Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

P6 Bowling, 26th October 2013

Written by: Dylan Tay, Sixer 2012-2013 & Guest Scribe

At any time, I was going to fail.

The prized bowling ball which I had thrown would slide off the oil-slicked track into the catastrophic gutter, rendering my turn useless as I would be unable to hit any pins.

“Ohhhhh!” my friend Justin shouted in excitement as the ball curved… Then... YES! The ball did a spectacular curve and hit the only pin left. A spare!

The P6s were at the Superbowl bowling complex in Jurong as part of the post-PSLE activities. After we had worn our bowling shoes and had spilt up into groups, we began to bowl. The rules were pretty simple. Roll the ball to hit as many pins as possible to get the highest score! Some people (like me) had a hard time even trying to get the ball on track. So you could imagine my happiness when I got a spare!

Soon, we had finished the first round and it was clear (in my group) who was the winner. It was Ethan Lau! Good job!

In this manner, we completed both the second and third rounds of bowling. There were sophisticated systems to calculate the speed of the ball, average number of pins hit with a throw, etc, we even could correct our score if we wanted to.

After the three rounds of bowling, we went to the Macdonald nearby to have lunch. However, all good things must come to an end and in a flash, we were boarding the bus back to school, although still chatting lightheartedly.

I would like to thanks all the adult leaders for organizing this activity! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

P6 Air Rifle Outing, 19th October 2013

Written by: Justin Kong, Senior Sixer 2012-2013 and Guest Scribe

Time: Sat, 19th Oct, 2.15pm-5.15pm

Bang! Bang! Bang! I held the pistol in quivering hands. Bullet shots rang out through the air. The band of bloodthirsty bears was standing there, month open, hands out-stretched, saliva dripping. Thick red blood was stained on each of their brown thick pelts. I reloaded my pistol as the Commando barked out orders.

“Hit the head! Hit the ring, hand, leg and…er…tail!” he yelled. How was it possible to hit the tail? Beside me my teammate Bryan accurately hit the head and hand. Ethan stood on my other side grumbling that he had not hit any part. The bears moved towards the shooters with rifles, who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Uh oh, I thought. The bears were advancing. Wait. Aren’t these pokemon?

“Okay game over!” the shooting instructor said. We were snapped back to reality. I put my shooting fake pistol down and prepared the next few paper pellets. Pressing a button, the picture of the pokemon bear came zipping back to me.

“Yes! Two points!”

“No! No points!

The scouts were in the shooting range and after a short period of test fire, the games started. We were first asked to shoot any part of the bear the instructor wanted us to to earn points. Then we had to predict how many black circles we could shoot, then shoot. For example, if we predicted two and shot one black circles, 0 points. However if we shot 2,3,4,5 or 6, we would only get 2 points, the predicted number.

Next we shot letters and had to use those to make words. The number of letters in the word is the number of points we gained and finally… lights out, time to FIGHT FIRE!!! Candles were placed on the shooting range and we had to put the fire out. If we hit it down, we would gain 5 points and if we hit the fire out without hitting it down, that would be 10 points.

Eventually, the score was: 
1st place, Muhammad
2nd place, Ian
3rd place, Yan Heng

Even though some may not have won yet we were all winners at heart and we all had fun. After taking a few photos, we watched a few hair-raising ‘lightningworks’(yes, we saw lightning strike and explode). Then we boarded the bus headed back to school, chatting lightheartedly as lighting raged ahead. 

Thank you, Raksha and the adult leaders for taking the P6 out for this great activity!

Ready to go...
A safety briefing before the "shooting"
Here we go...
Don't messs with her!!! She shoots ;-)
Group photos of the P6
Another group photo with the NTU's Shooting Instructors

Akela Award 2013, 19th October 2013

Written by: Caleb Liow, Sixer & Scribe

Striding down the corridors of Hwa Chong Institution, my younger brother and I could hardly contain the excitement in us. It was the day of the Akela Award Presentation Ceremony, and 8 cub scouts from our pack would be receiving this prestigious award .
The Akela Award is the highest form of recognition that a cub scout can receive, and it is no mean feat. Stepping into the auditorium , I was greeted by the incessant chatter of the families and cub scouts that were present. The ceremony started with a scout band playing the bugle to announce the commencement of the ceremony. Very interesting!

The MCs started by recalling the past 88 years of Singapore scouting , reminiscing when the first few scout packs started . I learnt that CubSEC (cub scout executive committee) is a organisation in Singapore that organises engaging activities for cubs , including the sixers training course , partnerships with Disney , and a basic ukelele course . 

Wow! This informative presentation was followed by an encouraging and short speech by the guest-of-honour , Mr Johnny Ang . He congratualated the awardees on their acheivement and thanked the people who have supported Scouting .

Finally the long-awaited moment arrived! The recipients received their awards ,pack by pack. Parents and siblings alike were eager to snap a photo of the recipients' proud moment. Shutters were clicking everywhere and I was no exception. When it was time for the Pelican cubs to receive their awards , there was a tremendous applause. The following are the names of the recipients : 
Andrew Yeo
Evan Lee
Gabriel Njauw 

Ryan Pary.

The recipients were on cloud nine and had a broad smile plastered on their faces when posing for photos.

Besides the above mentioned , our pack was proud to have three cubs receiving the Akela Award with honours. They are: my brother ,Bryan Liow , Ethan Cheong , and Gan Kah Kheng . These few cubs were chosen from the 163 awardees and emerged as the top 25 with stellar performances across the various Akela award requirements. These outstanding cubs were rewarded with a special wolf woggle and a certificate.
The last awardee,  a cub from Pegasus cub scouts (Nanyang Primary School),was the valedictorian. He represented the awardees to give a speech. Although he had the  highest score , he displayed humility by saying,“ I am no more deserving of this position than any other of the awardees .”

This unforgettable event was closed with the Akela Award Honour cubs leading in the singing of the scout hymn. Then, last but not least photo-taking time!

We thank our principal, Mr Chia, Raksha and Mdm Kerina for gracing the event.

L to R: Ryan Pary, Gbriel Njauw, Evan Lee, Aruna, Andrew Yeo
with District Commissioner
Akela Award with Honours...
L to R: Gan Kah Kheng, Ethan Cheong, Bryan Liow
with principal, Mr. Chia, Mdm Kerina & Raksha
Henry Park Pelican Scout
Akela Award 2013 Recipients with VIPs 
Scout Hymn before the end of ceremony
Another photo for the album! Well done Cubs!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Scout Meeting for 2013, 12th October 2013

Written by: Andrew Yeo, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today was the last scout meeting for the year 2013! Saddening as it was, there was a pinch of happiness mixed in. I was happy because I could see all the participants of the Akela award 2013 with their new badges on their jerseys.

We started off as usual as the previous meetings. After that, instead of doing what we usually did, we played two games! We ran a lot! For one of the games, we were required to push toilet rolls with sticks. The other game taught us how to navigate using the four main directions-North, south, east and west. All of us enjoyed the games, and had an enjoyable time.

Before we ended today’s meeting, Mrs Koh also gave all of us special treat!  Home-baked snacks (cornflakes coated with honey and butter, and were sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles). Upon looking at them, I immediately knew they would taste delicious. Everyone could be seen gobbling up the snacks after our meeting.

As the meeting drew to an end, I felt an empty sort of feeling take over my heart. I guess it was due to the fact that I was going to miss all my friends after this meeting. Even though I would still see some of them in school, it wouldn’t be the same without having our fun-filled scout meetings. I coudnt wait for next year, when we can once again resume our scout meetings, and create more ever-lasting memories. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amazing Makan Trail

This is the 8th Amazing Trail!

Instead of having the participants record their amazing trail experience in a scrapbook like previous years, we used tumblr. to blog the trail.

Participants blogged on the fly via smartphones or tablets using its mobile app.

The judges could even do some preliminary judging duties on the blogs' contents while waiting for the sixes to report back to school.

Here are the links to the sixes' individual blogs: