Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Racial Harmony

Racial Harmony
20th Aug 2011
By Scribe Jeremy Tan

An air of anxiety and curiosity greeted the Cubs on the Saturday morning of 20 Aug 20011. However this was not the usual meeting we had expected. There were 15 unfamiliar youths who donned “JJC”  T-Shirts standing by the sideline. Our imagination ran wild as we wondered who were these 15 youths comprising boys and girls and what were they doing at our pack meeting? What did “ JJC “ stand for? Were they from the “Junior Jail for Children organisation?  Were we so naughty that Akela had to engage the 15 youths to discipline and put us in jail? We silently hoped and prayed it was not. We regretted being naughty and “promises” to be less naughty ran through the minds of many Cubs.

Soon after the colour party and sitting in Indian file in our Sixes, the 15 youths took over from Akela and conducted the pack meeting. We were handed survey forms and were asked questions like have we had friends from other races and were we racists? As we answered the survey questions, it was apparent the survey was about racial harmony. Many of us knew Racial Harmony as we had just celebrated the Event on 21 Jul 2011. Racial Harmony Day is to commemorate the racial riots which took place on 21 Jul 1964. The event was celebrated to remind us the importance of tolerance and respect for each other and for each other’s cultural as we live in a society of diverse culture and heritage. Every year on 21 Jul we celebrate Racial Harmony Day.

We heaved a sigh of relief when it was explained to us the purpose of the 15 youths from Jurong Junior College at our pack meeting. The 15 youths comprised Chinese, Malay and Indian boys and girls.

We were first divided into two groups. Bilby to Platypus was Group 1 and Possum to Wombat 2 was Group 2. Group 1 went to the ‘Learning Stations inside the AVA room and Group 2 played the game “Poison Ball” at the Kids Zone.At the Learning Stations, we learnt  the significance of Chinese New Year. Group 1 was further divided into three groups.

At the 1st Learning Station, we learnt the do’s and don’ts before, during and after Chinese New Year. For example, during Chinese New Year we cannot use swear words like “go and die”, avoid the number “4” and why we should not sweep or wash the floor on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. The Chinese culture frowned upon these acts as they brought back luck. The Chinese culture also believed in wearing RED bright clothes during Chinese New Year as this was said to bring good luck and prosperity.  

The JJC students told us that we had to act out some of the dos and don’t’s. We had a challenging time as we felt awkward as many cubs were watching us and were sniggering since we looked funny. Although it added pressure on us, we were nervous but we did just fine acting it out because we had fun doing it.

At the 2nd learning station, we learnt the proper way of how to give your elders the mandarin oranges and the correct proverb phrases such “Xing Nian Kuai Le Wan Shi Ru Yi”(Happy New Year and may things turn out the way you wanted)  and “Bu Bu Gao Shen” (success all the way). We also learnt about the Reunion Dinner and the significance of the “Yu Sheng”(raw fish salad dish). We also learnt the meaning of the Chinese proverb phrases often “mumbled” by the person serving the dish as ingredients such as oil, pepper, and pounded nuts were poured into the raw fish salad dish. We were told why they toss the Yu Sheng salad high up and the higher the toss the better.

At the 3rd learning station, we learnt how to sing Chinese New Year Songs. WE practised and practised until we were about to lose our voices! With each practise we became better at singing the song. I was so surprised when I learnt my six EMU had won a friendly singing completion between the sixes!

Singing songs was the last of the ‘Learning’ Stations. Outside the AVA room, Group 1 gathered  and we proceeded back to the Kids Zone. There , we played “Poison Ball”.  Members of  each six had to lock their arms together. The leader (not necessarily the Sixer) had to be in the middle. Volley balls were thrown at our legs and the Six had to hop over it and avoid being hit by the balls. Imagine how hard it was as we had to jump over the volleyballs! Strangely, the more challengeing the game became, the more fun and interesting the game was. The game taught us how we should unite as a team when faced with adversaries (volley balls) and as a united team, can overcome and conquer difficulties.

We had to answer another set of survey questions when we were back to our Indian file before flag breaking. The survey was to reinforce what we had learnt at the various stations and the game we played. The before and after responses to the survey showed we knew and had understood the importance of racial harmony.

We were in for a big surprise as the JJC students had bought us sweets, packets and packets of them. These were to reward us for our active participation and good behavior.

