Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun with Skipping ropes and Beans!

Scout Meeting, 30th April – Fun with Skipping ropes and Beans!
By Pelican Scribe Leader Brenda Wang

Finally the last week before Exams! This week started with horseshoe, Kimberly was in-charge. She was very scared as it was her first time, but I think she really pulled through and did quite well.
The announcement was made shortly after—today was games day! Quite unusual though. We usually don’t get a day completely full of games.

After the usual settling of the scout logs and attendance list, we all geared up for the games. The games would be a crucial part in earning points for the Best Six’s title, especially since the points would be shown on the notice board.

First up was a skipping game with a few rounds. In the first round, six members would run to the cones and skip for 10 times. Then they would run back where the next person would do the same.
It was a little messy, as the cones ‘flew everywhere’ when they skipped. But we (referring to Sue-Jane and I (Timothy absent)) arranged the cones back in order. Respective points were awarded to each six.

Round 2 needed only one participant from each six to participate. They needed to skip a certain number of skips at their fastest speed. I watched in awe as they skipped at lightning speed!

Round 3 was a non-competitive round. Everyone in the six could participate. Sue-Jane and I held the ropes and swung them as the cubs went through. Some caught their legs in the rope, some were strangled by it will others managed to skip once before they got caught. Those watching cheered and clapped and we all encouraged them to keep trying. 

We were given a short break before proceeding to game no. 2. We stared as packets of beans were poured into plastic bags. The last ‘bean game’ I remembered was when we were asked to arrange beans in their respective colour into a bottle. This time however, was different. Beans were scattered around the Kidzone floor and cubs had to collect some beans for their group. The group with the heaviest amount of beans would win.

They were very excited. When the beans were scattered, they all inched forward to take a look and to pick up some beans. I guess they all wanted to give some glory and pride to their group.
When they were allowed to start, everyone rushed forward to pick them up. Sue-Jane and I picked them up but since they were of no use to us, we scattered them around once we collected a handful. Many cubs crowded around us until we couldn’t move out. It was very fun indeed not just ‘bean-picking’ but also seeing the happy smiles on their faces.

Everyone was gathered back in Indian File shortly after. Many were reluctant to go back as they still wanted to collect more. After much persuasion, they went back to their sixes. The beans collected from each cub were combined into a bag were it would be measured on the weighing scale. Wombat 2 clinched champion. Good Job girls!

All too soon, Scouts ended with horseshoe and Sixers Council. Through a fun and exciting day, I realized that you don’t have to go a long way to be happy. Playing a simple game might just bring a smile to your face.     

Annual Bukit Timah District Campfire

Annual Bukit Timah District Campfire

23rd April 2011
by Pelican Scribe Brenda Wang

The annual district campfire is back again! The special thing about this year’s district campfire is that unlike other years, where the campfire was held in Greenridge Primary School, this one was held in West View Primary School.

Those who were performing in the campfire reached school at 5:00 pm, and practiced the song ‘Heal the World’. Baloo briefed us on how we could do better and rearranged our positions. As the conductor of the day, my job was to make sure the performers started singing the song at the correct pitch and time. My hands were sore after each practice but after seeing that everyone was enjoying the song, the sore arm did not matter anymore.

We soon gathered back to the Koi Pond where the consent forms were settled. Luckily we did not have any issues regarding the consent forms as we were a running late for the campfire.

We reached the West View Primary School about 45 minutes later and were welcomed by the older scouts who hi-fived us as we entered the school compound. I felt a tinge of excitement as I entered the school.

The thing that caught my attention was the stage, which was made up of canteen tables and chairs. The steps were made up of the chairs, while the tables formed the centre and the extra walkway of the stage.

It soon started with the practice of adiji yell, as the energetic yells of campers were heard. Well, the best thing you do in camps is that in the company of good friends, you cheer louder than you have ever done.

The campfire proceeded with familiar songs such as ‘Campfire’s Burning’ and ‘BP Spirit’. Cheers and songs from some schools and camp troupes were performed on stage and everyone cheered them on. Some cheers were really good, while others were soft but I’m sure they will learn and do better in their future ones. There is never a straight path to success. Every road is filled with mountains and stones that attempt to block our way, but the choice to overcome them is ours.

Then the games came. Two of our brave scouts went up to take part in the competitions. Even though they did not win, what was important was the fact that they were brave enough to go on stage. Never blame your friends for losing a game. Always encourage. It is when you blame your friend that his or her self esteem will drop and thus allows others to catch up.

It was not long after the games when our school was called out to perform. We went up the stage but unfortunately, the sound system was not working so we had to wait until the next school finished their performance before we could go up.

