Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Akela Award Ceremony, 20th October 2012

Written by Justin Kong, Senior Sixer and Scribe Leader

Was there a scout meeting? Nope! Don’t worry none of you missed a meeting. But to some of us, today would be the most memorable day in our cub-scouting journey. Having fulfilled all the given requirements, we joined 142 other cub scouts from all over Singapore in a simple yet significant ceremony to receive our Akela Award - the highest award a cub scout can achieve.

8 of us arrived in school at 1:00pm in our neat and tidy uniforms. After putting on the national scarf and a final check of our attire, we boarded the bus to Raffles Institution, where the award ceremony was held. Upon arriving at Raffles Institution, thousands of questions bombarded our mind. Will we pass the attire check? Is this the correct thing to do? Must we give a full salute or a half salute? We were clearly anxious.

When entered the cold auditorium, we tried to find a row to sit together as we did not want to be split up in that giant place! Finally, Mr. Clarence Hoe started to read out names and tell us where to sit.

The ceremony started with us rising to reaffirm our scout promise upon the arrival of the Guest of Honor, Dr. William Wan. It followed by Dr. Wan giving an inspiring opening address. 

Soon, it was the moment we have been waiting for… the award ceremony. Cubs walked on stage, all beaming with pride. Although every one of us had come from different schools, we had all worked hard to achieve our one goal…

Join me to congratulate the following HPPS Pelican Scouts that had done our school proud…

1.   Brandon Khaw
2.   Eugene Lim
3.   Georgia Yew
4.   Jarrod Chua
5.   Jeremy Tan
6.   Justin Kong
7.   Lynette Yeo
8.   Ryan Ng

 Thank you, Akela and Mdm Kerina for being there to give us your support. 

Hope that in 2013, more HPPS Pelican Scouts will take on the challenge to achieve the Akela Award and do us proud. It is not that scary after all! Start working on your Gold Arrow ;-)

On a side note, I felt like an exhibit as many people were taking photos of us and wanting photos with us. And the refreshment is yummy. I love the chicken wings ;-)

Need to wear National Scarf for the ceremony!
All smartly dressed and ready to board the bus to RI

Brandon Khaw receiving the Award

Eugene Lim smiling away

Jarod Chua grinning his pleasure

Jeremy Tan the serious one

Lynette Yeo - I have done it!

Ryan Ng towering over the Area Commissioner

Georgia Yew - my highest achievement!

Justin Kong - saluting the Guest of Honour

All recipients posing with VIPs

Our proud recipients (Jarod Chua not in picture)

Justin Kong - Honours!

P6s - Air Rifle Shoot, 20th October 2012

Written by Eugene Lim, Sixer 2011-2012 and Guest Scribe

It was yet another awesome day. The P6 scouts were going air rifle shooting at Nanyang Technological University. For some it was their first time in the range.

We were greeted warmly by the NTU Shooting Team members when we arrived at the range. It was my first time shooting and all the equipment in the range were unfamiliar to me. We were first given lessons by the student instructors about the safety and the proper use of the weapons, then we were allowed to shoot them (I mean the weapons, not the instructors). We were split into 4 teams (a,b,c,d). After all the groups were done, we all participated in a shooting competition. There were various competitions for everyone and the objective was to score as many points as possible. After I was done, Akela asked Brendon,  Jeremy and myself to get some snacks and drinks for the P6. After we came back with the food everyone rushed for the chips and in a matter of time, it was all gone! The winner of the shooting competition was team c followed by b ,a and d. We then went to school for dismissal and lunch.
Briefing before the shooting

I'm special - I use a pistol!

What has mathematical equations got to do with shooting?

Getting ready for the shooting competition

One of the target scorecards for the competition

The Pelican Shooting Team

Wea re the Champion Shooters!

We are 2nd!

We are 3rd!

We got a prize as well!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Night Hike, 13th October 2012

Written By:
Justin Kong, Senior Six and Scribe Leader

5:00pm, Singapore, HPPS

Pelican cub scouts strolled into school from many directions. I was one of them. As soon as I got to the General Office, I could feel the excitement of the gathered cubs. The reason was clear: It was many cubs first night hike!

At about 5:15, Akela greeted us with a smile. He sure looked excited too! After the usual administrations, we boarded the bus with miles of smiles and reached our first stop, Henderson Wave, after a joyful 20 minutes. We started the hike all eager to see what we could experience that very Saturday.

We moved quick and swift in a not-so-single file until we reached a point where we had a quick toilet break before continuing on the journey. Soon enough, we reached the Hort Park gate. By then some cubs were already grumbling over their sore legs so we took a much-needed short break.

After a while, we continued the hike. The trail was turning dark so Akela asked us to be careful. True enough, the darkness made it hard to see, but thanks to the street lamps we made our way carefully and safely.

“Here we are…” I panted. The lights at our destination glowed brightly as if celebrating with us. It was time to start the picnic. The 11 sixes each lay out their groundsheets while the other six members took out a variety of food, chips… sushi…hotdog buns…snacks… you name it!

As all joyous occasions have to end, the cubs walked the last stretch back to the bus, back to school. How I wish Akela could do something like this again this year! Unfortunately we will have to wait a while longer for our next night hike as today is our 2nd last activity for the year (for those not going for the Taiwan trip).

See you at the Annual Presentation Ceremony on the 17th November 2012. Till then study hard! All the best for your exams!

All Smiles at the start.....

P6 cubs - we're going to have a great time!

Pelican Seniors - just to make sure the younger ones are safe...

Past Henderson Wave going to Telok Blangah Hill...

Forest Wlak - here we come!

At Alexandra Arch - time for a break!

Taking a break at HortPark, and topping up water...

On we go to Kent Ridge

Picnic area at the top of Kent Ridge

Let me see what goodies I have.....

I think I'll go check around first....

This is a great spot for a picnic!

Kaa is making sure cubs are ok......

Yummy, I can see what I'm eating!

I've done it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

P6 Cubs - Bowling on 6th October 2012

PSLE is over, at last! It's back to scouting for the P6 cubs, starting with a bowling session at Jurong Superbowl last Saturday. See the fun they had last Saturday: