Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Camp Day 3

Fun Camp Day 3
11 Nov 2010
By Scribe Brenda Wang

The day started with the blowing of whistles to get lined up in horseshoe--our usual ritual to start the day’s scout activities. Horseshoe was much better this time compared to the last, as many people wore their full scout uniform this time.

After horseshoe, we made our way to the dining hall for our long awaited breakfast. We had our usual cereal with milk and bread with jam. Yum!
Once our whole wave had finished breakfast, we walked to our UGA, also known as Usual Gathering Area in front of our water cooler, to be briefed on our first activity- H20 Challenge!

We were all hoping to get wet soon- the sun was scorching and we had to brave the heat to continue our challenge. The first challenge included a: water tumbler, a cup, a basin, a ping pong ball, a blindfold and of course, water. In this activity, we had to pair up, hold a cup in between our partner’s hands and walk to the basin with the ping pong ball and pour water in it. The team whose ping pong ball overflows first is the winner. Such challenges are easier said than done. When we first started walking and reached the ending point, we squatted down to pour the water into the basin. The instructors then tricked us, telling us that we were at the wrong basin, so on and so forth. Our team members’ shouts we drained in the sea of voices. Finally, our team succeeded, emerging second. Yeah!
The second challenge consisted of a tumbler filled with water again, some plastic bags, an alpha pad and a bucket on the other side. The rules of the game were simple: fill the bags with water. Then get a person to the other side, stand on the alpha mat with the bucket on top of his/her head. The aim was to throw the bags into the bucket. It was indeed a challenge to throw the bags into the bucket.

We were first given 10 minutes to tie as many bags with water and discuss our strategy. When the race began, we all started to throw bags into the bucket. It seemed so easy but yet few bags were in the bucket. Teamwork, I felt, was lacked.

After some rest in the shade, some tasty biscuits, and the p6 team competing with another team to form a river, we proceeded to the third challenge. There were a few alpha mats on the floor. A tumbler filled with water and cups were on one side, and an empty bucket was found on the other side. The aim was to go across the alpha mats in alphabetical order. We must be connected at all times, a cup filled with water in each hand, and at any time, there must be two feet on the mat.

We all thought that the mats were arranged in alphabetical order- little did we know that some letters were zigzagged all the way. This tested us on quick-thinking and cooperation.

Soon it was time for lunch! We were all very hungry and were sweating profusely under the hot sun. The air conditioner in the dining hall served as a great reward to all of us, and the food was so scrumptious to be described by words. The food included spicy noodles, fish in sweet and sour sauce, broccoli with mushrooms and chicken. We gobbled down our food contentedly and many of us went for second rounds.

Next, we had the Mobile Adventure Programme, which consisted of two games. The first game had a rope which formed a circle. Inside the circle were different numbers. We had to go into the circle, one at a time, and tap the numbers in order. If we stretched our hand into the circle when someone else is inside, we would be penalized.

We were given a few minutes to strategize. Then, arranging ourselves in order, we entered the room, confident. In the end, we had 4 penalties. We emerged as winner for round one! However, we were not happy enough. We thought of a new plan to make sure we would not get penalized.

The second round was much more challenging compared to the first. Numbers were missing, and our eyes had to search for our respective numbers, quickly. We took note of our hands and heads, making sure that they did not reach into the circle. We improved to 3 penalties. However, the other team was one second faster.

We were not ready to lose out. We prepared a new plan, vowing to emerge as winner this time. In the last round, it was even more challenging than we thought it would be. The rope formed only a semi-circle, and we thought that it still was a boundary. There were also a few numbers overturned. We had to redo when we missed out a number, until we finished. We succeeded and achieved our goal. We were all very happy.

The second game of the Mobile Adventure Programme was carried out outdoors. There were balls of different colours- yellow, green and purple. The aim was to grab our respective coloured balls blindfolded and we had to communicate using only sounds. If our feet or hands touched the yellow coloured balls, we had to restart.

After thinking for a short while, Sue-Jane and I decided to use our whistle to communicate.

The first few rounds went smoothly, and there were a few close calls. In the end, it was a draw! I learnt that in order to succeed, we must have teamwork, cooperation and strategize.

Next, after wolfing down some biscuits, it was time for our telematch! There were 3 different sections. In Section A, we had to take 5 marbles and transport them across to the other side using 3 alpha mats. The 5 marbles would then have to be transported to Section B’s cup. In Section B, we would have to balance a marble on a spoon and transport them to Section C’s cup. In Section C, we would have to balance a balloon in between ourselves and transport the marbles to the ending point. Each marble is worth 5 water bombs, which would be used for the next day’s water challenge.

My team did Section A of the telematch. There were 5 of us, and it was very hard to move about as we had to squeeze into only 2 alpha mats. In the end, however, we all felt that we did well.

After a quick debrief, we made a dash to the dining hall for……dinner! Dinner was pineapple rice, chicken with capsicum and onions, fish, and tofu. For dessert, we have white fungus with sugar cane. Wow! We were all so hungry after a tiring day of games and fun.

Right after dinner, we proceeded to practice our skits for tonight’s campfire.

Not long after, we placed our mess tins back into our bags and headed to the parade square for campfire! The campfire was declared open by Akela, followed by a series of songs and cheers, as well as skits.