When we were called back up again, I felt very afraid as I was the one who was in-charge. We started too quickly and sang the verses too quickly as well, the same problem that we faced when we practiced in school. Baloo tried to help us, but it was still too quick, so we just continued with it. We all went back to our seats after performing, disappointed with our performance. I think that if the music had been louder, it would be easier for us to sing. I told myself that we should look at the positive side of things. Maybe if we point out our mistakes, we could do better the next time round.

It all ended with the Scout Hymn before we the sixers were called to collect the McDonald Apple Pies and Packet drinks. Yay! However, due to time constrains, we could not eat it yet and were dispatched to our own respective buses back to school.

Another memorable day has ended, a day filled with laughter, cheers and old memories for those who have taken part in the District Sixers Training Camp before.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scout meeting : Bunny Mask-making - 16 April 2011

Scout meeting- 16 April 2011

By Pelican Scribe Georgia Yew Kai Wen

Through our noisy chatter of what we were going to make for the day, a shrill whistle blew. Not long after that came the familiar voice of our senior sixer Brenda shouting “Horseshoe”! We stopped what we were doing and got ready eagerly for our weekly routine start of Horseshoe formation.

We were then told what we were going to do for the day - Making rabbit masks in celebration of Easter. Akela gave us clear instructions of how to make the rabbit masks and with our instruction sheets, we quickly settled down in our own corners. How exciting it was, making rabbit masks of all designs and colors! Almost finished, we heard...

“Ten minutes!” Brenda called out. Pressure started to mount. We quickened our pace, determined to turn in completed masks. Lined up in Indian file, we proudly displayed our handmade rabbit masks beside us on our right, hoping fervently that our masks would get chosen. That would mean extra points for our group! Baloo and Akela then walked around admiring our handiwork.

Akela and Baloo found some masks well made, some interesting and some which even had easter eggs or carrots thrown in! These creative works were chosen, with the owners either holding it in front of their faces or wearing it. After awarding these scouts with extra points, those of us selected to sing 'Heal the world' were sent to the AVA room to practice. Of course it was Baloo leading us as we tentatively sang the first few times.

It was a tough practice session and boy were we glad to race back to the kid-zone when it finally ended. To our dismay it was raining cats and dogs and we found that our bags and rabbit masks were thoroughly soaked! We cleared the sorry mess up and placed our bags neatly at a dry conner. Done, we began to get into Horseshoe formation to end yet another exciting day at Scouts.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scout Meeting – Saturday, 9 April 2011

Scout Meeting – Saturday, 9 April 2011

By Pelican Scribe Brandon Khaw

‘Yippee’, time for another fun scout meeting! I wonder what we would be learning today. I thought as I changed into my scout uniform.

I hurried to school early as I wanted Akela to sign some of the things I have completed to earn my gold arrow progress badge. Oops! I came one step later. There was already a long queue ahead of me. Well, I just had to wait after the meeting – I hope.

We had first aid lesson that day. We learned how to tie an arm sling and reef knot. An arm sling is used to bandage a broken arm and the reef knot is used to connect two strings to hold up the bandage. We then split into our own Sixes’ Corner to practice while the Sixers taught the recruits to tie an arm sling.

We had so much fun practicing on each other until Baloo decided to gather us together to practice our wonderful vocal cord….Singing time. Imagine the justice we did to the late Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World” as we struggled to sing in harmony. Baloo must be cringing in horror! Nevertheless, we persisted and sang rather well in the end. Baloo selected some cubs who sang like an angel to lead the song in the upcoming District campfire at West View Primary School.

Phew! Singing seems to last for eternity. I was so glad it was finally over. Hurrah!! It is game time. I love the physical fun. We had a competition on arm sling and reef knot tying. The first game was to test our speed in tying an arm sling. Guess what? I came in second in this event!

For the knot tying competition, we had fun by challenging each other in speed of tying in the front where we could see what we were doing, behind our back, above our head and then using only one hand (this was tough). It was hilarious seeing how the sixers struggled in tying the reef knot with only one hand!

Alas, all good fun must come to an end. Akela briefed us on what to bring for the next meeting. We are going to make Easter Bunny mask!! I really look forward to the next meeting.

We were dismissed after the flag break and I rushed to get my stuff for Akela to sign. Akela was so busy that in the end, Ms Tan helped me to sign on those items that I had completed. It was great as I am on my way to get my gold arrow very soon.

After a whole morning of fun, it is home sweet home………

Saturday, April 9, 2011

03 April 2011

03 April 2011

By Scribe Brenda Wang

The excited chatter of the cubs filling the Kidzone was obviously due to the solar oven that we were instructed to create last week. However, their excitement was interrupted by the shrill blast of the usual rhythmic pattern of whistles as everyone lined up in their respective position. The irony of this horseshoe was that while we were practising, we managed to tie the flag correctly but in the actual horseshoe, we did it wrongly!

