Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Craft with beans, 25th July 2015

Written by: Jessica Koong, Sixer & Scribe Leader

This was the first meeting after handover and the new sixers and assistant sixers took charge. Surprisingly, many of the assistant sixers and cubs were not here. Nicale, the sixer of Possum, was pleasantly surprised because there were only 2 people in her six – the assistant sixer and herself!

After horseshoe, Mr Ho held up 3 enormous plastic bags and Ms Teo stood beside him carrying A3-size paper. Hmm… we wondered what fun activity he had in store for us. In the first bag were bear-shaped containers with the lid coloured either red or yellow. In the next bag, there were many bottles of white glue purchased from Art Friend. In the last bag, there were lots of hundreds and thousands (these are rainbow sprinkles), just larger versions! They were beans! Red beans, green beans and soya beans! Red, green and white.

Mr Ho explained the game: we had to sort out the beans according to their colour, then place them in a bear-shaped container. We could create any pattern we like such as the number 50 or even a rainbow. We could also create repeated layers of the 3 different types of beans. As the bag of beans was so big, we would probably have extra beans. With these extra beans, we could decorate the pelican printed on A3 paper with the white glue for bonus points.

Possum and Wallaby joined forces for the activity as our groups were small. We had about 2 hours to complete the tasks. Some scouts sorted out the beans and some filled the bear with the sorted beans while others decorated the pelican. I realised that the aim of this activity was to improve our patience and teamwork with one another.

In the end, my team completed the bear and pelican within the time limit. Fortunately, the beans did not get mixed up when we tried to shake the bear to check if we had put enough beans into in. Sadly, the cubs of one group did not cooperate and messed up the group’s sorted beans. They also did not have time to complete their pelican and it looked like a piece of abstract art!

All in all, the meeting was an enjoyable one and I am sure many of the cubs had fun filling their bears and decorating the pelicans.

Concentration needed to complete the task...  
Team work is essential...
Show case of the end product...
Close-up of the teddy bear jar
The completed art work of the Pelican 
First sixer council - led by Minn Wen & Mr Ho

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handover Ceremony, 11th July 2015

Written by: Cheong Yew Meng, Sixer & Scribe

It was just a plain Saturday morning when we gathered for scouts meeting. However, today something seemed different. 

It was the Handover Ceremony! During this ceremony, new Senior Sixer, Assistant Senior Sixer, Sixers and Assistant Sixers will be appointed. We also bid temporary farewell to the existing batch of leaders who are the P6s as the "retired" to concentrate on their PSLE. 

After our usual colour party and lining up in Indian File. Baloo gave out some badges for those cubs who had put in time and effort  in achieving those badges. I was glad I am one of the recipient! Baloo went on to encouraged those with no progress badges to work harder! Baloo also explained the important to be in proper scout attire for every scout meeting. Then the adult leaders collected the donation draw tickets in our sixer's corner.

Soon, it was the handover ceremony. I could see the excitment in many. Raksha first announced the new assistant sixers, sixers and the 2 senior sixers. The appointed cubs came forward in an orderly manner to receive their certificate and the badge from Chil. 

After that, Baloo led us in a simple yet solemn ceremony for the official handover. First it was the handing over by the senior sixer and assistant senior sixers. The existing senior sixers handed over the scout flag, unit flag and the log of the unit to the newlty appointed senior sixers. Next, it was the handing over of the six, one six at a time, the existing sixer, holding their six flag, marched forward with his cubs behind towards the newly appointed sixer, the existing sixer then handed over the six log and the six flag to the newly appointed sixer and the newly appointed sixer then received the cubs into his charge.

Before the meeting ended, we did a symbolic sent off for all the P6s. 2 cubs had to carry a P6 for a short distance (from the pack out of the kids zone).  

"Horse-shoe" shouted the newly appointed senior sixer, Minn Wen & Nicole. 

This meeting ended with a bang!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Construction Part 2, 4th July 2015

Written by: Evangel Wong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

"BEEEEEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEP!" The loud whistle sound indicated for everyone to quickly gather in horse-shoe formation. Everyone rushed into their places. This was the first week back to school! :) or :( ? Well I guess everyone was excited to be back, catching up with their friends playing amongst themselves.... Oh boy they were surely happy to be back!

After the usual procedures, everyone gathered into indian file and Kaa (Mr Jimmy), greeted us with a warm welcome. Then, car gave out some prizes and the cubs did attendance. After that Madam Kerina called out some cubs who wanted to do the Akela award and that group went to get their first-aid badge.(Jia You!!) While the rest stayed in the kidzone listening attentively to car while he explained what the next activity was about.

Kaa explained that what we were going to do was something we had done before but I little more challenging. Each six had to produce both a bridge and a tower and the rules......: 1) The bridge was to 1 metre long and the tower had to be 1 metre tall!!!!!(WOW that's almost as tall as me !!) 2)Both the bridge and the tower had to hold at least 2 tennis balls!! 3) Both the tower and the bridge had to be able to be moved( which means NOT allowed to stick it on the ground) After all the rules car taught the cubs some useful tips on building the tower and the bridge.

Everyone wanted so eagerly to start building their structures. However, Kaa insisted on everyone to make a plan for their structures first. As the saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

After hours of using their imagination, team-work and never giving up spirit. Most of the groups could present decent structures and one or two structures confused me I thought one bridge was the golden gate bridge!(It could carry 6-10 balls!) and I thought one tower was the Eiffel tower!( It could carry about 4-6 balls!) Incredible!!!

After awarding the top few groups with adding points to their six, the teachers gave out the scout log and we had the usual horse-shoe ending the scout meeting. Everyone left happily looking forward for the next scout meeting!