Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scout Meeting 28th Aug 2010

Written by Scribe Leader Brenda Wang.

Scout Meeting, 28th August 2010

As I entered the Kid zone, I wondered what will be the highlight of this week's scout meeting. Neither the emails sent to parents nor the scout notice board provided information on this week's scout meeting. The preparation for the coming continual assessment 2 had tired me out, but nevertheless, the long queue in front of Akela with their test booklets in their hands was getting longer and longer. Everyone was trying to get their badges done before the scout meeting started. Meanwhile, we, the sixers encountered some problems with the flag. Just as we succeeded, someone accidentally pulled the wrong string, causing the flag to break. Sigh! We managed to "untangle" ourselves from this mess with some help from Akela.
After horseshoe, we got into the usual Indian file. Akela proceeded to give out the numerous badges. I was glad that many people had started to take their arrow badges compared to a few years back where there were only 3 or 4 people with the Gold Arrows. Now, there are more than4. Many cubs have also started to take their proficiency badges.
Next, we were instructed to break into our respective sixes corner to tell our cubs about the different arrow badges. I made my rounds to "inspect" each six to see what they were doing. Those cubs that were usually playing among themselves were now more attentive and listened to their sixers. After exactly 10 minutes, we gathered back in Indian file to continue on with the meeting.

It was now Bagheera's turn to take over by telling us the three golden rules when we see someone injured: First , don't panic; second , call for an adult's help or the ambulance; and last but not least, do not risk your life. Indeed, we are still young children and why risk our own lives to save someone? We also learnt what to do when someone's shirt gets on fire. I was very surprised to find out that it is wrong for someone to take off his shirt when his shirt gets on fire as his skin may come off too!

We also learnt the usual arm bandage. As soon as Bagheera had given his instructions to try it out in pairs, everyone zoomed off into their own corner in the Kid Zone to try it out on their friends. This just shows that we are all excited to do the hands-on activity!

After Bagheera had approved of our bandages, we proceeded on to the first aid game. The representative of each six had to go to the other side of the kid zone and wait for each member of the six to go to him or her to tie the bandage. The adult leaders, Sue-Jane and I inspected each of their bandages and approved if they had tied their bandage properly. Many cubs tied the reef knot on the back of the cub's neck which would strangle him if pulled too tight. Some also forgot to roll and tuck in the extra part of the bandage under the arm, so they had to redo.

The champions finally emerged and after a good water break, there came the time most of us were waiting for- the race relay. It consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was rather simple: we had to run to the cone which was on the other end of the kid zone, run around the cone, then run back and tap the next person. This process continued on until all the nine people in the six had completed.
Round 2 was all the same, but a little more challenging. We had to run backwards, instead of forward. Much to our surprise, the winners of the first round were exactly the same as the second round while the second and third place winners were swapped. What a coincidence!

I expected the third round to be the "duck walk relay", but it turned out to be something that I had never done before: slow motion run. We had to run in slow motion, make any kind of sounds that we want, and the slowest six wins. The sixer of each six tried out first, and since their slow motion run was really in such slow motion, Akela decided to let the whole six go at once due to time constrains. Once the instruction to go was given, the cubs made sounds of "Ooh" and "Aah" as well as 'Nooooo!" as they ran in slow motion. Some even pretended to fall so that they could be the slowest. What a sight!

All too soon, Akela called for horseshoe and the meeting ended with sixer's council. I look forward to next week's meeting on the clay–making of the pelican. During this scout meeting, I had learnt about the 3 golden rules and the precautions to take during a fire. Most of all, I enjoyed the race relay and I hope that there will be more of such relay games in the future!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visit to NEWater Centre 21st Aug 2010

This blog was written by Kimberly Song

21st August 2010, the day we are going for our NEWater centre visit! Everything happened as usual except for a thing or two. When I arrived in school many cheerful faces greeted me. Some of the cubs were eager to complete their badges and they had already formed a straight line infront of Akela, waiting patiently for their turn to do their badge tests. Congratulations to those who had earned more badges!! Yay!!

