have to explain the rules clearly; lead and ensure the participants play fair and enjoy the game! Not easy at all especially when you are leading a large group in the game. We put our newly acquired skills to good use and played a game of human tic-tac-toe to round up the lesson.

After that, it was time to go home and complete all our uncompleted homework! Yikes! Not sure which is worse – Inspection or the fury of teachers over uncompleted homework?

Overall, the STC was really enjoyable – we worked really hard and had double the fun as well! I learnt a lot, made some new friends and hopefully, I'll make it as a Sixer so that I can put to practice all that I've learnt at the camp. In fact, I'm thinking that I will attend next year's STC as a service scout – for a different perspective!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Quotes from Sixers Training Camp

Quotes taken from Cubs' Journal

Inspection - a word that cannot be described by words
Timothy Liu on the morning inspection

My worst nightmare came true
Often quoted

I survived Day 1
Often quoted

I went a little nearer to the fire in order to burn my fungus alive. Now I have no more fungus. Now I only have rashes
Jonathan Koong during the campfire

Camping in the tent is fun. But me and my girls have to pitch our tent on the insect spot
Kimberly Song

I tried my best even though I was exhausted. I did not give up
Haikal Helmy

I suppose I lost 10 kg after 10 km walk
Kimberly Song

We watched the adults cook the chicken in a tin. The chicken turned out black
Marcus Choo

After cooking, we went back to the dining hall to eat our freshly prpeared food. We ate it and it was so tasteless
Ashley Tan on the outdoor cooking

I think I danced very well
Cheow Sue-Jane

Though it was a little tiring, I felt triumphant as I managed to complete the long trail
Yi Chong Wen

I only remember the great meal I ever had
Georgia Yew

Day 3 Sixers Training Camp 5th July 2010

Day 3 Sixers Training Camp 5th July 2010

Senior Sixer : Sue-Jane
Asst. Senior Sixer : Timothy Liu
Elephant Sixer : Marcus Choo
Giraffe Sixer : Teo Ee Jay
Hippo Sixer : Kelvin Tsui

Akela allowed Cubs an additional 30 mins sleep today. Hence, rise and shine at 0630 hours instead of 0600 hours. There was also no morning exercise. How lucky they were! Or are the leaders getting soft??

Breakfast of hamburgers was at 0715 hours and Cubs eagerly polished off their breakfast.

Service Scouts at breakfast

Wah! Better than McDonald's

You hold it like this, and sink your teeth in

While waiting for the day's activity to start, Cubs started singing enthusiastically some of the Scout songs Baloo had taught them. This was the first time in so many STC that participants were on such high spirits and broke out in song. All the leaders were pleasantly impressed by their enthusiasm. Or perhaps they were all too happy to be going home after surviving Sixers Training Camp??????

The singing Cubs showing off their lung power

Akela taught Cubs how to conduct a game. It was not just enough to play a game, but it was important that the rules and objectives of the game be told clearly. Cubs practised their instructional skills on a game of their choice. It was evident that conducting a game was not a straight forward event.

Learning to conduct a game

Cubs then played a game of human tic-tac-toe.

It was time to present certificates to all participants and announce the winners of the Best Camper, Best Six and Best Scout Journal. Everyone was eagerly looking forward to this finale.
Best Camper : Brenda Wang, for showing her quiet leadership and initiative, effectively carrying out instructions without fuss.
: Timothy Liu for his leadership, clear instructions, encouragement and concern for his team
Best Journal : Yi Chong Wen, Rayson Song, Timothy Liu
Best Six :: Giraffe
Certificates of appreciation were also presented to our service Scouts :
Bryan Wang, Samuel Chin, Julian Tan, Mirelle Lee, Putri, Wilfred Cheng, Lim Xiu Jie, Sean Lee, Harmeen, Joycelyn Tan, Antonia Tan.
A special thanks to Scouts from 23 Eagle Scout Group who rendered invaluable service throughout the duration of the camp.

The bus arrived at 1100 hours and everyone boarded the bus for the journey back to school, and home sweet home. There will be lots of stories to tell....

We survived Sixers Training Camp

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 2 - Sixers Training Camp 2010

Day 2 Sixers Training Camp 4th July 2010

Cubs were up and waiting for early morning exercise at 0600 hrs. After a short warm up and stretching, the 23 Eagle Scouts put them through a series of exercises.
Breakfast was hot dogs, hash brown, eggs and pancakes. Cubs wolfed down the Big Breakfast Deluxe in a jiffy, and prepared for the dreaded INSPECTION. Meantime, Journals were collected for Akela's perusal.

Clothes were laid out on ground sheets, with Eagle Scouts on hand to advise Cubs on the form of the layout. Some Cubs who had been to our STC last year were tasked to share their experience and knowledge with the others for a proper inspection.

As always, their first time was messy, and Cubs were asked to redo the layout. Alas! it startd to drizzle. Cubs then collected their belongings and made thier way to the sheltered hall to resume the layout.

After several tries, most Cubs got the idea and finally managed to layout properly. Giraffe responded well to instructions and had their layout properly done. Kudos to their Sixer and all team members.

Cubs nightmare - inspection

War zone???

Pasar malam

Waiting for judgement day

Not even the rain will stop inspection

But we had everything laid out already!

Waiting for Bagheera to inspect

While inspection was going on, our Executive Chef and her team of helpers were busy preparing for lunch!

Whipping up a storm

Century egg porridge for a Sunday brunch

After inspection, Cubs were taught First Aid. Part of the lesson was how to carry an injured person. The Fireman's Lift was practised by Cubs, as well as the 'piggy back' method.
Look mum! I can carry a person!

Cubs had some time to prepare for their skit for the night's campfire. The skit had to tell a humorous story, including a song and/or dance.

Discussing battle plans

Is this how to wear the cap????

I demand to be heard!

It was time for footdrill! Eagle Scouts took the Cubs for some footdrill exercises. It was obvious we had alot of work in this area, and shall be polishing up the drill at our regular meetings.

We had fried beehoon for lunch. Again, Cubs wolfed down the food.

The Self Reliance Initiative Challenge saw Cubs at 3 different stations. The challenges tested them on their cooperation, instructional skills and leadership. Cubs then had a short debrief to reflect on the events, sharing on what went well and what they could have done better. Everyone agreed that cooperation and teamwork were essential in successfully completing the challenges.

Baloo practised campfire songs with the Cubs. To our pleasant surprise, we could identify several campfire leaders amongst the boys and girls. So much talent in such young children. Good job!

Soon, it was outdoor cooking, another item Cubs always look forward to. Baloo, Bagheera and Grey Wolf demonstrated cooking a chicken in a tin, while Bagheera had prepared bread sticks for the Service Scouts to roast over the hot ambers. The chicken turned out burnt on the outside, but cooked on the inside. Wonder if we could franchise this new chicken serving? The fire was to strong and cooked too long.

Cubs started a fire outdoors and cooked their own noodles with vegetables and crabsticks. This would be their dinner for this evening.

With dinner over, Cubs spent some time with Baloo, rehearsing some songs for the campfire, while parents started to arrive.

The campfire was declared open by Brenda Wang's mother, Mrs. Jean Wang. 8 Cubs helped Baloo as campfire leaders, and they all did a tremendous job! Well done!

Cubs and parents during the campfire

We had visitors from Viking Scout Group, led by Mr. Eric Lam, as well as Mr. Barry Chua, who was instrumental in our Amazing Trail with Home Fix DIY stores last week.

Campfire's burning, campfire's burning

We also had 2 young ladies from Korea, Naomi and Kun, who helped choreograph a dance routine with our Service Scouts. They also sang a Korean Folk Song, Arirang.

Night games involved sliding down a slippery plastic sheet, made more treacherous with soapy water. Cubs had a great time sliding down the sheet.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sixers Training Camp 3rd to 5th July 2010

Day 1 3rd July 2010

Senior Sixer : Hoo Jinh Wann
Asst. Senior Sixer: Brenda Wang
Elephant Sixer : Travis Lim
Giraffe Sixer : Teng Xuan Ming
Hippo Sixer : Aloysius Phang
By 0730 hours, all Cubs who had been chosen to attend our annual Sixers Training Camp had assembled in their 3 groups, Elephant, Giraffe and Hippo. Akela gave a short briefing for the camp, and collected camp fees. There were a small handful who had forgotten to bring the fees, while a few parents promised to make payment at the campfire tomorrow.

With 5 service Scouts helping out, all the equipment was loaded promptly onto the waiting bus, and the Cubs boarded the bus for the 20 minute journey to Terror Sea Scout Camp at Sembawang. This will be home to our aspiring new leaders for the next 3 days.

Assisting us were 6 Scouts from the 23rd Eagle Scout Group. Their leader, Mr Jacob Lam was on hand to see his boys off.

The sky was overcast as we alighted and assembled at the parade square. Baloo stressed that this was a training camp, and Cubs were to expect to work hard, and play hard. Akela reminded Cubs on Camp Rules to ensure their safety and well-being.

Cubs assembling at the parade square

Listening to instruction on camp safety

Still listening to instructions

And still listening to instructions

Akela reminding Cubs on safety rules

Equipment for the camp

Without much time to waste, Eagle Scouts helped the Cubs to set up their A-tents, while the girls were given dome-tents to pitch. We discovered to our shock that 2 out of the 3 dome-tents were damaged, while 1 A-Tent was missing. We made the quick decision to buy new dome-tents for the girls, while the boys would have to be reassigned to acco9modate everyone.

Cubs went about their tent-pitching and had them up very quickly. Well done, Cubs.

Home Sweet Home

Baloo facilitated discussion on qualities of a Sixer, based on the word S-I-X-E-R. There were many interesting suggestions as to the qualities, and Cubs soon learned the following:
S- for skills required to be a Sixer

I - for taking and giving instructions

X- for leading by example

E - for encourage

R - for responsibility

After a short tea break, Bagheera took the Cubs on a lesson on knots and lashings, and tent gadget building., with Eagle Scouts assisting.

Raksha busied herself in the kitchen, assisted by Louis, Chien Kai, Eileen, Adrian and Paul. Our service Scouts were also on hand to assist. Cheng Nee, mother of ex-Pelican Franklin Chen and Pelican Cub Kelly Chen, who has been helping out regularly at our Training Camps, also helped out in the kitchen.

Bagheera taught Cubs to tie reef knot and clove hitch. Cubs were also taught square lashing. Once proficient, the 3 Six played a game on knots and lashings. Giraffe won the challenge. Well done!

Bagheera showing Cubs knots and lashings

Trying their hands at square lashing

Now, what do I do with this stick?

Almost done!

Let the Eagle Scout tie the lashing for us, heh heh heh

Hurry, we're gonna win this!

Lunch was hot dogs, french fries and cold slaw. While carrying her food back to the table, Georgia tripped and bruised her knee. She would receive treatment after lunch as it was a very minor injury.

Washing up after lunch
More washing up after lunch

And more washing up after lunch
Cubs then learnt how to lead in song, with Baloo giving tips and teaching Cubs the finer points. Cubs were made to practise leading songs to develop their skills, and assist Baloo during the campfire.

Baloo teaching Cubs the finer points in song-leading
Cubs learning how to lead

Fire lighting and flag ceremony followed. Akela taught Cubs the flag break ceremony while Grey Wolf demonstrated lighting a fire. As it had been raining the past few days, it was difficult to get dry twigs and wood, and get the fire started. However, with perseverance, Grey Wolf managed to light up the fire to the strains of "Çampfire's Burning".

After a refreshing tea break, Cubs embarked on a 10 km Akela hike, with Paul Lin and the other leaders keeping a watchful eye.

The 10 km hike
Time to soak aching feet in the hot spring water
Leaders "le pak" at the hot springs
It started to rain mid-way through the hike, while Cubs were enjoying themselves at the hot springs. Everyone put on their rain coats and ponchos and headed back to camp.
Arriving at camp after almost 3 hours, most were drenched despite their rain coats and ponchos. They were summarily sent off to take a shower earlier than the usual night time shower.
Dinner was served at 2000 hours, consisting of pan-fried sole fillet, rice and a creamy carrot sauce. Yums! Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous dinner, with many going for seconds.
Food, glorious food
After dinner, it was time for Cubs to reflect on and share their experiences during the hike. It was a good learning experience for everyone to realise their own strengths and shortcomings.
It was also revealed that a Cub had bumped into the tent pole, bending it and causing the tent to semi-collapse. Baloo and Bagheera had made urgent repairs to prop up the tent. However, this same Cub bumped into the tent pole again, this time causing it to break! Eagle Scouts were kept busy making repairs despite the rain so that the tent could still provide shelter for the night.
We had a pleasant surprise when 3 District Commissioners, Miss Peh of Bukit Timah, Mr Jacob Lam of Clementi and Mr Eugene Sim of Jurong dropped by for a visit. They had been at a meeting at Scout HQ. It was really nice of them to visit us at such a remote location.
Sixers' Council was next before lights out at 2300 hours.
Good Night!!!!