It was a memorable night, and we had certainly enjoyed ourselves on our last night. We had a well-deserved sleep. We look forward to tomorrow’s water bomb!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun Camp Day 3: Dinner

Fun Camp Day 3: TeleMatch

Fun Camp: Quotable Quotes

The good thing about today is that a lot of people encouraged others to do well. (Wayne Chin)

On the long anxious wait to do the solo night walk, it's like waiting for a Chinese exam to start. (Jonathan Koong)

I think we should keep quiet and listen if someone is talking. (Gerald Cheong)

On climbing the high elements, I was afraid of heights, but then I decided to overcome my fear and try. (Eugene Lim)

I learned about teamwork and shouting, scolding or panicking will not solve the problem. (Aw Yong Miao Xin)

When they came back, they smelled like the town sewers. (Kimberly Song)

Fun Camp Day 3: Games

Fun Camp Day 3 Lunch

Fun Camp Day 2

Fun Camp Day 2

10 Nov 2010
By Scribe Kimberly Song

We scouts woke up bright in the morning just to finish up the remaining missing information for our journals. Some woke up and got ready. After all this last minute checks, we changed and did horseshoe. My ears perked up when I overheard Akela telling Brenda that we will have breakfast right after horseshoe. We all made a mad dash towards the Legacy Hall for…food!

Once we were done eating that delicious breakfast of cereal and milk, it was raining. Since we could not do the high and low elements for now, so we did inspection! The horror! However, lady’s luck was smiling on the girls for the passed the inspection. We fooled around in the dorm. What fun! I hope that this may happen again in the next camp! (Next year!)

When the rain subsided, we were able to do the elements! But, we’re led to the Hall instead. We play the some games. For example: Dragon’s tail and sailor’s command after all this games, we did the elements! High elements: Balancing beam, Multi-Vine, Burma bridge, Jacob’s ladder and the Postman walk. My group did the Balancing beam and Jacob’s ladder. How did we feel when we tried these out? EXTREMELY excited!

After that high element activity, we had lunch! We had eggs-sausage, chicken and noodle. And for dessert we had: Fruits- Papaya, dragon fruit and watermelon. We drank Orange juice. Once we were done with the eating and clearing up, we proceed on to the low elements. Low elements: Mohawk walk, Spider web and the whale watch. It would have been fun if only we did not have to do it with the primary 6 boys. But they help and cooperated with us a lot! All the games were fun but during the whale watch, we got leg cramps for sitting too long. Ouch! Our longest record to balance the plank is: 4 minutes and 1 second.

To make a long story short, we ended the day with a night walk. It was creepy and scared at first but, when we realised that the solo night walk distance was very short and quite close to those who made it, we felt relived. I hope to never again have a night walk cause most girls were in a rush and could not bath finish in time! We were late!!

Ahh… finally, sleep. What we did today maybe tiring, but it was meaningful! I hope we will all learn something. We survived Day 2!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Camp Videos

Fun Camp Day 2: Low Elements

Fun Camp Day 2: Happy Birthday Chil!

Fun Camp Day 1: Roller Coaster

Fun Camp Day 1: Our Dormitories

Fun Camp Day 1

Fun Camp Day 1
09  Nov 2010
By Scribe Marcus Choo

Fun Camp, here I come! Though sad that I would not see my family for three and half days, I was looking forward to the activities on the first day! I was especially looking forward to the Geo-caching activity, a chance to try out a new device!

Firstly was a briefing, we were briefed on some camp rules and introduced to the trainees. I was amazed at the number of trainers, and they come from all over the world, from Indonesia, UK, US and more!

To my surprise, our first activity was Roller Coaster making. At first, I thought ti was using LEGO bricks to make a mini roller coaster, never did I know that we had to use straws, newspaper and balloon sticks to let a tennis ball coll down safely. This really was testing our creativity!

After planning for 10 minutes, we were all set and ready to build the roller-coaster. Taping the newspaper to the balloon was a little messy, but could stable the ball, and the tape wasn't that sticky (we used quite a lot) and some of the team members didn't co-operate, but in the end we did it. Alas! The drop was too high, and the hill too low. 10 minutes left to the end! We pushed the hill up and drop down. Double disaster! Now the ball did not get to the end.

Although at the end no one's ball got to the end 3 times, we learnt that we must take pride in our work, and do a good piece of work in every activity.

Geo caching! Finally the most awaited activity. I was chosen to hold the GPS, and after a short brief for the people with GPS and compass, we set off to Sembawang Park, singing enthusiastically. We started running around, scurrying all over the place searching for the answers.

Challenge 1: 3D Tic- Tae- Toe.  How to play that? Well, its about throwing balls into a 3X3 grid of cups in a line. Easier said that done. We had to try many times just to get 1 ball in. Either the ball fell out or the ball and cup fell out. In the end, we managed to complete it. A new set of challenge to complete (with the GPS)! This time was a bit more chaotic. We were running all around sometimes getting further from the target, and sometimes not seeing the target.

Challenge 2: Moonball. We had to pat a ball 20 times and everybody must touch the ball at least once. The ball kept dropping. In the end, we still made it with 22 pats. Since it was raining, we had to wear our ponchos and I decided to wrap the GPS in poncho bags before setting off on the next set of questions. Miraculously, we made it with the time left!

Challenge 3: Decibel Challenge. We were supposed to scream until 130dB. In the end, Jun Le screamed alone into the microphone and reached 130.3dB. AMAZING!

10 more minutes for the last 5 questions! Luckily, with running here and there, we made it!

Going to see our bunks! To my surprise it was very nice! It even had air-conditioning. There was a mattress, blanket and pillow as well.

After dinner, we watched The Jungle Book movie. It was very nice! At the end, we picked a part to act out for campfire.

Supper! Biscuits were served. I took many of the delicious raisin biscuits. After the final debrief, it was time for sleep.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's activities!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Camp Day 1:Preparing for Campfire

More videos will be uploaded tomorrow!

Fun Camp 2010