As the sixers fought to grab the sweets, Akela rose above the pandemonium and told the sixers to stop fighting and distribute the sweets equally to everyone. We all had forgotten our “promises” to be less naughty as we were back to our naughty selves.  After distribution, Akela  debrief us and we did the usual horseshoe and went home but not for the sixers who stayed back for sixers council . We were in for a treat as there were a few more packets of sweets! After  taking the sweets Akela talked to us about the packs’ behavior and what we could have done better.

Sunday 21 Aug 2011, was Cook Curry Day in Singapore, advocated by group of people not only promoting the Curry dish but also harmony amongst neighbours.  This arose when a Chinese family from China residing in a HDB flat in Singapore could not stand the aroma of Indian Curry cooked by its Indian family neighbour. The families  were from different cultures. To promote good neighbourliness, the Indian family agreed not to cook Curry when the Chinese family was at home and the Chinese family agreed to try the curry dish. This is a fine example of racial harmony at work.

The next Scout activity on 5 Sep 2011 will be a visit to the Police Dog Unit and we are all looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scout Quiz

Scout Quiz
13th August 2011

By Scribe Georgia Yew

Finally! the Senior Sixers blew their whistles and started the day. After the horseshoe, we lined up in Indian file and got ready. After the scouts received the badges they earned, six by six we left the Kids zone to the music room.

After much complaints, for the room being so hot we settled down to started the main activity for the day, the scout quiz. This game was a inter-six competition, as far as I knew although my Six has not been revising the facts for the quiz, we gave it our best shot!

After Akela explained the rules, we got ready for the first question. As the chosen scout from each Six ran to get their question from the SAenior Sixers, the rest of us took out what we had to answer the questions. The fist question had us all gaggled : we all didn't know how to answer it so we gave a random answer, hoping that we would get it correct. After they announced the results, we were disappointed that we did not get it correct although we guessed it correctly. I thought we cheered up as I encouraged our group. For the next question however, we got it correct and we used the joker-card that was given to us. As our score doubled because of the joker card, we were happy but we did not get the highest mark as we continued to linger at that number while other groups seemed to go higher.

When they showed us the scores we were not the first but we were happy for the other teams that were better than us. As we ended the day with horseshoe I thought about how great the day was I can't wait foe the next meeting!!!

NOte : Keith and Roshan did their Cook Badge test in the Home Econs room while we were at the Quiz, and both passed!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Scout Meeting

Scout Meeting
6 August 2011
By Scribe Brandon Khaw

It was a day of excitement for 4 cub scouts on 6 August 2011. Jeremy, Jun Le, Ryan and I would be in the Home Economic room to earn our proficiency badge in cooking. We had been discussing the menu for past weeks and finally settled for these scrumptious spread:

Sausage Omelet with Melted Cheese

Main Course
Rice Noodle Soup with Fish Ball, Fish Roll and Green Vegetable
Fried Yellow Noodle with Fish Cake and Mushroom

Pastry with Honey Dew Flavoured Soya Milk Dip
Honey Dew, Watermelon and Nata de Coco with Honey Dew Flavoured Soya Milk Drink

We started the day off with our usual horse shoe, colour party. Akela then briefed us about the oncoming quiz for 13 August 2011. He then surprised all of us by giving out the craftsman proficiency badge. Most of us did not expect to receive this although we had completed a number of craft works in the past such as the pelican fridge magnet, bunny mask…….It is definitely a pleasant but well deserved surprise.

We then played some games but for the 4 of us “budding cooks”, we were led to the Home Economic by Raksha for the greatest of our life – to cook up a storm!! Each of us had brought our own ingredients and with great enthusiasm we got on to our tasks. It was quite funny when we started to cook as Jeremy forgot how to fold his omelet. But luckily, I came to his rescue and we managed to get it nicely done. Ryan Lee was the one who finished cooking first so he proceeded with the dessert. While we were cooking a few curious cubs came to peek at us. We must have done a great job as the food that we cooked created such a nice aroma. Here and there Akela came to check on us. We thought that we were thoroughly prepared but when Akela came to test our food he asked” where is your pastry?” We were shocked. We did not know that we needed to make a pastry. To our relief, Jeremy’s mother came to our rescue. She helped us go to the nearest super market to buy the pre-made pastry. As we did not come prepared, we did not bring any condiments such as sugar… so we just had to bake the flour.

In the end it all turned out well. Akela passed all our food. The team that cooked last week also came to be judges to test our food. They also passed us by 100% and they even said that our cooking was better than theirs! We did not expect to pass with flying colours. We did not know that we could cook so well!!

A scout meeting would always come to the end. I especially had a good time. CAO