Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Balloon House Building & Cook Badge Test

Balloon House Building & Cook Badge Test
30th July 2011
By Scribe: Senior Sixer Kimberly Song

We started the meeting with the usual horseshoe. But instead of the senior sixer conducting the horseshoe, Lynette, the assistant senior sixer did it in my stead! If you are thinking I’m such a cruel person, well I’m not.  I had a reason.  I just wanted the assistant senior sixers to be prepared in the event I was not around to do the horseshoe.  Remember ‘Be Prepared’ is our Motto!!!

“Indian file in front of me now!”, the 3 seniors sixer shouted the command to the cubs. I quickly took out my stopwatch and started timing. To my surprise, it took them 2 minutes to settle down! I’m sure they can do better than this at the next meeting. Ms Tan sat in front of the 11 untidy rows and started to give badges and woggles.

After the tedious but happy task of giving out huge numbers of badges and woggles, it was finally time for… building balloon houses! Akela distributed 40 long balloons to each Six, and using 17 of these balloons, each Six had to build 2 balloon houses! Each Six had printed instructions which they could use to build the houses. Each Six got to work immediately, with some preparing to pump air into the balloons while others twisted the balloons to join them up to make the houses. There were popping sounds all over as some balloons started to burst, and cubs struggled to ensure the balloons didn't burst! It was tough going, but the cubs had loads of fun. In the end, each Six could only make one balloon house each, and each Sixer showed off their creation in front of the unit. There were no winners, but everyone enjoyed their time with the balloons.

Before the balloon houses could be constructed, Lynette, Georgia, Selene, Jonathon and I were called away and headed to the Home Economics Room.  We were trying for our cooking badge.

Akela led us to the room and left immediately. Since the all the senior sixers were doing the cooking badge, Akela had to take over our positions and lead the pack.

The menu of the day by Pelican’s high class chefs was:
Jonathon – Mushroom Soup
Georgia – Penne Carbonara
Me – Omelette with Herbs
Selene – Sweet and Sour Fish
Lynette – Fried Rice with Ikan Billis and Stir-fry vegetables
Everyone – Chocolate Muffins/Hot Milo

We would be cooking for: Mrs Koh, Akela, Lynette’s parents and her little brother and, Ms Tan and the five of us!

Once the start signal was given, all of us moved into action.  We were all busy cutting, chopping, frying, stirring, mixing, etc, etc.  Finally after 1 hr and 19mins, we were all done cooking! It was hard work, but our effort had paid off!  Result? The food tasted Amazing!!

Just as we were about to eat, we were in for a surprise.  And that surprise is… more guests!  Auntie Laiyun, Georgia’s mum, and my parents strolled into the room to pick us up and got to taste our food.  Our parents joked that they should organise a gathering where they could sit back, relaxed and just chill while we the ‘chefs’ could do the cooking for them.  That would be nice, won’t it, hmmm??

We washed and packed up and left school with our tummies full. Wel,l none of us had diarrhea! Yay!!  Akela didn’t need to rush to the toilet and we all got our cooking badges. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Collection of monies from the sale of Scouts Donation Draw

Collection of monies from the sale of Scout Donation Draw
23 Jul 2011
By Scribe Jeremy Tan

After the meeting was called to order, Akela briefed the Cubs on the activities for the morning. They  were collection of  donation draw tickets and playing games. There was an uproar from the Cubs. They moaned and groaned  in disapproval as they had expected an exciting morning.

Who could blame them? After all, they had two consecutive weeks of hyper and exciting activities in the handing and taking over Sixers ceremony on 9 Jul 2011 and the picnic and treasure hunt at Labrador Park on 16 Jul 2011. They had enjoyed themselves very much and had their expectation raised for the Scout Meeting on 23 Jul 2011.

The flag raising started at abt 9:10 a.m and flag breaking ended at 11.30 a.m. It was an anxious moment for many of us when there was a hiccup during flag raising. The meeting ended early as P5 Cubs had to meet in School at 2 p.m that Saturday for the National Education Show ( National Day Parade 2011 rehearsal).

Soon it was time for the Cubs to hand in the monies they had collected from selling Scout donation draw tickets. Each Cub was given 10 booklets to sell, each booklet had 5 tickets and each ticket costs $2/= If a Cub had sold all 10 booklets, the Cub would have raised S$100. This was no small sum as collectively 104 of us Cubs would had raised  $10,400. The Cubs knew the importance and significance of this fund raising  and many Cubs diligently and persevered to sell all 10 booklets.

Hurray to the Hoo brothers , Jinh Wann and Jinh Shenn who between them were believed to have sold at least 110 booklets, just like they did in previous years. Many of us eagerly await  the announcement of the final tally and the op Cub earner for the donation draw. The important tasks of counting the monies were entrusted to Haathi, Ms Tan Rui Yin and Mdm Kerina

When Ms Tan and  Mdm Kerina were counting the monies , the Cubs made a lot of noise until Akela told the Sixers that they had to teach the cubs how to sing ‘ The Bear Necessities’. It was a challenge  for the Sixers to get the Cubs to sing as the Cubs  were were too immersed in their conversation that they did not listen to the Sixers.

