Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Badges & Games, 27th September 2014

Written by: Evangel Wong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

BEEP!” “BEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!” Everybody rushed to gather in horse shoe.We did the normal routines and gathered in Indian file. Baloo asked us how many people have already earned our gold arrow. A few hands shot up, but Baloo was not satisfied :( Baloo asked how many people got their silver arrow...still not many people raised their hands (Baloo shook his head..) Then Baloo asked how many people have their bronze arrow. A few more people raised their hands but Baloo was not impressed...

Baloo smiled,then laughed then shook his head.(Baloo was disappointed!) He told us that we all have to try to get our bronze arrow at least. He told everybody to break up in our six and HELP EACH OTHER so we could earn more badges. Baloo instructed the ones which got their bronze arrow to help the ones who do not have it and the ones who got their sliver arrow to help the ones which got bronze arrow but need help with their sliver arrow.....and so on...

Baloo told Claudia, Daniel and myself to help indivivual groups which needed a little more help... Then Claudia commanded everyone to break of in their own sixer's corner, and to take their black book and yellow book along.We had quite sometime to work this , everyone tried their best to earn more badges (focusing on the arrow badges mainly)

After some time we gathered back in Indian file . Then, Baloo gave out plenty of different arrows. Everyone clapped loudly for their friends which earned their badges. Those going up to recieve their arrow badge all smiled from ear to ear very proud of their achievments!!

Then...  it was GAME TIME!!!! We were going to play captain's ball! YAY! So Claudia, Daniel and I explained the rules.  Claudia, Daniel and I were the refree for the games.

After all the games we gathered in Indian file , Baloo discussed with us about what we have learned during the games.. there were different answers some said Teamwork, some said about having fun and not about winning... We also learned that if we help each other it will seem much easier to get a task done (eg. Helping each other to earn our badges).... like how I earned my badges..with help from my best friend.We all learned something this meeting .

We had our normal Horse Shoe and ended our meeting.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun & Games, 20th September 2014

Written by: Daniel Por, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

“BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!!!” The whistle sounds rang through the air, loud and clear. Hearing this, the Henry Park Pelican Scout group quickly arranged themselves into horseshoe formation. There was a bit of a hiccup when the flag was tied the wrong way, but we managed to get it under control and put the flag the right way up.

After all the usual formalities, Baloo came in and talked about the TFG 2000 event. He asked us to describe the best part of the event to those who did not come. Unsurprisingly, many of us thought it was the free Pocari Sweat handed out at the end of the event.
He also touched on the Green Corridor hike, and asked us for the lessons that we learnt from the hike. One of the many answers was, “Nature is Beautiful”.

Baloo then touched on the outdoor cooking event. He talked about fire safety, and told us to never leave a fire unattended. After that, he taught us about the various ways we can keep safe in a kitchen, like not leaving the gas on when we have finished cooking.

When the clock struck 10, the Senior Sixers instructed the Sixers to go into Sixes’ Corner to practice their foot drills. After some time, Baloo called everyone in. Six by Six, he asked them to perform their foot drills. If I quote Baloo, he distinctly said, “The girls are okay. But the rest of you SUCK!” In the end, only Echidna and Wombat 2 managed to snare some points.

Finally, it was GAMES TIME!

But first, those who volunteered to do the dance and skit had to meet up with Mdm Kerina and Mr Peter. The rest of the Cubs played a fun game with none other than ping-pong balls.
When the dance and skit Cubs returned to the Pack, we played a fun game that involved memory. The Sixer would receive a message. Then, he would pass this message on to the first man of his Six. The first man would pass the message on to the second man. And so on and so forth.

The first message was Custom is on the first day of Every. Only Bilby got it correct, the rest of the Sixes couldn’t get it correct.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy wolf. That was the second message. Many got it correct, but there was one person who said, “The cripe dumb fox -”To err is human, but to forgive is not company policy. This was by far the hardest message. NO ONE got it correct this time.

All too soon, it was time for Sunset Party, and time to end 20th September’s Scout meeting

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Community Service - TFG2000, 6th September 2014

Written by: Claudia Kong, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today is the special day!  The Henry Park Pelican Scout group is going out for our big adventure! We are going to the Sengkang Sport and Recreation Centre for our community service work for TFG2000.

By 7.30am, the area in front of our "koi" pond was crowded with many chattering cub scouts. ” Beep!... Beep!....” the senior sixers' whistle signalled everyone to gather. After doing all of the administrative, we boarded the bus to our destination.

Upon arrival we saw a lot of people and best of all… GAMES!!! We had a few rehearsals for the pledge. Our first task was to welcome the Guest of Honor, Dr. Lam Pin Min. After his speech, we did some warming-up exercises together with the VIPs.

Our second task was the best and personally my favourite, we were asked to go around with some badges and whenever we see someone, we go out to them and share the TFG2000 message… This is how it goes…
"Hi! I am Claudia, Cub Scout of the Henry Park Scout group. I am the millennium generation who would be pledging to keep our generation to stay away from smoking even when we are after 18 years old. Here’s a little token for you! Please come and join us at the courtyard as we pledge to keep our generation away from smoking. Thank you!"

It was fun and enjoyable. We also got to flag off the 5km riders! How I wished I was one of them! Next, Raksha selected a few of the cub scouts to give out the pocarri sweat to the returning 100km riders. While the rest of us set up a little “cheer leading” team to cheer and welcome back the riders. "GO!! YOU CAN DO IT! WELL DONE!! YOU DID IT!!!" Was heard as the riders rode past us.

Oh yes! Most importantly, we took a pledge to uphold our role as ambassadors to create a tobacco-free generations, now and forever. We were told by Dr Koong that we are the youngest and first uniform group in the world to pledge to stay away from smoking. 

We took a group photo (one official and another selfie!) before we boarded the bus back to school and the day ended off well... we were all given a "sweet" treat - a bottle of pocarri sweat each! 

Guest of Honour, Dr Lam Pin Min

Mass Exercise...

Cubs joining in the exercise... 

Hello... Dr Lam...
We the millennium generation...

We pledge to be a tobacco free generation...

Come join us as we pledge...

Well done!! You did it!!

Scout! Sediya....

Senior Sixer leading the pledge... See video below....

One for the album! 
Here's one with everybody... can you spot us?

Ride for TFG2000