We gathered in Indian file and proudly showed our own solar oven. As the three of us (referring to the Senior Sixers) scanned the crowd, many creative pieces were spotted. Some were gigantic, others were small but neat. We picked those which looked very interesting and special. One looked like a microwave oven and another was named ‘The Popcorn Maker’. Points were then totaled up. One solar oven was worth 10 points, while the chosen ones were awarded 5 or 10 points respectively.

We were asked to put away our solar ovens and get ready for the next event – Track and Trail! Sixers were dispatched to create the trail and each Senior Sixer followed a group of sixers. We first collected the sticks, stones and dry leaves before recalling the signs and laying out the trail.

When we came back, the rest of the cubs were practicing foot drill with Bagheera. After we had joined them for a short while, we were asked to lead the cubs along the trail.

My observation was that the cubs were so excited that they ran the whole trail. My guess was that those at the back just followed the crowd and did not take notice of the signs. Feedback from the other sixers was that those in front would trample on the sticks, ‘dismantling’ the signs so those at the back could not learn at all.

Baloo came and taught us, in conjunction with Earth Day, the song ‘Heal The World’ by Michael Jackson. I think that it is a very meaningful song because it talks about helping those in need.

We lined up back again, ready for the next phase of the Bronze Arrow Progress Badge. We learnt how to tie the most basic and easiest knot, Reef Knot. Bagheera described the end of each scarf as a ‘rabbit ear’. Most of the recruits were able to tie the knot successfully after the clear and concise explanations from Bagheera.

After learning the reef knot, we learnt how to tie an arm bandage, which requires the tying of a reef knot. We went into our pairs to practice the reef knot on each other.

All too soon, time was up and we proceeded to horseshoe.

Taking badges is all about discipline. As we all grow older into upper primary, homework will take up lots of our free time, but good time management skills is the key. We might want to set Friday evenings for badge taking or any time of the week. This ensures that we will take our badges frequently and will not lose out to the others!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Job Week for 3 Pelican cubs at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

Job Week for 3 Pelican cubs at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

For part of this year's Job Week, Jonathan Koong, Ryan Ng and Dominic Yap spent 2 days in one of the specialist onocology clinics at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (17 & 18 March 2011). They helped to get patients ready for their consultations by identifying them and moving them to wait right outside the consult room, pushing wheelchairs, transferring case files to the rooms, took weight and height measurements, scanning patient particulars, etc. Although this was hard work requiring all their concentration, the cubs had a fun and enriching time as well. And they made a bit of money too for their hard work, through a kind donation by the NCCS.

This stint was made possible by Mr Winston Tay, an executive in NCSS's Surgical Oncology Department who drew up a proposal, briefed the nurses, tested the IT system for communications between the cubs and nurses, and also supervised the boys.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to NCCS, and in particular to Mr Winston Tay for making this invaluable experience available to our cubs. Yas-ka Yas-ka Yas-ka!

We would also like to thank our 2 parents Mr and Mrs Koong Heng Nung (both specialists in NCCS) for initiating and facilitating this opportunity.

Job Week at Caltex Petrol Stations

Each year, through a tie-up with Caltex, we send 2 cubs each to 3 Caltex petrol stations in our vicinity to perform jobs. This year, Brenda, Selene, Ming Min, Luke, Jinh Wann, Jinh Shenn, Vassee and Marshall took part in the attachment to the petrol stations. They helped to stack up snacks, clean the premises, sell things to customers, and generally make the petrol stations as welcoming as possible to customers who drop by to fill petrol or buy things. It was a really an exciting and interesting experience, and for all of them, apart from making some money, it was about meeting people and learning how business works!

Akela's News Flash on 2nd April 2011

Akela's News Flash on 2nd April 2011

A. Points for Solar Ovens submitted (10 points for each solar oven, and 5 additonal points for solar ovens selected for creativity and special care used):

1. Possum - 120
2. Wombat I - 85
3. Emu - 80
4. Kangaroo - 80
5. Kookabarra - 75
6. Wallaby - 70
7. Wombat II - 70
8. Echidna - 70
9. Bilby - 65
10. Koala - 50
11. Platypus - 40

B. The following cubs have been appointed as Scribes:
- Brandon Khaw
- Georgia Yew
- Mirza

There are now altogether 7 Scribes (Brenda, Marcus, Jeremy and Kimberly and the 3 above).

As you know, Scribes are appointed for their outstanding writing skills and they write up our Blog reports.