Lucky for the Sixers, they attended training  at the  Sixers Training Camp from 2 Jul to 4 Jul 2011 where they were taught leadership and put into practice what they had learnt.  Slowly but surely, the Cubs began to warm up and before long were singing their lungs out.

After that Darrell and Aloysius hosted two exciting games which were:
Captain’s ball and Dog and Bone . The Cubs were  divided into 2 groups. In Captain’s ball each group had to grab the ball and throw it to the person standing on the chair. If the person on the chair catches  the ball, the team scores a point . The team with the most points wins the game.

In dog and bone, each Cub in the Group was given a number. A ball was placed in the middle. Whatever number the hosts call out, the Cubs on both sides with that same number runs out to catch the ball. Once the Cub grabs the ball, the Cub must run back to his group. If the other Cub from the other Group taps the Cub with the ball, the Cub has to surrender the ball. The Cub that is able to run back to his base without being tapped  earns the Cub’s team a point. The  team that has the most points win. The team that lost  had to do a forfeit.

All to soon, it was back to Indian file. Akela handed Gold Arrow badges, Writer Proficiency Badges, Sixers Campers Badges and First Aid Badges to the proud recipients. Flag breaking soon followed and then the Cubs were dismissed except for the Senior Sixers and Sixers who had the Council meeting.             

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Labrador park

16 July 2011
By Pelican Scribe Georgia Yew

The day has arrived for the scouts to go on our exciting excursion to Labrador park for our treasure hunt and picnic! Everyone was excited about the treasure hunt, especially the picnic. This was also a new opportunity for the new sixers, assistant-sixers and senior sixers to lead their cubs! I have been appointed as a sixer, I was excited and a bit nervous about leading my cubs. Not only did the scouts go to Labrador park, some Japanese friends went along to accompany us. My Japanese friend, Kana, also came along.

After the new finally senior sixers, Kimberly, Lynette and Johnathan counted the number of scouts, they put the scouts into their new groups then we set off to Labrador park.

When we reached at our destination we all lined up in Indian file and got ready to walk to our destination. After a short walk we reached a small area where we settled down in Indian file. Akela explained to us the rules of the treasure hunt. We needed to try to answer all the questions provided within a time limit, most of the answers could be found in certain places. We could not jump into the sea for a swim or wander off from our six.

After an hour of running about the park looking up and down for the places where the answers could be found, my six behaved themselves surprising well.. In the end, our hard work payed off and we managed to answer all the questions, though not all were the expected answers. Akela asked some difficult questions after the six's gathered. For example, “What was written on the signboard near the boardwalk?” Some six's had points deducted for answering the questions incorrectly.

Akela split us into our six and allowed us to choose a spot for our picnic. We had all brought our own food to share around. Courtesy of two scouts, we spread out two ground sheets and put down our bags and set-up our picnic. We sat around a pile of food and tucked in. Stuffing ourselves to our fill, we shared around our food generously. We also traded food with other six.

When we had all eaten to our fill, the sixer's had to clean up the mess that the cubs had left behind. We walked back to our bus and set off back to school. It had been a long, tiring but enjoyable day. Leading my six for the first time had been an unforgettable experience. I can barely wait for the next scout meeting!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Handover Ceremony

Handover Ceremony
9th July 2011
By Scribe Brandon Khaw

I woke up to an exciting day on July 9 as it is the day we would know who would be the new batch of cub leaders. The P6 cubs were stepping down to concentrate on their coming PSLE examinations.

However, I had to wait till about 12.00 pm to join the scout meeting as all P5 cubs had to attend a PSLE briefing led by Mrs. Maria Koh and the HODs of English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue. It is interesting session for the parents but less for kids like us. Together with my P5 scouts, we could not wait for the briefing to end.

We all rushed out of the school hall once the session was over. It was more fun to be at the Kid zone than the school hall which seemed to last like eternity! Before the handover ceremony began, Akela was giving out some proficiency badges and progress badges to cubs that have attained them. I eagerly wait to receive my Gold Arrow Badge but unfortunately Akela did not have enough to distribute that day. It was disappointing but it is fine as I would get it at the next meeting. I need to be patient.

At last, it is time for the big event of the day – the handover ceremony. Akela started by giving out certificate of appointment and badge to the Assistant Sixers, Sixers and then Senior Sixers. The atmosphere was full of loud claps and cheers for fellow cubs. Parents who were there were busy taking photograph of the new appointees. I am sure they must be very proud of their children. I was filled with elation and maybe a tinge of pride when Akela called my name. I am now an Assistant Sixer and shall take my responsibility seriously. I have survived the recent Sixer Training Camp. Hippee !! What an achievement. Upon reflection, if I had gone for the training last year, would I be a Sixer today? Hmmm…..perhaps I could be…..but never mind, I am still happy. It never too late to aim for it.

The handover ceremony was indeed a happy and sad moment for everyone. The new Sixers and Assistant Sixers had to stand on one side of the Kid zone. The current Sixers would then lead their respective pack from the other end of the Kid zone and handover the flags and the packs to the new Sixers. This signifies the handover of responsibilities to the new leaders with, of course, a word of wisdom of from the exiting Sixers. It was supposed to be a solemn ceremony with a lot of picture taking by proud parents but being kids, we cannot keep still and stop talking.

After that, came the fun tradition of carrying the P6’s cubs over to join us. Some were light weight and easy to carry but there were a few “giants” which needed the strength of Akela and adult leaders to help us. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun.

We ended the day with horseshoe and await our next week trip to Labrador Park where we will be having games and picnic at the park. I bet it is going to be fun and I cannot wait for next Saturday to arrive.

See you then…

Note : Before the Handover Cermony, the cubs played games conducted by ex Pelican cubs, Darrell and Hao Wei, and by Akela.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sixers Training Camp 2011

Day 2
Sunday 3rd July 2011

Senior Sixer: Kimberly Song
Asst. Senior Sixer: Lynette Yeo

Elephant Sixer: Dominic Yap
Asst. Sixer:: Pierre Teo, Marshall Chong
Giraffe Sixer: Keith Ho
Asst. Sixer: Iain Low, Jarod Chua
Hippo Sixer: Ivan Khoo
Asst. Sixer: Justin Kong, Kiranraj

6am, Rise and Shine! The day started with morning exercise! Breakfast was served after that. After breakfast, INSPECTION!

Laying out groundsheet for the dreaded INSPECTION!

First try, ALWAYS MESSY!

Ahhhhh! Much better!
Clothes were laid out on ground sheets, with Eagle Scouts on hand to advise Cubs on the form of the layout. Some Cubs who had been to our STC last year were tasked to share their experience and knowledge with the others for a proper inspection. As always, their first time was messy, and Cubs were asked to redo the layout. After several tries, most Cubs got the idea and finally managed to layout properly.

Flag Break Ceremony

Foot drill, flag folding and flag break exercises followed. Eagle Scouts and our own service Scouts took charge and taught Cubs simple foot drills, how to fold a flag and how to hoist and break a flag.

Baloo revisited some songs, with music accompaniment, giving points to the Six which responded with enthusiasm and spirit. Giraffe led the pack with 120 points, followed by Hippo with 85 points and Elephant with 65.5 points.

After lunch, Cubs participated in the Self Reliance Initiative Course, where teams had to organise themselves to complete the challenge.

Giant Slippers

1. giant slippers - Cubs had to walk using a long 'sandal' which required coordination and teamwork to move.

Tyre Crossing

Tyre Crossing
 2. tyre crossing - Cubs had to move from one tyre to another, trying not to fall off into a toxic pool beneath. This required strategy. To add to the obstacle, a water bottle had to be passed along.

Trunking Transfer

Trunking Transfer

3. trunking transfer - requiring coordination and teamwork, Cubs had to transfer a ping pong ball along 3 separate trunking held by team members into a waiting pail.

Eagle Scout assisting with lighting a fire

Duty Sixers starting fire

It was time for outdoor cooking. Eagle Scouts were on hand to assist Cubs with lighting a fire, using only match sticks and twigs and wood, and to sustain the fire to cook their dinner for the evening. Despite the ensuing chaos, Cubs managed to get their dinner ready, with heaps of assistance from the Eagle Scouts.

Oh Nooooo! Someone spilt the soup!

Soup's almost ready

Jacob Lam and his team of 23rd Eagle Scouts
Salt Baked Chicken on the wood fire

Chicken wrapped in foil over the fire

Baloo cooked a sumptuous "Salt Baked Chicken", using only aluminium foil to wrap a salt-rubbed whole chicken and placed on the ambers of a wood fire. 15 minutes on each side and the masterpiece was ready. Simply brilliant!

It was time for final preparations for the campfire. Brenda, Sue-Jane and Timothy were tasked to plan the format and itinerary for the campfire. They came up with a story of how Mowgli, the man-cub, was found and lived with the wolf pack, and how Mowgli learned the Laws of the Jungle, under the tutelage of Baloo the Bear, and Bagheera the Black Panther.

Baloo sharing tips with our 3 campfire leaders

With some music accompaniment, the campfire roared to a great start, with all 3 campfire leaders doing a marvelous job leading the songs as the story unfolded. Everyone had a great time.

Night game involved transporting water from one pail to a waiting pail using only materials on one's body, like T-shirt and hair! What a funny way to transport water! Needless to say, everyone got went, even the gamemaster Louis!