I helped 2 of the senior sixers, Brenda and Sue-Jane, to arrange the NEWater forms by sixes. When we were done, it was time to settle down. After being given a brief on what would happen at the NEWater centre, the 3 senior sixers counted the number of cubs. Akela was pretty shocked at the number of cubs present; less than half of the scout unit was here! Oops!! 7:30am, more latecomers arrived! It was pretty bad, not only were they late, some didn't bring their haversack and water booklet. To add fuel to fire, some weren't even in full scout uniform! Akela was furious and he was as red as a beetroot. He gave those cubs a earful. Scary…….I really hope our cubs would pull up their socks and give their best from now on!!
After everything was settled, we boarded the bus and left school. Yay, excited!! (^^,)
When we arrived, we gasped in amazement. Surrounding the NEWater centre was crystal clear clean water, water and more water! We were sent straight into a room with 3 televisions. All of them were showing the same cartoon show on Water Wally at the same time. Our 'tour guide' came and introduced himself. He is called Uncle Ronnie.
We were given a short brief on what NEWater centre is all about and then we were moved in to a smaller room. Uncle Ronnie showed us a short 6 minutes clip on NEWater. Then, he brought us to another section of the NEWater centre and showed us another mini short clip on the functions of the NEWater centre and where all the other centres are located. Now we know that there is more than one centre, there is one located in Bedok, one in Marina Bay, etc..

Next station was… the arcade! Everyone fidgeted around and could not wait for our 10-minute 'sugar fix'. As soon as uncle Ronnie gave us the signal, we dashed towards the arcade at full speed. We were all running from one game to another as if we were crazy bees hopping from one flower to another collecting nectar. We were sad that we had to stop. 10 minutes was way too short! I hoped that we will get a time extension! But too bad, no such luck. Sigh…… (-.-)

Next stop was a small room with 3 large screens. Again, another short clip was shown but this time it was only 3 minutes long. The show was so interesting!
After the show, we went into a room with water in the floor!! It was fun! Uncle Ronnie informed us that the water under the glass floor would be cleaned up and recycled into portable water. Without notice, Uncle Ronnie clicked on a button and multiple colored lights flashed from the floor. It was really beautiful!! I liked the colourful lights.
Uncle Ronnie also showed us how the NEWater centre cleans the used water, the equipment they use, how they disposed of our 'poo' and recycle the smelly water into clean water. Kekeke, I was a bit grossed out thinking about it. 'Poo' = Drinking Water.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and head back to school. You know what they say, time flies fast when your having fun! It was an educational and interesting visit. I hope there will be more of such trips where we learn and have fun at the same time.

Before, we left, NEWater centre gave each of us a present; 6 water-saving thimbles. It was for us to bring home to our parents for them to install it into our taps to reduce the flow of water. So each time we turn on the tap less water would flow out therefore saving water. We have learnt how to save water and now we have to go back and share with our parents the water-saving knowledge we have received.
Upon arrival in school, we were given a short brief on the following week's activities. Thereafter, we were dismissed early.
I am looking forward to next Saturday………….hope it comes soonest!!
By: Kimberly Song, Wombat 1

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

14th August 210

By Scribe Jeremy Tan (AS-EMU)

The Spirit of Singapore comes alive in Aug 2010. Two important "Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag" events made Singapore proud. The 2010 National Parade (NDP) and the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

August 2010 is also the start of the spirit month of the Hungry Ghost, a festival worshipped by many Chinese Singaporeans. It has a colourful and rich history.

For many Cubs including myself, our dreams came true when we learnt that a Tokyo / Disneyland trip to Japan isarranged for us from 21st -28th Nov 2010. Hurray!

Another dream, a visit to the Newater Centre is scheduled on 21st Aug 2010. The Newater Centre tells the journey Singapore struggled to become more self sufficient in water. The journey also resulted in the creation of Marina Barrage which facilitates Singapore's water management. These are examples of "Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag". We look forward to "live our dreams".

At 9:00 am,Senior Sixer Brenda Wang whistled for the formation of the horse-shoe which signaled the start of the colour party ceremony. Then it was into our Sixes in Indian files.

While waiting for Akela, many of us shared our experiences. Many of us were involved either as participants or as spectators in the NDP and YOG. Much talked about was when the Torch and Torch Bearers of the YOG came by Henry Park Primary School on 12th Aug 2010. Although a little brother of the Olympic Games, YOG is no less significant than the Olympic Games and we are glad to be able to witness and experience it right at our doorstep. Singapore is the stage and the World is the spectator. We are proud, Singapore.

Akela handed the consent form for next week's visit to the Newater Centre. The consent forms are to be dropped into the Scout's Letter box by 18th Aug 2010. All consent forms (including those unable to attend) are to be handed in.

Cubs then were asked to submit their posters on YOG. They were to reproduce the Olympic Rings and highlight what do these rings represent. They were also to find out about the 1st YOG and highlight 5 things that everyone should know about the YOG.

There were many interestingposters submitted. Some posters were big, colourful and very informative while others kept it simple. Great effort and enthusiasm were put in by the majority of the Cubs but all should be commended for their creativeness. If there were a contest for YOG poster that best captures the YOG spirit, Akela would have a difficult time with his choice.

The Sixers and Asst Sixers then laid trials for those cubs taking the Track and Trial tests to follow. The trails were well laid and recognizable, and the track was easy to follow. Some trails were mischievously laid as it brought us round and round the track. However all the Cubs passed the test and there was a queue formed as Cubs eagerly awaited their turn for Raksha (Mrs Koh) and Haathi (Ms Tan Rui Yin) to sign their yellow book (Cub Scout record book).

Two Bronze Arrows and One Silver Arrow badge were then given out by Akela to the delight of the recipients.

Then it was game time. Cubs broke into groups and the whole Kid Zone was transformed into "New York Stock Market Exchange". Everyone was shouting at the top of their voice outdoing his neighbour. We were stop shouting when we hear the Sixers' commands to stop but the commands were drowned by our shouts. Henry Park Pelican Scouts should be sent to YOG to perform the YOG Cheer song.

"O Yeah, O Yeah, O Yeah, Hey

O Yeah, O Yeah, O yeah, Hey

YOU are the ONE Singapore

NOW is the TIME, here we GO, YEAH!

O Yeah, O Yeah, O Yeah, Hey

O Yeah, O Yeah, O yeah, Ho

YOU are the ONE Singapore

NOW is the TIME, here we GO, YEAH!

Beat of the drum (beat of the drum)

Feet on the ground (feet on the ground)

Shout it loud (shout it loud)

Make us all proud (makes us all proud)"

It was soon flag breaking and the usual horse shoe formation followed. The scout meeting ended at 11:00 a.m. Cubs and parents were then invited to the AVA room for a briefing on the trip to Tokyo where Akela gave a slide presentation and briefing on the places of interest that Cubs will be visiting, costs of the trip, transport and accommodation arrangements. Parents and Cubs had concerns and raised questions but these were easily addressed by Akela. HPPS had organized oversea trips for 5 years to date and had the necessary experience and know how. Cubs to Adult ratio is expected at 8:1 and it is intended for Cubs to move in small groups. Bio-Data form were handed out to the Cubs and Parents and Cubs had 1 week to think over if they wish to participate in the trip.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crime Prevention and Visit to Fire Station

[This blog was written by our scribe, Marcus Choo]

With my Sixer stripes firmly stitched onto my uniform, I wore my Scout uniform with an extra ounce of pride today. I had missed last week's meeting due to some family circumstance so this week is the first time I'm attending scout meeting as Sixer and I'm really excited. I rushed my dad to bring me to school early as I want to set a good example to my Six about punctuality.

A Youth Olympic Poster

At around 9am, attendance was marked. Despite Akela's reminders, a few cubs still failed to submit their consent forms for our visit to the Queenstown Police Station and Fire Station…Sigh…

[One Cub was sent home as he could not produce the consent form for this outing]

Akela then gave out some badges – I got my Gold Arrow! Yes! – and soon it was time to set off. We were all very excited to be visiting the Police Station and especially so for the Fire Station. As we are a large pack, wewere divided into 2 groups. Group 2 visited the Police Stationfirst while Group 1 headed for the Fire Station. My Six was in Group 2.

At the Police Station, we were ushered into a meeting room where the Station Inspector, Patrick Lim was to give us a talk on Crime Prevention. While waiting for the talk to begin, the YOG Cheer song was played to entertain us. Unfortunately, many of us didn't find the Cheer song entertaining at all!

The talk was on preventable crimes, which were classified into 5 types – theft, housebreaking, outrage of modesty and pickpocketing. We were briefed on how such crimes can happen as well as the measuresthatwe can take to prevent such crimes. For example, we can prevent housebreaking by ensuring that we lock our house door and gate with a reliablelock whenever we go out.We also watched a short video on crime prevention. After the talk, we tried out a maze in which therewere 3 sections: Happy (didn't commit crime), Commit crime, and Imprisonment.

The talk drove home the message to us that most crimes are preventable and we should take responsibility to adoptmeasures toprevent them. We should not take for granted that crimes won't happen to us! I'll definitely share this message with my family members.Remember – "Low crime doesn'tmean nocrime"!

Insignia of the SCDF 1st Division, Queenstown Fire Station

Sgt. Isra demonstrating the use of the Breathing apparatus

Sgt. Sulaiman helping Sgt. Isra with the Breathing apparatus

A Compound Platform Ladder or CPL

Cubs listening to Sgt. Sulaiman giving a briefing on the equipment on board a Fire Truck

Next, we visited the Fire Station. We got up close to a fire truck and the firemen introduced us to the various firefighting equipment stored on the fire truck. There were heavy saws, axes, hoses, nozzles and all sorts of other equipment that we don't even know existed! It was really an eye-opener for me! We even got to touch the truck and get into the driver's seat to get a feel of what it's like behind the steering wheel of a fire truck. Super Cool!

Sgt. Sulaiman and his colleague showing other euipment carried on the Fire Truck

After that, we got into the cage (at the end of the extendable crane) of the fire truck which is used by the firemen to access high rise windows or corridors of buildings. We were thrilled! We asked the fireman to bring us up to the 5th level instead of the 3rd The fireman could not bring himself to disappoint a group of excited cubs and he good naturedly obliged. Very very fun!

Cubs 'flying' up to sky

After we had our chance to go "skywards" in the cage, we played with the fire hose! The excitement index keeps getting higher! We found the fire hose to be deceptively heavy! A very strong jet of water sprayed out of the hose and it took many of us to hold the hose steady! The firemen told us that they can operate the fire hose on different modes and water pressure, depending on the nature and severity of the fire.

Wah! This is better than water bomb

Let's water the plants

Finally, we watched 4 firemen slide down the sliding pole, using different methods – the American way, the Singapore way and the 2-persons way. What won't I give to have a go at the sliding pole! Alas, it was deemed to be too dangerous for us so we can only watch with envy as the fire fighters slid down the pole.

Pole Dancing?????

With that, we rounded up our enormously fun visit to the fire station. Besides the fun, we also get to better appreciate the job of the firemen and their tools and equipment. The next time I see a fire truck on the road, I'll be reminded that the firemen's job is not easy as fires can claim lives! Before we left, we were given a very cute hand phone pouch in the shape of a fireman uniform and also a red plastic fireman's 'helmet' as souvenirs.

We headed back to school with a lot of new knowledge on crime prevention and also lots of good memories of our visit to the Fire Station.