Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bowling for P6 cubs

Bowling for P6 cubs

22nd October 2011
By Akela

17 P6 cubs turned up for the annual post PSLe treat - bowling at Superbowl Jurong. We booked 4 lanes, with one lanes having bumpers. A number of the cubs had not bowled before; it was therefore an experience seeing money going down the drain (gutter) so often! It was a time to rejoice when one of the cubs scored 1 point after having bowled 6 frames. Meanwhile the girls were scoring close to a 100 points during their first game - with the aid of bumpers along the 2 gutters of course. It was quite a different stroy when the bumpers were removed, and the scores then reflected the reality more. Of course we had the occasional (lucky) strikes and spares, which were accompanied by yells and thumps. All good things (or low scores) had to come to an end, we then adjourned to MacDonalds for a super delicious meal! It was a morning well spent indeed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hike from Seletar to Bt Panjang

Hike from Seletar to Bt Panjang

15th October 2011
By Akela

Bright sunshine with only distant clouds greeted 54 cubs as they started on the hike from Seletar Reservoir to Bt Panjang. Akela had mentioned that this was going to be a tougher hike than last year's hike from Peirce Reservoir to the same destination. It was 7 km long with lots of undulating land, fallen tree trunks and other natural obstacles. Under the guidance of Jeep, a friend of Chil, the cubs made steady progress, with each mixed Six taking over as point from time to time. The trail was interesting, full of forest scents and sounds, and most times the cubs couldn't quite make out the sky and sunshine as thick foliage and tree top canopy covered overhead. Eventually they reached the mid-point - a round marked with the Chinese chracter for 'Goat'. A quick rest, and the cubs moved on again. Some distance forward, the cubs reached an open grassland, which was meant to be a helicopter landing area. Due tyo the recent rains, the ground was wet and muddy at times, but this didn't stop the cubs from moving forward. Eventually the cubs reached the stream with a flowerpot for crossing, and several cubs simply put their feet into the water, disregarding the wet discomfort later. Finally Bt Panjang was in sight - the cubs had made great progress, and there was still light at the end, unlike last year, when the cubs had to hurry to beat the darkness. Next was food, glorious and delicious food, for everyone was starving and richly deserved the goodies that their parents had packed for them! Raksha brough fresh supplies of water - iced cold water, which went so well with the food. A good exercise, followed by a hearty intake of food - what else can life offer? Every cub went home, happy and satisfied with their achievement for the day - a 7 km track through the jungle is nothing to laugh at.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Air Rifle Shoot for P6 cubs

Air Rifle Shoot for P6 cubs
8th October 2011
By Akela

PSLE's over and the P6 cubs have rejoined scouting! The first post-PSLE activity for the P6s was the Air Rifle Shoot at NTU Range.

12 excited P6 cubs truned up last Saturday - all ready to train their skills at shooting. There were 2 types of weapos - rifle and pistol The pistol was a real challenge; however, Chong Wen was unfazed by the difference, and scored top marks in both pistol and rifle shooting contest - well done Chong Wen - we have a shar shooter in our midst! The morning ended with a celebration aided by - what else - junk food!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Community Service

Community Service - 1st October 2011
INC Family Day Carnival 2011
Scribe Leader Jeremy Tan

The Integration and Naturalization Champion (INC) Family Day Carnival was held at Mt Sinai Plain Playground on 1 Oct 2011 from 3 pm to 6pm. It was organized by the Ulu Pandan CCC Integration and Naturalization Champions. The guest of honour was its adviser Mr Christopher de Souza, MP for the Holland- Bukit Timah GRC.

The Carnival was to foster bonding. Bonding amongst family members, residents of the estate including foreigners, permanent residents and new citizens.

The Carnival was open to all and required the purchase of a $2  entrance ticket. The $2 ticket was a steal as it entitled one to participate in  the many game stalls  including the popular laser guns shoot out, local delights  such as Satay, Roti Prata, Hot Dog Burger, Char Kway Teow, ice cool Bean Curd drinks and mineral water.

The children were not forgotten as there were the bouncy castle,  ice cream, pop corn and candy floss to keep them entertained.  There was also an exhibition  booth set up by the Civil Defence Force and prizes were given to correctly answered quizzes.

The highlight of the Carnival was the Family Treasure Hunt game and the Laser Gun shoot out, fathers vs HPPS Cubs. Attractive NTUC vouchers and other prizes were given to winners of the Family Treasure Hunt.

18 HPPS Cubs were invited and volunteered their service for Community Event.

After a hearty lunch, I made my way to school to assemble for the community service at Mount Sinai Plain just  some 300 meters away from our school.  We arrived at the Plain at about 2:50 pm and there were not  many people yet but soon people started to stream in after 3pm.

 Aklea and the organizers assigned the Cubs their tasks. We were divided into groups  Some of us were stationed at the 5 entrance points to greet and welcome visitors to the Carnival. Others were assigned to stations for the Family Treasure hunt. At the stations,  the treasure hunt participants in groups of family answered quizzes , did jumping jacks , push-ups and frog jumps at the stations manned by the Cubs. . The station I liked best was station 6 where family members had to eat a sour sweet and sang “Happy Birthday” without changing their expression. How hard was that? It was really funny when the participants tried to keep a straight face.

The Cubs were also asked to form the “Guards of Honour” to welcome Mr Christopher de Souza. We did this with must pride. Before Mr de Souza left the event, he shook hand with each and every Cub presented a gift as an appreciation to each Cub. Mr De Souza took a group picture with the Cubs.

In the family reassure hunt, 8 family teams participated. At first, the teams were confused as they could not find the stations but once they settled down, they were speeding from station to station after completing their tasks at the station. My station was the 8th where the teams did 15 jumping jacks, 15 frog jumps and 10 push-ups. The winning team was the Tan family. It was not surprising as Mr. Tan, the father, did the push-ups on one hand and at the same time, talk on his phone. 

It was not all work and no play for the Cubs. There was the fathers vs the Cubs in the laser machine gun shoot out. It was real fun as the Cubs hid behind trees and bushes, ran for cover behind trees from tree to tree and even positioned themselves in prone positions like professional fighting soldiers. The Cubs did not have a strategy and were running about like chickens without heads. The fathers were better organised and strategized and at the end they “killed 20 Cubs” while the Cubs killed “6 fathers”. The fathers won the shoot out.

Towards the end of the carnival, each Cub was given free ticket by the organisers and the Cubs enjoyed the local delights and participated in the games. Then, the Cubs assembled and when all were accounted for, they headed back to school after playing and eating for about half an hour at the Carnival. It was a community service many of us would want to volunteer again.